Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Year 2008 in Memory..

Firstly, I did like to with everyone Happy New Year 2009.. May this year bring you all to new heights, new achievements and of course new experiences to each and everyone of you..

Moving on.. 2008 is a year of mixed fortunes.. On one hand, I was happy to finish my STPM.. At long last a burden was taken off my shoulders.. On the other, it was very sad to actually leave my Alma Mater, a place I call my second home for the last 11 years of my life.. So let's reflect back what events that occur in 2008 that will be in memories for many more years to come.. Obviously this is my blog, so it's my memories la.. LOL!!

Looking back, it's been a great year for me.. I practically enjoyed life in Upper 6.. I make new friends, strengthen old ones and enjoyed every bit life had to offer at that time.. Who could forget the fun of Mr. Morgan's class or even Pn. Yap's ever inspiring talks.. Projects were carried out through the year.. And a few major events too.. CNY came and went.. This was where I had my 1st house party and I was very happy to see it went on to be a success.. Prefect camp was the next highlight and boy, was it memorable.. Not really la but after all, how often u get to go Pulau Pangkor in a large group? A few ups and downs too.. Being the AHPA, it wasn't easy.. I was constantly banged by Mr. Malai.. And also being presurrised at times to perform.. However, I know this is all for the benefit of my future, and I thank the school board for giving me the oppurtunity to carry the duties of the AHPA.. 2008 was also year where many relationships were forged and broken.. I don't know, it just happens I guess.. However I do not wish to discuss about those issues here..

Studies were not bad.. Some classes were fun, others were OK and there are even boring ones.. Classes were fun.. Last year gotta be the most birthdays we celebrated in class.. All the surprises, planning and budgeting.. All the crap we went through just to make that one special day be really special for that person.. Ah.. Good time in U63, really good times indeed.. Had my birthday party also.. Althought many people couldn't make it, still it was a joyous occasion.. School concert, Colours of Life really put the icing on a great year for me.. And of course as my last duty to my beloved SPI.. The concert was a success and it was great to see it being pulled off in the best way you can imagine it.. (except the PA system la) Prefect dinner was good too, at least they still did something for us in the end..

And finally before you knew it, trial STPM has arrived.. Overall I was satisfied with my results, judging the amount of sweat and pain I've put into it.. When it was over, it felt like STPM was over.. And we were all waiting for the day to come.. A few gatherings here and there help to release the stress that we're facing.. Finally, the dreaded exam arrived, STPM.. If you've been following my post, you know what hell I faced.. When it was over, I was so happy, excited and relieved.. However, that didn't last long as I started missing school.. One last hurrah was the F6 farewell dinner.. Not say a really cool event but it was worth it comparing what we've went through throughout the year.. Here I would like to say thanks to the organisers for organising the dinner for us..

After that, well, it's just by ourselves.. A northern trip for me.. Christmas and New Year Eve gathering.. Not to mention a few yam chas.. And thus 2008 comes to a close.. Nothing much left to say.. Will this memorable year repeat itself? I hope so.. I really do.. However, events can change over time and we do not know what lies ahead of us.. I wish everyone good luck in their future undertakings and God bless all of you!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Opposite Sex (Part 1)

I was chatting with a friend last night.. Everything when well until she changed her PM.. And her PM sounded she's pissed with someone.. I ask la and as expected, she won't tell la.. OK, fine.. Didn't bothered about it.. Until I entered friendster and saw some relation of one my friend's shout out with this gals PM.. I might be speculating but I have a feeling that the PM is meant for this gal..

Here is the puzzling thing that I've always been asking.. Are girls that easily jealous of each other, or easily become enemies? The two gals involve used to be best friends, then something happened and now they don't see eye to eye.. Like I said, I'm just speculating but if it was true, then that's the fact.. I've come across so many girls who tell me, "I hate her, she's such a b***ch" or "She steals people BF".. I dun actually here guys actually spiting each other that bad.. And they also get pissed over small issues, like decorations or stuff like that.. Trust me, I had my share of listening to complains..

The female species is really a mystery.. They can smile at you and think of killing you at the same time.. You can't really guess what their thinking, especially when you have a GF.. Also on this matter, my friend have complained to me la.. Now I'm not saying that us guys are that goody goody also, but I just guess we're more simple la.. Although I admit we too can be a mystery.. I bet you gals who read this will want to disagree with me.. And potentially wanna kill me.. So sorry if you wanna think the latter, but this is my blog, this is my views.. Not to offend anyone out there but if you don't like it, you can just stop reading.. Cheers!!

P.S. I labeled it Part 1 cause there might be future post on this topic. Not going to blare out every single info, won't wanna spoil the fun now do we? =p

Rear Seat Belt.. What's your opinion??

Recent headlines in major newspapers have seen the above topic being the center of debate.. Some of you out there will ask why bother? Very ma fan la, it's pointless la, this la, that la.. Note that wearing seat belt when your the rear passenger do help in reducing fatalities in a car accident.. However, there are some flaws in the way it's being implemented.. Don't get me wrong here, I'm in support of the move, just that some issues need to be ironed out..

First, cars which are registered before 1 Jan 1995 are exempted from this rule.. Not only that, they get a full 3 years to install the rear seat belts, which to me is a 3 year exemption.. Now, if you look in the roads, about 20% of the cars on the road are definitely 1995 and older.. And knowing Malaysians, most of them would jump onto this opportunity and play ignorance to this rule.. And to make things better, it didn't state whether cars before that and have rear seat belts must use them.. A post I read in the newspaper suggested that cars without rear seat belts be exempted from this rule, BUT phased out slowly, just like what they did in UK and Singapore.. Now won't this sound like a better idea?

Second, what happen if the families involve are large and only have your standard 5 seater vehicle? The rule states that all passengers except the fourth need to buckle up.. Here itself is a problem, if the fourth back passenger is exempted from the ruling, wouldn't it brings us back to square one? When an accident occur, won't he too be in danger, both to himself and the people surrounding him? And back to the big family issue, if this rule must apply, are you asking all of those big families out there to buy an MPV? With the economy crisis looming over our heads, most people won't be able to afford such vehicles.. Unless the government is willing to come out subsidy for this families to purchase those vehicles.. Or would you rather leave half your family behind when your going on a trip? Or make double, maybe even tripple rounds? I bet you someone is sure going to question this when the rule is in effect (not long left thou..)

Third, this I'm so gonna love this one.. What is the minimum age for passengers who must buckle up? Todlers? You put a strap over him and next thing you know he'll be fighting to get out of it.. Some might say "Ah.. Fit the special child seat belt la.." Which brings me back to the economy point.. You know most of the families who are big are not very well off, to own a car is already a great achievement, and now they are being burderned with additional cost..

Moving on, if you noticed, they're two seperate rules on the ruling.. Vehicles above 3.5 tons, commercial vehicles and vehicles with more than 8 passengers are exempted from this ruling.. Let's set things straight here.. Commercial vehicles include taxis right? And taxis, like any other vehicles, have a chance to be in an accident right? So by exempting them, ain't your putting the life of the passengers at risk? Furthermore, mind you that not all taxi drivers here are that patient and carefull type.. And what about vehicles with more than 8 passengers? How exempting them is going to help the cause of this ruling? Sounds like somebody got some explaning to do..

Finally, and this gotta be the best of all.. By July next year, if you do not buckle up behind, you'll not only be fined the maximum RM 300.. You can be taken to court and be sued.. The punishment? A maximum fine of RM 2 000 or 1 year jail or both if convicted.. This is instilling fear into the public.. You want to educate them on the importance of the rear seat belt, not force them to wear it so they can escape the punishment.. And ya, it's a dejavu like the NS law again.. Don't go NS and be jailed.. Remember the case of that juvenile who was jailed? Didn't it became a big hoo-hah later when it happened? And after that, that method was never used again.. For now la.. Face it, I've a feeling that this will be the same case.. Some smart ass lawyer is going to bang the Government if the July ruling is enforced..

So, what's the conclusion? Rear seat belts are good for you.. Statistics has shown it can save lifes.. Look in US, UK.. It does good for all.. However, some problems above either need to be clarified or be fixed if the seat belt ruling is to take it's full effect..

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holidays ===> Boring!!!!

Holidays are boring.. U might be wondering why should I be complaining, holiday is fun.. No school, can stay up till late night, lepak around.. Let me ask you something, how long can u actually do all that stuff? After a while u tend to lose interest, u'll be thinking 'not tis again'.. U'll feel its becoming a routine, like when u were in school.. Life is a routine, we wake up, eat, do normal human stuff, play, hangout, more human stuff and then back to bed.. However, I wanna be different, I wanna add some spice into my life, I wanna do something extraordinary, something I've never done before.. Unfortunately its not happening for me cause (1) Parents restrictions.. (And u'll think since STPM is over I'll get my freedom.. Hoho.. U're soooooooo wrong!!!) and (2) Most of my friends are either busy, working, holiday, etc..

OK, do things yourself.. What a great suggestion.. Sure, I can do things by myself, I bet all of u can do things by yourself, after all we learnt BERDIKARI (berdiri di atas kaki sendiri, yeah.. Itz lame..) back in school.. Tell me, will you enjoy a holiday all by yourself? Watch a movie alone, move about alone.. How long, you tell me, you'll remain sane doing all this over and over again?? Won't it just become another routine??!! So u're back in square one.. All over again..

Now is the time for us to actually reflect back what has happened, or more like what we've done over the last 18 years (in my case la..) of our life.. I miss school.. I seriously do.. All the crazy stuff me and my friends would do back in F5.. I thought I would never enjoy those moments again.. I was proven wrong.. Cause in U6, it was a hell a lot of fun.. Minus STPM.. In school, it's actually the only place in the world where you can actually socialise freely, do stuff together.. U won't get this chance in uni.. Let me tell u something about uni.. It is NOT EASY as u think it is.. Teacher's always say, "Oh, once u get through F6, uni is a breeze" Yeah, to hell with that.. U suffer as much as u suffer in F6.. The only difference is that u have slightly more freedom, and it's semester based.. Other than that, in uni, it's seriously a dog eat dog world out there.. Believe me cause I have a few friensds and cousin in uni.. I'm prepared for the worse, are u?

So, for those who are reading this and are still in school (i doubt there's any) I do sincerly hope u'll take ur school life seriously.. Cause believe me, if u don't, u r gonna regret for the rest of your life.. Both in your future and in the joy that u've missed.. I would give anything right now, to go back to school, to relive those memories, to be a student again.. Alas, that is not possible now.. Hey, a man can dream, can't he?? =p

Friday, December 26, 2008

Ipoh pictures

OK, I'm just to lazy to upload, plus there're over 100 pics... So here are the links to the pics.. If u all wanna to see it la..


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas and beyond...

Christmas has come and gone.. Once a year event, but a very special event.. Yesterday I went to church.. After that had lunch at Kesington and a family outing to jusco.. Turns out a lot of my frens were there, bump to a few when i was there.. Then it was off the Paul's hse for a nice BBQ.. It was fun doing BBQ all over again, d last time I did that was last Sept.. :S Had fun at his place la, and it was good to see a few old frens again, from 5 Anselm days..

Today I went for a job interview at Carlsberg.. And I managed to get the job la.. Interview is not an easy thing man but i pulled through it.. So be prepared to see me in jusco quite often from the 5th of Jan.. Till then, I plan to enjoy my life to the fullest.. LOL!!!

And for those who are so eager to see what pics I have on my trip, it'll be posted in the next post.. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I wish you a Merry Christmas,
I wish you a Merry Christmas,
I wish you a Merry Christmas,
And A Happy New Year!!

Merry Christmas to all of you who are reading this!! May God bless you all in your everyday life!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Penang!! Been there!! Done that!!

Hello world!!! Sorry to all those avid readers out there, the reason why I didn't update my blog is because I didn't had any internet service since my last post.. Not that I never pay my bills, just that the place I went for holiday had no internet service, and partly I was lazy to walk to the CC la.. LOL.. So let's begin with the updates for the past week..

So after Ipoh, I went down to my cousin's place in Kulim.. For those of you figuring where in the world Kulim is, it's a border town between Penang and Kedah.. Kulim is in Kedah and it's like our Senawang here, only 10x bigger and better.. It's really blossoming into a high-tech city.. Why stay at Kulim? Cheaper cause u wouldn't wanna stay 1 week in a hotel in Penang..

Food in Kulim, well, nothing to show about really, but Bukit Mertajam is nearby.. Just about 10 minutes drive.. And here I would like to tell you all about the Big Tree.. OK, there's food stalls under this Big Tree, kinda of Cherry Tree here.. And the food here is fantasting!! Laksa, ABC, Lobak, Wan Tan Mee, u name it, they got it.. Nothing much left thou, just staying at my cousin's house with 2 nephews and 2 nieces.. Nice house but of couse noisy with the children around.. =p

Next stop Penang.. Penang as we all know is supposely the food heaven.. However, dun be fooled.. U muz really find the good places to eat, then only it's food heaven, otherwise it's just another typical town food.. I drove to Penang actually, LOL.. Of course with my parent's guidance la, but to drive on the Penang Bridge is a really cool feeling.. Haha.. You can even go to Penang by the ferry, and believe me it's a lifetime experience.. Pricing is about the same, 70 cents difference and you only pay for one way, which is into the island.. Coming out is free..

So where did I went in Penang.. 1st, coincidentally there was an Education Fair at the Gurney Hotel, and it's mostly for Public Unis.. Perfect timing huh? So I managed to gather quite a number of info from there.. Near Gurney Hotel there's a corner shop that sells biscuits, choclates, etc.. And boy their biscuits rock.. Simply delicious.. Then there's Penang Street, where it's a very nice place to shop, not the cheapest thou, but tourist flock the area like ants to a sugar.. Next I'll recommend Penang Hill.. Here's the irony of it.. Firstly, it was my 1st time to Penang hill and it was free on that day.. If you've been reading the papers, and it was the 1st day it was operational till all the way up to the top.. Very refreshing, not that cold, and you get a perfect will of the whole Penang Island.. Plus, the tram up the hill is cool.. You get to say some beauties of mother nature.. The final stop is Air Itam.. Trust me, if you're a shopaholic looking for good bargains, this is the place to be.. It's your very own Petaling Street, and it's on the way up to a temple, called the Tortoise Temple.. Seriously, there's tortoise when you reached at the end of your shopping spree.. There's a nice Asam Laksa shop around the corner of Jalan Pasar, itz freaking cheap and freaking delicious.. Haha.. =p

So in short people, go to Penang.. It's a nice place to visit, if you know where to go.. Who knows, I can be your free tour guide there.. Wakaka.. Till then people, happy reading!! And happy holidays!!

Friday, December 12, 2008


Well, firstly let me apologise to u all that I've been out of contact for the last, er... 5 days of so.. A very simple truth, I'm on holiday people.. Even bloggers need holiday OK.. Where I am, you may ask? 300km up north in Ipoh, that's my answer.. LOL!! So let me give u a quick recap on what I've been doing for the last 5 days..

Arrived Ipoh at 8.00pm after a long horendous journey in the bus, no thanks to the rain and traffic jams.. Once reached here, I straight went to SMI, see the gang at La Salle Centre and went off for a dinner.. Nice place for dinner thou, except the RM 6 for an ABC, that's road killed man.. After that, I spend the night at my friend's place, Aaron, cause it was too dangerous to go back down south, to my aunt's place..

Second day came and I was nearly killed, litterally.. I was boarding this bus to go back Gopeng (or Gipang as my niece call it, LOL!!) after breakfast when this one nut case of a bus driver just reversed suddenly.. This happened when I was BOARDING the bus.. Screw man, I had to jump down with full luagage on me.. Next thing I know I was chasing the f**cking bus, jumping onto it when it was running away.. This bus driver I tell u drives crazilly and have no courtesy at all.. I seriously bet with you he's on drugs.. I was glad when I got off it.. Then my cousin took Narvin and me to my aunt's house, where it became our 'den' for the next few days.. Had nice 'lui zha fan' or in other words, a traditional dish to the Hakka people.. Dinner w as at my cousins place, and if you come here, and eat at his place, you'll won't believe the amount you'll be paying for the food portions you're getting..

Next day, I went to Gua Tempurung, a very nice place for cave exploring.. It's a new experience for me, and very interesting!! The caves structures and the way you had to fight the way in the water was just awesome.. Of course, I was wet from top to bottom and with a nice price to pay, my HP.. Soaked from inside out, but a worthy sacrifice.. Ate at more new places, testing more and more new food.. Then I went to watch the Heritage Play at SMI.. And this time, the play really blow the roof off, it was just superb, amazing, fantastic, whatever words you can describe it.. LA SALLE ROCKS!!! This was followed by a drinking session, and well, two mugs are just nice for me..

Thursday I ate at the best place where you can get the best white coffee in town.. And the best it was.. Then I went to visit my friend in Ipoh, Ui Li.. We had a great time with my brother and Narvin.. Watched The Day The Earth Stood Still at Kinta City (aka Jusco).. Superb movie, worth every penny.. Bowling followed up next and believe it or not, Narvin haven't bowled in his 19 years of life.. Amazing huh.. But he did a nice bowl, 71 in the 1st game and 88 in the 2nd game.. Night had a nice dinner followed by a nice cool off at home..

And finally it brings us to today, nice Nasi Kandar for lunch.. U seriously gotta eat that.. Then we went to Bidor to buy some chicken biscuits, I can't translate it properly.. (Kai Zhai Peng) Dropped by Kampar to find the ever famous Claypot Chicken Rice and then came back home to eat that at Lawan Kuda.. And here I am, blogging about the remains of the days.. Haha..

Tomorrow I'm off to Penang, and another food whacking spree will be ensured.. Gosh, I'm getting fat, I think.. =p Who cares, holidays man!! ENJOY!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

McD and others..

Hey guys and girls, now here is the last of my final days at SPI.. Sorry all for the late update on the pictures, streamyx has been very very slow.. :S

Now we all know Chin is gay here, anybody disagree?

Ice cream, Ice cream, mine is bigger than yours!!

Monkey (SE) and me..

Well, Joe certainly live up his nick as a GOAT!!

God knows what are they doing

Poor SE, always the target of a bully.. =p

Suddenly the magnificent view behind is block by her.. (and yes, she's proud of it!!)

The whole gang at McD (6/11)

Looks like somebody order too much!!

Me & Fan Shu!! (JW)

Eagerly queuing up to buy food..

Chin was bored I think

The guy side

Esther, Yan Teng & Me

3 stooges!!

The girl side

Chin is happy (and so is Calvin!!)

Happily enjoying the food

Different people, different strokes

And at last, a group photo!! (sorry Calvin!!)

Well, that's the last of it.. I got loads more but malas wanna upload ady.. Dinner's photo are still on the way, somewhere next week (hopefully), it'll be up.. Until then, happy holidays!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Last Farewell, for now...

Well, yesterday I attended the Form 6 Bon Voyage Dinner.. Something like a farewell dinner for us, only that I see more performers from the lower forms than the Upper Sixes who attended the dinner.. When I arrived there, OK, I expected the small hall, but I did not expect that we had to cramp ourselves in that tiny hall.. So ya, it was a potong steam case la.. It was just not happening, those of us who went there look so blur, the organisers were mostly knit up together with their own group, not even bothering to come and communicate with us, and well ya, the dinner was destined for disaster..

Let me just say one thing about the Lower Sixes here.. I really dunno see the same spirit, the Paulian spirit among them.. It's seriously a dog eat dog world out there.. Now, I'm not the only one with that opinion, a few of my friends are too.. They look corporative on the outside but in truth, only a few are really dedicated to their duties.. Comparing to my batch (this is my thoughts), I feel our batch work much better together.. There was a sense of belonging among my batch, which I see very little in this year Lower Sixes.. Maybe as time goes on (they still have a year) they might get along better.. And I sure hope so it happens, for the sake of the unity of the students there..

Anyway, back to the dinner.. Performances was nice.. Kelvesh's, Zi Yang's and Shaun's bands really rock the house with a few favourites.. Then there were some singing by Kah Chun's group and a few others, a dance performance.. Well, the dance performance was the real hightlight, because they were 4 couples dancing, BUT there was 5 guys.. 1 actually dress up like a girl, it fools some of us, and boy.. He really beat the crap out of the other 3 REAL girls.. So ya, that was awesome.. And of course the main highlight of the day was a Wushu - Ninja performance by our two top guns in our school, Master Yap and Master Hazim.. A very wonderful and respectable performance by them..

Food was FANTASTING!! Possibly the best I ever ate at RSUC (and ya, it beats the crap out of the prefect's dinner one) Ate two full plates of it.. Other than that, the dinner was overall good.. Maybe it took some time for us to get the party started, but then here how the dinner went.. From bad to worse and actually went to good.. So ya, I like to say thanks to the organising committtee and for all who attended the dinner.. Pictures will posted up later once I receive them.. Next agenda, DESHAN'S PARTY!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'M FREE!!!!


Yes, at long last, after one and a half years of pain and sweat, after toiling, enjoying bitter sweet successes along the way, I'm finally finished my STPM!! Well, next comes the hard part, what to do for the next 7 months??!! Dang.. Sometimes I wish school life didn't end.. Oh well, I'm off to a yam cha.. Will update u guys later!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Final ONE!!!

OK, it's down to the last paper, Chemistry 1.. Gosh, I need to score well in that to stand of any chance to achieve my target.. Dang.. PA 1 was not that bad and so was Biology 1, so hopefully Chemistry 1 will also been a breeze..

Anyway, I told you all I'll update on the dinner thing.. So here it goes.. 1st of all, the committee that handle the stuff notified us at the very last minute, let's say, the last day of school!! And they want us to do a split second decision.. Well, most people can't do that, so in the end most people didn't wanted to go.. Never mind that, next came the collection of the money.. At 1st I was told it was RM50, I was like WTH!!! Then it dropped to RM 35 and finally down to RM 30.. OK, so RM 30 for a buffet dinner at Royal Sungai Ujong Club.. It's the collection date that pissed me and most people off.. They (or somebody) wanted to collect it during our STPM exam!! Who in the world would do that??!! Obviously that plan backfired.. Luckily for them, most of us paid on the last day, which eventually led to 34 Upper Sixes going..

After that, there's this dresscode thing.. Some of my friends, including me, actually disagree with the dresscode.. Usually this things are kind of formal, so we expected formal wear.. Seems the dress code is smart casual, OK, not that bad.. What my friends are worried that some of us might misinterpret it as casual, and if teachers were to attend the function, well, you know what I mean.. And of course the final thing is the hall they were getting.. I understood that we got only 1/3 of the hall.. Well, I don't know how did that happpen, as far as I know, RSUC usually give 2/3 of the hall.. The committee must be riding their luck since only 1/3 of the Upper Sixes are going, but in the end you'll have to stuff 50+ people into that hall, hopefully it works out.. IT BETTER!!

So after all the ups and downs in this dinner that's coming, hopefully it'll turn out good, or not I can assure you the committee will get a word or two from my friends.. GOOD LUCK PEOLE, YOU'LL NEED IT!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The End is Near

Well, the end is very near.. As far as I'm concerned.. Only 3 papers left.. Well, time do fly when you're busy.. I still remember the day I finished SPM I was wondering what to do for 6 months.. It passed so fast that I ended myself in F6.. Then I dreaded the fact that I have to face STPM.. It seemed so far away back then, suddenly it just came.. And now, it's ending.. 3 more papers left, all objective.. After that I'll have (more like forced) to say goodbye to my high school life.. Dang..

Time sure pass fast.. So the 7 months of freedom after that will sound like 7 weeks.. I have plans, loads of plans actually.. However able to carry each and everyone one of them is left to be seen.. 1st thing up is the F6 Farewell Dinner.. Sadly, only 34 out of 92 F6 students will be attending.. Which is kinda sad, after all this could be the final gathering for some of us.. Actually, the performers nearly outweigh the Upper 6 students that are attending.. What a drag... However, I'm sure it'll be a fun-filled evening (it better, i paid 30 bucks for it!!) Plans after that are a few yam chas, party at Deshan's and a trip to Ipoh.. After that, well, that's left to be seen..

Will update u all more about the dinner and everything else.. Something interesting is happening to the dinner.. LMAO!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

It's a goner..

Maths 2 was the on the menu today.. And it's going.... going... gone!!! Must been one of the hardest paper i sat la today.. Actually, honestly speaking, the entire STPM has just been weird.. Those who sat for the PA paper know what i mean.. One bright sight is that NO MORE MATHS IN MY LIFE!! (for the next 7 months at least).. And is supposedly the easy part, the objectives.. Hopefully I do well in them and thus be able to achieve my target.. IF NOT, I think I'll need a new ambition or look at other avenues to fulfill my dreams (which is severely limited).. STPM is seriously tough.. If you can't take the heat, stay out of the fire.. (I had to enter the fire thou, no choice)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Feeling a bit better.. Compare to the weekend.. Thanks for those out there who were concern about me.. I'm doing fine now.. So tomorrow is Maths 2.. It sounds like a do or die mission for me.. Do well, u might score well and vice versa.. Hopefully tomorrow's questions are direct, unlike some papers i've been trying.. And to all of my frens sitting for the Physics paper later, good luck!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

U6-3 is going DOWN!!!

OK, today is a pretty boring day for me.. And I know u readers out there are also bored, wondering when will i post up my new pics.. Well, have no fear, today's that day.. Enjoy!!

We start off with the pic of the day (I'm still taller!! YEAH!!)

Narvin & Me

Ok, Theish is not from 6-3 but who cares!! She rocks!!

Renuka & Me (hope your ok with it Pooven)

With my class teacher, Pn. Sabariah (and of course others)

Bug, Shamin, Shali (braniac), Pn. Sabariah, Chin & Me

I dunno what's wrong with Chin here, maybe he's gay after all!!

Nambiar (hope she likes that), Orange & Narvin

Shue Teng, Kitty and Assistant Monitor Beatrice

The gang of 5 (cause they're always together, me excluded k!!)

We were more interested in snacks than the photo shoot (maybe not)

Campuran 6-2, 6-3 & 6-4

Off course, I also made a cameo appearance in U6-4 (for free thou)

With Mr. Morgan (coolest bio teacher, as in EVER!!!)

And of course who can forget Mr. Malai, Discipline Master,
former SPIPB teacher adviser and of course, my F3 BM & Moral teacher!!

The memories of my class is good.. All the joy and laughter.. I wish each and every of my classmates good luck in everything you do and God Bless!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Post Mortem

OK.. Looking back at all the 4 papers I've did so far this week, I don't have good feeling about them.. PA was ok, Chem died, Maths 1 died last few questions and Bio was hazardous.. I've done my best, now just hope for the best..

To make matters worse, I fall sick ady.. Starting coughing like hell this morning.. Hopefully it doesn't affect my preparations for the other subjects.. Speaking of preparation, next up is Maths 2.. Have to do sooooo well for that paper, cuz paper 1 ady KOed... Then comes all the objective.. Supposely easy la, but itz not.. DUH!!! Itz STPM... Nothing is easy

Post mortem done, I'm going to need a miracle!!!

MPM accepts mistake!!!

OK people, now we all know that this STPM has been a drag... Especially the PA paper.. Question 8 send people panicking due to that large figure.. However, a check over the net (thx to my friend) has uncovered this.. Looks like ur PA2 is safe people!!!

The original message:

-----Original Message-----From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [] Sent: Thursday, November 20, 20082:36 PMTo: Pegawai Perhubungan AwamSubject: kesilapan soalan PA STPM 2008 Kepada MPM,Kami mendapati bahawa soalan PA 2 STPM 2008 Bahagian D No.8 telah membuat satu kesilapan yang besar pada nilai data, iaitu pada petikan yang terakhir nilai untuk pengeluaran getah asli pada tahun 2002. Ia menunjukan angka bernilai ratus ribu,iaitu 150 007 tetapi angka yang dikatakan meningkat pada tahun 2004 hanya menunjukan angka puluh ribu,iaitu 20729 dan juga dengan angka-angka tahun lain hanya menunjukan lima digit sahaja. Jadi,kami beranggap bahawa nilai yang menunjukan enam digit pada tahun 2002 itu,iaitu 150 007 telah berlaku kesilapan. Kami berharap agar pihak tuan dapat memberi penjelasan kepada kami semua calon STPM 2008. Sekian, terima kasih.Yang Benar,Calon STPM 2008Lampiran: Soalan PA 2 STPM 2008 Bahagian D No.8

The reply:

Subject: RE: kesilapan soalan PA STPM 2008Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2008 17:05:10 +0800From: xxxxxxxxxxxxx@hotmail.comTuan, Saya merujuk emel tuan mengenai perkara di atas. Berkaitan dengan maklumat tentang pengeluaran gas asli cecair, memang terdapat kesilapan angka pada perenggan akhir yang dimaksudkan. Angka 150 007 ribu tan metrik yang tertulis sepatutnya ditulis sebagai 15 007 ribu tan metrik. Sehubungan dengan hal ini, pihak MPM telah pun mengambil tindakan yang sewajarnya termasuklah memperbaiki skema pemarkahan bagi soalan 8 tersebut untuk mengambil kira kesilapan yang berlaku. Pelajar yang menjawab soalan ini akan diberi pertimbangan yang seadil-adilnya dan tidak akan didenda disebabkan kesilapan maklumat dalam soalan tersebut. Pihak MPM juga ingin memberikan jaminan bahawa pencapaian calon tidak akan terjejas disebabkan oleh kesilapan tersebut kerana segala langkah yang perlu telah dan akan diambil untuk mengatasi masalah yang timbul. Pihak kami berasa kesal atas kesukaran yang dihadapi calon disebabkan oleh kesilapan yang tidak disengajakan ini. Sekian dimaklumkan. Terima kasih. “BERKHIDMAT UNTUK NEGARA” Saya yang menurut perintah (KHAWARI BIN HAJI IDRIS)Pegawai Perhubungan Awamb.p. Ketua EksekutifMajlis Peperiksaan Malaysia

Suggestion from the candidate:

-----Original Message-----
From: xxxxa []
Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2008 7:04 PM
To: Pegawai Perhubungan Awam
Subject: RE: kesilapan soalan PA STPM 2008

Tuan Pegawai,

Pertama sekali, kami mengucapkan terima kasih kepada tuan atas penjelasan tuan kepada kami.

Walaubagaimanapun, kesilapan data tersebut telah menyebabkan ramai calon membazirkan masa yang banyak dalam soalan 8 ini dan menjejaskan masa untuk menjawab bahagian lain. Selain itu, ketenangan calon juga diganggu oleh kesilapan soalan tersebut. Jadi, kami mengemukakan beberapa cadangan kepada pihak tuan agar menjamin kebajikan calon dan keadilan peperiksaan STPM yang terbaik di dunia ini.

1,Markah bonus yang sewajarnya diberi kepada calon yang menjawab soalan 8 ini.

2,Markah bahagian D dimansuhkan.

3,Peperiksaan Kertas PA 2 baru dibuat pada hari tertentu.

Kami berharap agar cadangan kami akan dibincang dan ditimbang oleh pihak MPM.

Kami menunggu berita baik daripada pihak tuan.

Sekian, terima kasih.

Yang benar,

Calon STPM 2008

And the last reply from MPM:

RE: kesilapan soalan PA STPM 2008‏
From: Pegawai Perhubungan Awam (
Sent:Friday, 21 Nov, 2008 6: 54 PM
To: xxxx (


MPM mengucapkan terima ksih atas cadangan tersebut.

Sepertimana yang telah dijawab dan dimaklumkan terdahulu bahawa calon tidak perlu risau kerana MPM telah mengambil langkah yang sewajarnya untuk mengatasi masalah ini.

Sekian dimaklumkan. Terima kasih.


Saya yang menurut perintah

Pegawai Perhubungan Awam
b.p. Ketua Eksekutif

Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Supposedly it's my favorite subject.. However I doubt about it after today's exam.. Some surprises happened.. To say it was hard could be over exhilarated but the questions are a bit tricky.. Cause there're two ways to look at those question.. Anyway, it's gone.. Fly away, adios, sayonara, bye-bye, whatever.. Don't wanna think about it.. Luckily there's a week break before Maths 2.. I think I need it!!

Another one bites the dust...

So I've completed Maths 1 today.. And I'll always say this, able to do is one thing, able to do it correctly is another.. And not able to do it is totally different.. And in today's exam, I think all 3 were applied to my situation.. Oh well, there's one thing back about Public Exams.. U won't be able to know what you did wrong.. I guess they figure since it's your final time doing that specific subject, you won't need to know what u did wrong.. Somebody needs to change that mentality, hopefully...

Bio is up.. Starting 8am tomorrow.. Crap.. If it was in the afternoon, won't be so bad.. At least I can sleep in and study tomorrow.. Dang.. Oh well, that's part and puzzle of life.. You win some, you lose some.. And I'm losing more that I'm winning.. Hope all this will end pretty pretty soon!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What a screw up!!

OK.. So STPM just started today.. And in the worst possible manner.. PA was wrong, somewhere.. Those who're reading this know that Section E should have a choice but no......... It turned out we didn't... So those who never like flow charts, sorry la... Then came Chemistry and boy, was it a screwed up paper.. I thought I did ok, well I did until I noticed I did a million mistakes like everywhere!!! So er.... Pass sure can la... Pass at what level would be the most interesting topic.. Stupid silicates, why you have to come out... And what up with that enthalpy change? Look so freaking weird!!

And here's a quote from one of my friends about Chemistry... "
Chemistry is F react with U in concentrated C forms precipitate K and the activation energy, E is D kJ/mol." And I totally agree with that... Ok, so tomorrow is Maths 1... Urg... All my not so favourite subjects are starting out on the 1st few days... 1st Chem and now this.. Oh well, look on the bright side, half of Malaysia might screw up.. Good luck to all, WE ALL NEED IT!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Oh yes, the day has arrive.. Er.. Well.. In another 20 hours or so.. So much things to remember, so little time and space left.. Nothing much that I can do.. I've given my best shot (I think).. now only I pray for the best.. But PA2, Chem 2, Maths 1 and Bio 2 in 3 days??!!! Give me a break.. I barely had time to settle for 2 but there's 4... OMG!!! I really need a miracle to pull this off..

To all STPM candidates out there.. GOOD LUCK AND MAY GOD BLESS U DURING THE EXAM!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Party at U6-5!!

Well, finally I managed to get some pictures from friends.. Cause I dun have a camera, so I had to rely on people.. Had millions of pic, but I'll show u all the first farewell of the year.. At Upper 6-5!!

We start off with a bit of food... Well... A LOT OF FOOD ACTUALLY!! LOL!!!

Poor Chin and Khen Eng, haven't eaten in days..

They're mine!! ALL MINE!!!

Too many food, too little people.. =)

And a bit of pictures for the memories!!

Notice the mousey ears?? =p

Not forgetting our ever famous 'gay' couple!!

An lastly, a failed attempt of Calvin to pull, er... Someone's hair!! =D

Stick around for more pictures, after STPM gua.. Cheers!!!

Burned Out??!!

Oh well, OK.. Reality is coming soon.. Unfortunately.. And I'm like trying my best to cover everything I can.. Problem is that it seems my mind is saturated with too many things.. It's like a hard drive that has reached it's maximum capacity.. Try as I might, it just won't get in, those tiny little facts.. To make matters worse, sometimes I can answer pretty well in an exercise.. Other times is like WTH is with this question.. It's sending me mix signals.. Maybe this is really the burn out syndrome.. Or it's just that I got bored of studying.. Studying 11 years is no joke man... Oh God, help me go through this once in a lifetime ordeal.. (Who am I kidding, I'll go through this hell everyday at Uni.. DAMN!!!) Somebody save.............. ME!!!!!! (-.-)"

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


SPM started yesterday.. And now all we have left to look forward to is STPM.. That is the inevitable my friends.. You might be thinking, dang, wasn't STPM 7 months ago? Or 7 weeks? Now itz only 7 days left.. First paper, PA 2.. That's the usual stuff, try the next paper, Chem 2... 3 days of hell next week but after that i think i can relax, for a while la.. To regenerate my mental strength to go through maths 2.. LOL..

State Library is a nice place to study, but somehow itz not always that way.. Sure u've tonnes of reference book and the area is condusive, i mean everyone is studying, won't that like make u to study also? HAHA.. However, when u've friends over there, it might be a different scenario.. Somehow (maybe itz juz me) u'll end up talking, walking and eating more than studying.. After all, library is right in the middle of town, food is a plenty.. LOL.. So i work best at home, i think..

And of course lastly, i heard a friend who drives like a real maniac.. A friend of mine entered his car one day, and wow.. My friend was given a heart attack by the way he drives.. Not only that, i got 2-3 people to back up that story, brakes only at the last minute, speeds around like he owns the road.. No wonder he's car looks 'older' than mine... :p There's no advantage in driving fast, only using more fuel to save a few seconds.. Burns your pocket faster.. So to all out there, do drive carefully.. [names are withheld to protect the innocent] =)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Who police the police?

OK, u all might be wondering what is the title about.. Some of u might have a clue.. And after u finish reading this u might think I'm right..

Police, as we all know, are law enforcers.. They are suppose to upheld the law in the community, making sure everyone obeys them and thus ensuring a peaceful and safer neighbourhood.. Alas, it is them who sometimes are caught in doing things against the law.. Simply take today's paper and read.. A motorcyclist lost his life simply due to the act of an off-duty cop to do an illegal U-turn.. Not only that, he injured 5 others.. And to make matter worst, he and his friends fled the scene of the accident.. Now, if it was you or me, we could have been booked for that offence any other day, and if caused injury or death, it's a one way ticket to jail.. How can he, of all people, do such an irresponsible act? Off-duty or not, as a law enforcer, shouldn't he uphold the rules within him?

Don't look far.. Yesterday, when coming back from dinner with my family, a car was tail gating our car.. The car was driving fast (to tail gate la) and had those halogen headlamps.. (u know those are banned) Never mind that, the fact is that he's a police investigator.. U tell me, they catch us for speeding, having halogen head lamps but they can do it??!! Even the Altantuya case has come into light.. The suspects, who are policeman, can cover up their face from the public, and it's nicely done.. If it was any other criminal, their face will be posted up everywhere for public view but no..... That's not the case here.. People are asking are the policeman getting 'special treatment'? Beats me, but yeah, 95% of the people who participated in a survey on this matter sure do think that way..

Looking at all this, won't u stop to ponder what I've said its true? OK, I know they're humans too, but then again, if we can't do things against the law, do they mean they can??!! Take bribery for instance and u know where I'm getting too.. U answer the question, 'Who police the police'?

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Arg... Can't study.. Cuz neighbour having a Deepavalli party!! The music is like blasting away.. Sorry people but i'm just not that kind of person who can study with music.. Dang... (the singer could be a retard, singing his life out dunno for what)

Great.. Now there's fire crackers!! Tat's soooooo illegal.. Ah.. Who am i kidding, itz malaysia.. Malaysia boleh wat.. :p

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sunday blues

Watched James Bond on Friday night.. Wasn't that great la.. Unless you u a die hard fan of him.. Come to think of it I think the longer the movie runs, the worse it becomes.. How many movies actually still turned up alrite after 3-4 runs? Mind that, Bond was at itz 22 run.. Pretty long for a movie don't u think? Only think to look forward too is the Alfa Romeo (and as usual, he spoils that beautiful car)

10 more days to STPM.. Oh dear, it sounded like 10 months a while back.. Trying to prepare but to no avail.. Most of the time juz lepak and main.. Maybe after 11 years of studying, it tends to get a bit boring.. Haha.. Nvm, now I count the days for STPM to end, which is er.... 24 more days? LOL!! Better to it that way, makes me happier.. Back to the books again... Arg.... The agony..

*Why oh MU u lost to cacat Arsenal?? I'm not getting a rest from Paul on this!!*

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thanks for the memories!!

So today I start with the 1st day without school, knowing that the next time I'm going there is for the exam and poof... No more school.. SPI will always be a part of me but unfortunately all good things have to come to an end.. Here I would like to thank each and everyone for making my life in F6 a much fun and memorable place to be in..

To my teachers who thought me both in lower and upper 6, Miss Lim (one of the best maths 2 teachers), Pn. Wee (very funny teacher), Pn. Sabariah (ironically she was my form teacher in form 1, and form teacher in form 6, looks like what goes around comes around), Miss Lucy (sometimes the activity done in her class do helps us in life), Madam Yap (principal of the school and a real motivator), Mr. Soh (another motivator), Mr. Narakna (those exp we did were cool) and last but not least Mr. Morgan (best bio teacher a student can have, really can make the class light up).. Thank you all for your guidance, support and motivation.. You all will always be in my mind..

To my classmates (if they even know i have a blog), Dhiyva (very artistic and crazy!!), Jen (a great person to talk too), Shamin (happy go lucky gal), Shali (the brains of Upper 6), Sey Hui (ladybug), Presna (very quiet gal) , Kar Hoe (who likes mandarin soooo much), Chin JH (now tis guy is juz amazing, most 'handsome' in my class.. dun fly ah!), Narvin (CNN, juz like me, LOL!!) Renuka & Preveena (2 vy vy vy noisy girls, but also vy fun ppl), Chui Ying (the other smart gal in my class), Shue Teng (class cleaniness commander), Siow Yoong (kitty!!), Beatrice (a great asst. monitor), Xin Xian (maths genius), Mei Huang (artistic also), Wei Leng (mantin gal) & Eon (his hair is an important asset to him).. You all certainly brought the class to life, with all the crazy stuff we did, laughter, the 'happy birthday' songs and of course the class party!!

And finally to all my other friends in Form 6!! Chu, Kartig, Hon Joe, Paul, Tharuman, Anderson, Calvin, Sri, Jee Jian (we've been friends since secondary school, some even primary school, hope we stay that way), the gals; Sook Ee, Chia Chi, Wendy, Yoke Fun, Hui Ling, Yan Teng, Jen Wei, Lilian, Mee Gie, Mei Yoong, Von Shan, Theish, Helena, Renu, Esther, Rajee (each of u are special in ur own way, and brought a little something to SPI F6) and finally my new found friends; Deshan (budak kecik), Chee Kin, Khen Eng, Shang Zhe.. Thank you all for making FORM 6 in SPI vy meaningful, fun and really bringing out the Paulian Spirit!!

Even thou we move our seperate ways, but i'll always treasure the memories of my F6 life.. THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!!

(p.s. sorry if i miss out on anyone, didn't meant too.. =p)


Ok, lately there's been a very interesting debate going on around my circle of friends.. And yes, if u've been following the updates in facebook, itz about T-man's notes / blog.. I feel that our education system in Malaysia is putting too much emphasis on results, attendance and etc that we're neglecting the most fundemental basics of education, shaping the generation.. Itz a very simple fact.. We have sooooo many straight A students, so many geniuses, etc.. And how many actually in the end manage to reach their goals & destinations.. A very easy figure to see is the SPM.. How many of these straight A students actually managed to make it to the next level? I know a friend who is straight A and yet struggling to cope with college life or A levels.. U can tell itz a different level, a whole new battlefield but that's exactly my point!! In college, we don't get spoonfed like in secondary school.. The ball game is entirely different.. Lecturers dun give a damn whether u can cope with the workload or not, as long they get paid and they do their duty, they're done.. That's how they do it overseas, unlike here, u can even BEG ur marks, i've seen it (act i've even done it)

So coming back to T-man's problem, people might get a hoo haa over kelakuan issues and all but in the end it doesn't really matter.. Sure u people out there might worry about ur scholarship application and things like tat.. In the end, itz down do ur present attitude.. People getting cermelang in kelakuan becomes drug addicts, smokers and all... So izit a really fair way to judge a person.. I think not..

Final Day....

Ok, it's official.. Finally, school has ended for the upper sixes, well earlier of course since SPI has very little classrooms (u know what i mean).. And yes, it IS SAD to actually leave your friends behind.. I sat down in the class, looking around, at the classroom, at the food we brought, at my friends, and think back, 'Didn't I just enter F6 a while back?'.. Yes my friends, time sure pass, and pass fast it does.. One moment you were just entering back into study life after SPM, some into unfamiliar territory (new to the school what..), then came exams, came MUET, school projects, more exams and homework (millions!!) and then ta daa..... Your school life ends.. OMG... 1.5 years, just gone by just like that, in a blink of an eye.. Many people left the school with a heavy heart, maybe because they'll miss their friends, miss their teachers, miss the school or because for us when school ends, means it's only 11 DAYS left to STPM (yes, that dreaded is approaching day by day)

Let's begin with the day.. Went to school (like any good student would, NOT!! I missed a few days ady.. Haha.. Hard to believe rite? :p), lined up as usual, enter class and poof... Food started to appear one by one on the table.. You see, our class, or more like the whole form 6 had a farewell party, as one last gathering together.. There were so many food.. I'll have to say U6-2 was the best la, got nasi lemak, pudding, longan drink and so much more... It was like a cafeteria there.. LOL!! Then many of us took pictures, say our thank yous to our teachers and of course some even gave testimonial in front the class.. Chin, Me, Beatrice, Shamin, Narvin are the few to be named to do such brave acts (kononlah brave).. Of course tears were shed, laughter's ensured and happy memories will forever be skecth into each of us..

One thing is for sure, I'll definitely miss the school.. Not being emo or what but that's just what it is.. 11 years as a Paulian is coming to an end.. And 11 more days to STPM (ironic huh).. Thus i bid farewell to my beloved Alma Mater, teachers, friends.. And i also wish everyone GOOD LUCK in their STPM exams.. We'll get through it together one way or the other.. See you all on the 18th!! (oh, the agony of that date..)