Thursday, December 29, 2011

Nov-Dec summary

Wow, I just noticed that I've abandoned my blog for nearly 2 months.. Haha.. Dunno la, kinda lazy to post things up.. Act got lots of things to post up.. I'll summarize some of it now.. =)

In Nov I had a 4 week posting in something called as Community Medicine.. The whole posting was well, a complete waste of time.. The only thing I managed to learn from there is that there are still communities out there who need our help, who are being neglected by the public.. If u could see the condition of the villages around that area, u'll be shocked.. And most of them live like it's nothing.. Apart from that, managed to learn how to form questionnaires and interview people.. Guess that happens when u get some lecturers who keep on giving different opinions and conflicting with one another.. Haiz.. So dysfunctional.. And I was actually looking forward to that posting.. =.="

As of current I'm in the Medicine posting.. Loving it.. Cause u get to see rare cases.. Makes u wonder also sometimes am I in the right course or not.. I admit, there were times where I feel exceptionally down cause I felt pretty dumb, can't answer anything the lecturer post.. However, thanks be to God that He pulled me out from that mess, now I'm looking forward to every hospital posting.. =) Went to two hospitals so far.. Sik is a very nice cozy place, far thou.. 94KM away from AIMST.. Not many patients but good for relaxation.. Haha.. Yan is more like a hospital, closer, about 27KM away.. Also not bad, awesome Nasi Lemak nearby.. =p

Attended Life Camp from 4th - 7th Nov, a life changing camp.. Really open your eyes to well.. Life.. And what can u do about it.. If there's a chance I would love to volunteer in the next one.. Can't tell the details thou, I'm under oath.. Haha..

CF is growing.. Praise the Lord for His greatness and glory.. Through Him we are now officially recognized by AIMST management.. =D No more hiding under the covers, we can now really make our campus into our mission field.. And what more to celebrate then to have the Christmas Gig?? Held in campus for the first time since 2007, it was a huge success.. God's presence was just overwhelming that night.. Over 200 came, 17 saved and many more wanting to know the Lord.. Praise God for His goodness, God is good all the time!! =D

Exams was concluded just before I had my holidays.. It was a tough 1 week, 6 papers in 5 days + hospitals in the morning before the papers.. Not enough sleep + lack of preparation + no motivation to study.. Really a recipe for disaster.. Praise be to God, He sustained me throughout the entire exam.. I really surrendered it all to Him, I couldn't do it by my strength.. But through Christ, all things are possible!! =D And I've seen the fruits of my dependence on Him, my Paeds paper came back with a 60.. I was shocked myself, no one but Him alone could have given me such good grades, knowing how ill prepared I was.. Glory be to God on high!!

Christmas was a very quiet affair this year.. Had our celebration at the new church building, fully packed.. So good to see that.. Futsal in the afternoon followed by 2 Christmas parties, one at my aunt's and another at a friend's place on Boxing Day.. Good food, great company, memorable events.. Thank you Lord for sending your Son Jesus Christ on that night to save the world.. If not we would have not known You.. =)

Well, that's practically my update for now.. Will update more later on.. Ciao people.. XD