Friday, July 30, 2010

Youth of our nation

What is happening to our generation of teenagers in Malaysia?? It pains me to say this but sadly, Malaysia will never become the country she hopes to be with all the shit our teenagers too..

About a few minutes ago, I stumbled across a video where a few girls was fighting each other.. Now this seem to be a daily occurrence in almost everywhere in Malaysia.. Girls and Boys fighting, taking drugs, having sex, doing vices, etc. And this is the generation that is going to lead Boleh Land in the not so distant future.. Oh God, somebody save us all!!

Gangsterism, drug abuse, teenage sex; all happening right before our very eyes and we are helpless to do anything about it.. Touching on teenage sex, about 2 weeks ago an article came out on that topic.. Apparently children as young as 12 years old are already having sex.. One girl was even boasting she had 30 sex partners and she's only 13!! What is going to become of her when she reaches 31??? Not only that, the Melaka state government is now proposing to open a special school for teenagers who are pregnant.. Their reasons??
1) Won't be treated as a social outcast.
2) Don't have to dump the baby.
3) At least the girl can continue her education.

Sounds logical but what about the repercussions? Won't they be stigmatised more? Won't it actually encourage more teenage sex? Think like a teenager; "Now the government is going to support me, so I can have all the sex I want and still be supported by them" Ding Dong, it's not rocket science!! Sex education?? No... Too young for us it seems.. Then some brilliant guy came up with the idea to block off the porn websites.. Yeah, let's see u all do that after all that red tape.. It's nearly impossible..

So back to the topic.. Is there anyway we can do about this?? Basically I see it, family.. If the family doesn't wanna give a damn about the child's future, I figure the child himself wouldn't give a damn about it either.. Or even better, the parents know but turn a blind eye.. This world is becoming so materialistic, even the teenagers are treated as part of the furniture in a house.. How much more are we going to ignore this problem?? How much longer are we going to bluff ourselves saying "It's only the minority??".. The truth is sooooo out there, I just have to step out from house, drive 5 minutes and I see a school full of this problems..

Somebody hear the pleas, somebody hear the cries.. The youth of this nation is going downhill and nobody is giving a damn about them.. It's like a disease, it takes only 1 small virus to cause a catastrophic epidemic.. Argue all u want that developed countries like the US has also similar problem.. Hello??!! Read it, they are freaking developed.. And we??? Relying on petroleum to get us by which will probably be gone in another 10-15 years.. We're heading towards very troubled waters..

God, I present this problem into your hands;
Send revival to Malaysia, open her eyes and let her see the problem;
Through your strength, I pray that this nation will be saved;
Salvation will come to this country and Malaysia will rise for the ashes;
Let the politicians see, let the parents see, let the children themselves see;
With your glory and guidance may we find the strength to set things straight;
And continue to give you all glory and praises that you fully deserve;
I pray all this in Jesus name, AMEN!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A day at the Historical City..

Wow, it was great to go back to Melaka after ancient of days.. XD Well, more like months.. Haha..
It's thanks to Wen Shan for actually inviting me down.. Thanks bro, owe u one!!

After early delays we finally managed to leave around 11am+.. Finally managed to meet Jingle in person as well as her friend Kit Yan.. Just talked about as we headed for Melaka where we met another 2 friends of WS, Shimron and Rachel.. Then itz a makan spree.. Haha..

Had quite nice Nyonya food with Chendol.. Followed by a walk around Melaka, well itz cheaper and I think much more healthier to walk rite? Haha.. Visited one museum, something with kites and those ancient traditions stuff.. Main agenda -> find an air cond place and boy did we stayed there for sometime.. Haha.. Next we were of to SFI to visit the Chapel.. Met Bro. Michael, it was good seeing him again after a year or so.. Hehe..

Thus next agenda Jonker street.. Well, we been walking for so much that we were all dead tired when we reached Jonker street.. After some window shopping and more chendol, we just head back to Shimron's place before going off for dinner at a nearby mamak (or Pakistani) shop.. Delicious Nan and Ayam Tandoori.. XD

Later on we head to the Pasar Malam at Kampung 8.. Just lepak, eat some more, bought some stuff, etc etc.. (more walking, urg...) And later on to Rachel's place before we head of to the Melaka river.. Well, according to the locals itz more of a giant longkang.. Haha.. Thus after dropping Rachel back home we head back to Seremban, reaching approximately 11.30pm

Oh, the adventure doesn't stop there.. When we were on the way back to WS house, a car was tailing us, and I mean really tailing us.. Scary man.. Luckily it went away and when we try to chase it, it vanished.. Guess lesson of the day: Be very careful of your surroundings..

Thanks to all of u guys and gals who made this trip very fun.. Had great company with u all.. And thank u Shimron for blabbing about Melaka true colours.. Haha.. Very interesting knowledge indeed.. Next agenda: Bringing my penang frens around S'ban-Melaka-KL next week.. XD

P.S. Sadly no pictures were taken, so couldn't show to u all; at least I have the pictures in my memory.. =D

Saturday, July 24, 2010

KL after 1 year...

Yesterday was the first time I actually went out after a week.. I was like u gotta be kidding me rite?? But oh well, better than nothing.. Haha..

This time I went to KL.. The idea, well, was to meet up with my KL frens and it was suppose to be a huge (ok, 15 is not huge but I like to megasize it.. XD) gathering with this AIMSTERS (not hamsters).. Sadly due to many unforseen circumstances, half of them couldn't make it.. Still, life went on as usual..

Being malaysians, we take pride in coming late.. Haha.. So kudos to the Penang guy who was first to the venue and kudos to the Kajang boy who came 1.5 hours later.. XD However, we had loads of fun, going crazy as usual.. Haha.. All things that happen was of pure randomness.. It was good to meet up with them.. So thank u to Joey, Eric, Kang Wei, Heoh Choor, Sheng and Michelle for making it to the gathering.. Also we all managed to see Joey's gf in person, so mission accomplished.. (never a mission to begin with) Haha..

Anyhow, for those who are still contemplating on whether to watch The Sorcerer's Apprentice or not, allow me to offer u this option.. If u dun watch it, u might as well dun call urself a movie goer.. XD Toodles!!

5 months and I hit restart..

Well, I guess it's time to start a new from what has been a topsy-turvy 5 months right.. For some who know, guess there's no need explaining.. For others, I just gotta say, I'm back to single life again..

Now, before you all go into a heart attack and start calling me like crazy (or course that wont happen); let me clarify that I'm alright.. Sure, it's a bitter pill to swallow but life is such that you have to move on right? Like my friend said, "When life gives u lemons, make lemonades!" XD

Everything happens for a reason. In my case, it's probably better for the two of us.. There were happy moments, sad moments, frustrating moments.. And after much discussion the previous night and one last of thoughts exchange, we decided to mutually end it.. It ended on a good note and I'm happy that it happened that way.. I'm sure she is too.. =)

We still remain good friends.. I mean we still sms and chat over msn.. Probably I am still immature in this stuff.. I'm sure God has a higher purpose for me, that He's telling me to be patient.. I trust in His judgement and leave everything into His hands..

Thank u all out there who were concern for me.. You all have been a great help during our relationship and I really thank u all for that.. And a special thanks to her, you have opened up my eyes and let us just cherish the happy moments together while leaving the sad ones behind.. =)

Friday, July 16, 2010

One week later...

Hello to the World out there..

A lot of people sure will ask this, "So how's ur holidays?" For me.. Boring, and i'm down with cough + flu; common combo.. So guess no more outings for me.. After all I did pushed myself very hard over the exam period.. Seems to be an exam thing, after SPM i was down, after STPM i was down worst and now after Year 1.. Conclusion Year 1=worse than STPM.. XD

A story I did like to share, well, more of pure luck actually.. I got this friend in AIMST who studies very little, who likes to say I'm going to die and well, practically he passed his first year.. I noe, not amazing but still, the way he was putting it was like I won't be seeing him for second year.. Anyhow, he passed, without really studying, especially for the last paper.. And now he owes me dinner.. Let's hope he reads this.. Haha..

Over the week I met a few old friends, I mean dah satu tahun tak jumpa.. Haha.. And boy it was good to see them.. Jean has become more beautiful, Yurie stunning as ever, SE gone thinner (i think) and Wen, well, is just Wen.. Haha.. But it was good to see u all.. Hopefully I get to c more friends before I cabut.. LOL!!

That's all from me now.. Recently our country has gotten into more political shit.. Oh well, dun need to talk about that until I find something really interesting to comment about.. Tata ppl!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

End of Year 1, start of the HOLIDAYS!! XD

At long last, this inactive blog shall become active again.. And to celebrate it, let me share the good news..


Alright, now that's done, let's move on.. Hehe..

Reviewing back my 10 months or so in AIMST, it has been a roller coaster one.. A lot of stuff happened, new environment, getting involved in activities, got a gal, etc etc..

However, one thing is for sure, I never regretted the day that I put my foot down and say, "Look Jason, medicine is your dream, your passion. Stop whining like a pussy and get into AIMST to pursue your dream!!" Well, that happened after the disastrous local uni application results last June.. Wow, 1 year has passed.. Crazy..

So what is next for me?? Well, holidays is one thing for sure.. There's a Hillsong United concert coming up on 11th August at Suen Hotel, Ipoh.. Anyone going?? =) Then a road trip, I guess and back to AIMST.. LOL!! Pretty lame rite? Of course i'll be meeting up with frens and all.. Maybe I should start commenting on all the shit that has been happening lately, in our beautiful Boleh-land.. See how la..

Well, tat's that for now.. Guess more updating will come.. I hope.. Hehe.. XD