Friday, July 27, 2012


Professionalism: The conduct, aims or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person.

It's really simple actually. If you call yourself a professional, then you have to portray the characteristics that defines your work. It applies to all aspect, from a career person to organizations. Every level, there would be some level of professionalism involved.

Sadly, one university that I know of does not echo the word in their approach with students. Imagine yourself going to a established university to do their foundation program in order to enter a course of your dreams. You slogged for 10 months, competing with 600 others for a place that is so limited and precious. You finally received your results, knowing fully that you have qualified for the course that you wanted. An interview is conducted to determine your worthiness for the said course. The university representatives promise you an answer by a certain dateline. Meanwhile, you have a solid offer from another university but yet you want to go back to the place that started it all. And on the day where this particular university was supposed to tell you made it or not, they call you; saying sorry but they can only give you an answer on another day.

Frustrating isn't it? It hasn't happened for the first time and it certainly won't be the last. The university is not going to suffer, they got plenty of students to choose from. And it is a competitive course, everyone wants to get in. Unfortunately, it places the student in a serious dilemma. For this student, it's probably alright because the said student has a solid offer somewhere else. What about other students, who solely depend on this university for their future education? What will become of them? Foundation studies is usually recognized by the university that conducts them. Can they go anyway else? And with deadline looming over every other university out there, can they get a place if they do not get a favorable response from this university? Or will they be left in a lurch, not knowing what will happen to their future?

So where is the professionalism that is expected for a tertiary education institute? Do they simply do as they want, promising students A while doing B? It's bad enough when it's run by a political organization with so scandals to its name, it's even worst when this is taken out onto the innocent students who just want a better future for themselves and their family. We can only pray for a change in this university and also for the many students that probably undergoing the same dilemma as the above student. I even heard of another being called back for a second interview just to ask him how will he handle the stress of studying that course. Couldn't this be done in the first interview? Or did they conveniently forget to do so? What happen if the student lives on the Borneo islands, can he get a last minute air ticket which is going to cost a fortune and come for the interview?

Professionalism. One that I do not see in that university for a very long time.