Thursday, December 30, 2010

An end to 2010..

Finally the last day of 2010 has arrived.. And it's with great sorrow and joy that I bid farewell to 2010.. Sorrow cause well, there are somethings which I wish I could do but couldn't.. Joy? Oh simple, always look forward towards the future.. XD

So many things happened in 2010.. So many happy and sad memories.. So many trials, struggles, victories and accomplishments.. So much things to pen down but I think my memory is failing me.. Gosh, I sound like im 200 than 20.. Hehe.. Last time round I did a month to month summary.. This time I guess I'm just going to highlight a few points that has really brought the real meaning of the year to me.. =)

Coming to AIMST was probably the best God-guided decision I have ever made in my entire life.. I met new people, people who were so devoted to God, people who really touched my life and really brought me back to Him.. I wasn't a devoted Christian.. I belief in God and all He has done but as to serving Him, helping Him to expand His kingdom I was close to zero.. In AIMST, I met people who really inspired me.. People like Thomson, Victor, Anna, Gloria and so many more, people who I look up to and I'm "WOW, those are great people!" And it's those people that brought me closer to God, that help me grow deeper for Him, to work for Him, to accomplish for Him.. And for that, I am really thankful that this year, it has been one great experience.. =)

My family has gone through a lot over the years.. Many secrets that I shall not reveal here, they will probably go down with me.. =) And again I thank God for looking after my family, pulling us through 1 more year.. And to my family, my Dad, Mum and Nelson.. A big thank you to you all.. I can never repay all of your kindness, your sacrifices for me.. Especially my parents, to sponsor me to uni is a big task.. That is one thing I can never never top up..

At the end of February I got into a relationship with this wonderful, cute, amazing girl in my batch.. She's everything that I've ever wanted.. It was like she was tailored for me.. Hehe.. And I nearly lost her once, because of my attitude, because of my behavior.. And I promise never to repeat that same mistake that has nearly cost my relationship.. 10months have now gone between us and things with us are so much better.. Thank you darling for always being there for me, helping me through all the troubles I'm in and for loving me for who I am (minus the flaws.. XD) I really hope that this love can go on forever for I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!! BLEK!!

I made a lot of new friends in campus, strengthen old ones and cherished the lost ones.. My friends are my one source of joy, happiness and comfort.. And the many memories with this bunch of people are the ones that keep my belief in them.. I'm grateful for all of them, for those who helped me, for those who advised and guided me.. Thank you all.. =)

This goes without saying that it's one of the highlights of the year.. Medicine is a tough course and if you don't strive, you will not succeed.. Thus I thank God, my family, my darling and my friends for guiding and helping me through the toughest times of my life.. And passing it is one thing, getting some good results is another.. Everything that has happen is a blessing.. And with this I shall move forward and achieve my dream to be a doctor.. XD

Thank you 2010 for all the memorable memories I have, all the fun I had with family and friends.. CF Retreat, my huge birthday celebration, Genting and Penang trips, dates with my darling, outings and randomness with those people.. Haha.. All those are cherish-able memories locked in my brain forever.. =D

Like I said, my memory is failing me.. There are probably 365 different things to write down and I can remember like 20-30 of them.. Haha.. So for all those things that are missing from here, I just wannna say THANK YOU!!! Whatever you are.. (lameness to the max wei.. another thing I picked up this year.. LOL)

So that's probably the summary for one entire year.. Ain't going to start writing an essay here.. Haha.. So this is Jason, signing off from a great year and eagerly awaiting the coming one.. In about 22 hours that is.. Hehe.. ^^

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas, a day of worship or a day of indulgence?

Well, I was looking at some random stuff in facebook today.. U know, the usual, photos, comments and some playing the same old FB games.. Hehe.. And i've been stumbling upon something that many people would think of it as nothing.. But to me, I feel something was not right somewhere..

OK, let me start with the word Christmas.. OK, this word itself brings many interpretation to different people.. Some people will take it as another holiday, others a day for parties and relaxing and to some as the joyous celebration of the birth of our Lord and Saviour.. =)

And thus the topic on Christmas begins.. XD And yeah, I know Christmas has been over for a days, so why I'm posting this up now? I don't know.. Random? A sudden urge? A tuck in my tummy? Can't answer..

Now Christmas as Christians know it is the birth of Jesus Christ.. Of course this is not His real DOB, or so I am told.. According to my pastor, he said the Eastern Orthodox church states the real DOB of Jesus Christ is somewhere around 6-7th Jan, but again I'm not sure.. So we all know how he was born and how the stories go.. In a manger in Bethlehem.. My friend posted up a very good story, here's the link.. Go read it if u all have the time.. =)

As I was saying, it is a joyous celebration.. Now, in the internet I bumped into pictures of people getting drunk, or posting up saying they are drunk, etc.. Now I was wondering to myself, it's Christmas.. OK, it's normal for us to have a relaxing time, taking it easy, attend parties.. I mean I do that myself, but after what I've been through I felt something was not right somewhere.. I mean at least I don't drunk myself crazy.. However, some people felt it was alright to do so.. Drowning themselves in the joy that this world has to offer, the bad side that is..

Now here I am thinking, is it right? Is this how we celebrate the joyous day in Christian's life? Mind u, these are the same people who go to church every week and worship the Lord (or so I think , I really hope they do).. I can't help but noticing that all this is wrong.. My pastor told me once that most of us are hypocrites, if not all of us.. True enough.. One day we go to church, sing praises to Lord, listen to the sermon, say Amen and be gone with our ways.. The other 6 days? We do things that is wrong, etc.. And I have even one person telling me, "Look, you can't even come to the party? To give face to people? What's so great about the church anyway?" Well, FYI I attended my church's dinner instead of a Christmas party.. I wasn't going to argue, no, I didn't even wanted.. These people have openly challenge God, so they'll face judgement from the Almighty..

In short, I'm not against all those parties or what.. But I was telling myself, even if we wanna to indulge ourselves in this 'joy', may we do it in modesty.. Don't go drunk on the eve and then can't wake up for Christmas service the next day.. To me, I live by this principle, if we can have all the time in the world to eat, sleep, game, party, why can't we have sometime with God? May we be reminded of the true reason for Christmas, not take it as another festival where we can lose ourselves.. God bless us all.. =)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

1 week gone, another to come.. =)

And how have your Christmas been people? =)

Once again, another year bids us goodbye, while another is going to say hello.. 2010 is leaving, 2011 is coming.. And well, I guess the next post after this will be about my summary of the year 2010.. Hehe

The 1st week of my holidays is pretty quiet.. OK, not that quiet since my relatives came down for a week but pretty boring as in I was on the lappie most of the time? LOL!! I really need to find a better way to spend my life instead of sitting in front of my laptop 24/7.. Haha.. Hopefully this week will be better since i'm having tons of yam cha sessions.. LOL!!

Apart from that, I haven't started my Special Study Module (SSM).. What in the world is this u might ask?? Say it's another fancy word for assignment.. Haha.. Basically we do a report, dunno how long about things that we probably won't learn in medical school.. It doesn't have to be medically related, it's just a study/survey/experiment on stuff that you like.. LOL!! And what am I interested in? Male menopause.. Wakaka.. Something rather interesting, since it might affect me in the future!! Haha!! Probably will post it up once I'm done.. XD

So very little update from me.. Actually a lot but I'm lazy to type it out.. Plus most of them are personal, if it's not me, it's my friends, family, etc.. So until the next post.. =)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

3 systems down, WTH!!

It's holidays people!!! TEEHEE!!!!

Well, I got back from AIMST yesterday and Seremban hasn't change one bit.. OK, the new Tesco Extra is running, the building near T2 has gotten taller and er.. Nothing else? Oh yeah, that old abandoned building in Kemayan Square has been cleaned, guess NS is dead serious about getting that city status.. Haha.. Until those 2 buildings go together with the Aedes pond, it'll be a long way.. XD

I was looking back at the year, 2 more weeks before the year ends, before 2010 bids goodbye and 2011 makes its appearance.. In 4 months since my 2nd year began I've completed 3 systems namely Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Gastrointestinal.. 3 systems in 4 months!! 3 freaking exams together with an extra uni paper in 4 months!! WTH!!! It's like time passes by super fast.. Now I'm halfway done with 2nd year, the next system going to be Central Nervous System.. Gosh, 18 lectures in the first week itself; I'm going to go bonkers..

That aside, things for me has been pretty good lately.. My relationship is improving.. Had a nice date with her before I went back, it was birthday.. So HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY DARLING!!! BLEK!! Things around campus has improved too.. Slowly I can see changes coming about in campus, hopefully this won't stop.. Serving God is always a joy.. The Christmas night was held in my campus, a first wei.. Hopefully that is a sign of salvation into my campus.. XD And the CF Retreat is coming up in Jan, followed by a few events like Hosteller's Night and Mega Cultural Night.. Going to be busy busy busy.. In the CNS system.. Wat the... -.-"

Back home, my relatives came down for a week.. My bro is missing thou, off to camp.. His results are coming out, I'm more nervous than he is.. Haha.. AND, I GOT A NEW HANDPHONE!!! Well, not that new actually, it's a second hand from my cousin, but who cares.. A major upgrade compared to my old one..


Yup, that's my new toy for now.. 3.2megapixel camera, 9hours talk time, 3G, up to 4GB memory; it pretty much have everything that I wanted.. Best thing is it's free!! XD So yeah, I'm like a young boy given some new toy.. Yeah yeah, bunch of u are thinking i'm a hypocrite right now as I always condemn SE, but hey, when it's free u gotta take it.. Still not changing my stance thou, NOKIA FOR LIFE!! XD

That's enough wordy updates for now.. Time to hit some Dota, FIFA 11 and catch up on some series I've been missing.. So as they say, EXIT, STAGE RIGHT!! Chao ppl!! And HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! XD