Friday, January 22, 2010

Short summary for 2 weeks..

Wow... Itz been freaking long since I last post.. Can't really help it thou.. Due to the following reasons:
1) My hostel room no net
2) I went back for a holiday but sadly couldn't go out with ANYONE!! Except Z.. Good to see u again bro..
3) I just finish MS exam.. It was ok, pass is definitely on the cards..
4) Busy busy busy

So there u have it.. Haha.. So how's the new term if u ask me?? BLURING!! God knows what am I learning right now.. I'll pull through it, yes, with the grace of God I'll do it!! But have to start studying first.. LOL!! Been weeks since I touched my book.. Wakaka..

Next week got another exam.. Ish.. Bosannya.. Then itz 2 more weeks to CNY!!! WHEE!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to go back.. Haha..

Btw, some exam results came out ady.. Passed but declining results.. So need to buck up!! >.<
Now gotta study, first time in er.... 2 weeks??? XD Later ppl!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Semester Begins

The new semester for my MBBS course began today (or more like yesterday) and it was basically the same stuff; re-registration, listen to some briefing, know new topics and new lecturers, etc..

However, this sem, my timetable is more packed compared to the previous one.. Eg. I use to get about 2 hours of free period in between, now that is reduced to 1 hour and sooner I think it'll be none.. =p

No complains thou, after all as the program goes deeper it tend to get tougher.. I just have to steel myself through the challenging times that lie ahead of me.. And of course to perform to the very best of my abilities..

Also it seems that we have a long holiday from this coming Thursday till the following Monday and yes people, I'M COMING HOME, TO THE PLACE WHERE I BELONG!! XD So happy holidays and have a safe journey everyone!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

One Word

OMG!! What has happened to my beloved country?? It seems that one shit happens after another, it's like a freaking domino effect.. However the latest shit can be crown THE SHIT of the decade..

On 31st December 2009, a landmark ruling was made by the High Court that the Catholic chuch's publication, The Herald, can use one specific word in it's publication.

Then on the midnight of last Friday, one church was arsoned while another 2, attempted arson.. A 4th one was attacked but also failed.. All because of that one word..

So what is that one word? Oh yes people, if you have been really following the new (I personally don't anymore cause it's crap but for this specific topic I do), it is that one word 'Allah'.

So the big question is now that, is 'Allah' only specifically for Islam? Some might argue yes while other might argue no.. I for one let the facts speak for itself.. The word 'Allah' is actually an Arabic name for God derived from the word "Al-ilah".. And no, it's not God's name.. It is the same God that Arabic-speaking Christians and Jews refer to and it's the same word that is found in their bible.. However, modern teachings of religions has distorted the original meaning of the world, all thanks to different man-made interpretations..

So if it is an Arabic word, why is it being make a fuss in this country? In fact, it only happens in the Peninsular part.. In Sarawak, PKR Sarawak chairman Baru Bian was quoted saying "The usage of Allah’s name was a non-issue in Sarawak despite the name widely used by all religions in the state for decades." And I can bet my money that in the Arab countries, it's the same story as in Sarawak.. So why?? Why all the fuss? Why take it out places of worship?? And I even hear to the extend that some people out there are beating some other people (add up the facts)..

The battle is still ongoing.. I'm pretty sure the Government is appealing the High Court's decision in the Court of Appeal.. And later there's the Federal Court.. Peaceful demostrations; understood.. Angry feelings; normal human reaction.. But burning down churches?? In a country where 1 Malaysia is suppose to unite all races?? I don't think so that's a good start indeed..

It is good to see that the whole country has condemn the attacks.. And also good that only a handful of this misguided people are doing this.. I just hope and pray that the safety of our nation will be restored and we can actually work towards a better future.. Enough shit already.. If the current Government really wants to win the next General Elections, it better do something about this and quick.. However, as what the leaders of the Metro Tabernacle Church has done, the attackers have been forgiven.. It is always better to forgive someone than holding a grudge against him, knowing that you'll never rest peacefully even until Kingdom comes..

Btw, u can actually search up tons of articles over the net about the origin and meaning of the "Allah" and you'll see most of them will come back to the same thing..

Until then, let us all monitor the current situation and really pray and hope that God will bless and protect Malaysia and nothing untoward will happen to this beautiful country.. And that this situation will be solved ASAP!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010



Today was the final 2 papers for my CA2.. And here's the overview of those papers:

1) Immunology & Pathology
Paper was alrite.. I think I can score la.. I hope so.. 2 of the SAQs were a bit tough but hopefully everything goes smoothly..

2) Physiology
The final paper of all.. And the 2nd question was a killer.. Hopefully I did correctly, it's the only paper I'm hoping for distinction.. Oh well, results will be out like end of the month, we'll see then..

So there u go.. 3 updates on 6 papers I sat.. Now it's enjoy to the max followed by the start of my second term next Monday.. Time really flies, and before I know it CNY will be around..

Plus next Thursday onwards is a holiday till the following Monday.. Wakaka... Nice way to start the new year after the CAs.. Haha.. Well, off to bed now or more like playing games.. I sooooo need to catch up on my sleep.. >.<

Exam Update 2

Another update on my current Continuous Assessment 2:-

1) Biochemistry
I had this on Wednesday and overall it went pretty well.. Of course time limitation was really a pain in the ass but I think I did better than my previous CA.. Hopefully a nice result can be produced from this.. And also it was a moral booster after a disastrous OSPE..

2) Anatomy
This was just done today.. Paper was fine.. Objective and T/F was a killer but SAQ and LAQ were not that bad.. IF YOU STUDIED!!! Hopefully it'll surpass my previous results thou a pass will satisfy me ANYTIME!!!

And with that, I'm left with 2 more papers.. The double header of P's tomorrow: Pathology and Physiology.. Gosh.. Too much to study!! And I slept for 4 hours instead of 1.. =(

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Exam updates...

Well, this is a brief update on my current exam status:

So far, 2 out of the 6 papers are done.. How did I performed?? Not so good I think..
1) Epidemiology was scary.. I think I barely nick a pass out of it, providing my
objective and T/F are quite strong.. What a way to start the new year.

- Biochem OSPE was a bit confusing, I think I lost some marks there..

- Physio OSPE results just came out.. I managed to score quite high, but still kicking myself for some silly errors..
- Anatomy OSPE is probably the worst of all.. I had like 3 wrongs flat plus loads of careless mistake.. As of now I've lost 8 marks AT THE MINIMUM!! =(

So as it stance I'm left with Biochemistry tomorrow, Anatomy on Thursday and a double header of Immunology/Pathology and Physiology on Friday.. It's going to be a feel sleepless nights..