Saturday, February 25, 2012

A vy late update for year 2011.. =p

Every time I tell myself I'll update this blog of mine, it never happens.. I'm getting lazier and lazier by the day to do anything, to update blog, to study, to eat at times.. Yeah, can't believe it right?? To eat.. Haha.. Seriously, sometimes I don't even go down for breakfast and dinner, just stay in the room only.. XD

Anyhow, the past year (and yes, this is a super late post) has been one with ups and downs.. In a way, I was glad that most of the events that I managed was a success.. My proudest one is the AIMST Hosteller's Nite 2011.. Being the chairman for an event for the first time is really really tough, hectic and whole lot of scary.. You have to deal with so many people, meet so many deadlines and so forth.. The planning, preparation, getting funds, getting the appropriate contacts.. However, all praise and glory to our Lord, for He was good and He ensured everything went well that night.. And of course a BIG BIG THANK YOU to all my committee members who toiled sweat and 'blood' to make it a success..

Christmas Gig last year was also another highlight. .First time in campus, first time with such a large audience.. Praise be to God!! Not forgetting Mega Cultural Night 2, International Medical Quiz, CF Retreat and loads more.. Passing my Year 2 was of course a big relief.. 7 subjects over the span of 3 weeks.. Scary.. Haha.. And lots and lots of other goods stuff which will be too much to be noted down..

Of course it's not a year without sorrows too.. The year I broke up with my gf.. The year where a few of my seniors finally graduated and I really miss them all.. T.T The year where many shit also happened, to myself, my family, my friends, my country.. However in all things I believe God is always ever present in our midst of troubles and sorrows.. And thanks to Him, I have become a stronger and better person.. Still learning everyday thou.. =)

MBBS 3rd Year is a year where I think I'm enjoying the most, and still am.. Haha.. Which is soooo not good.. =p It's fun to see patients and all but no fun when you have to read lecture notes and finish up log books.. And sit for exams.. Stress wei stress.. Haha.. I really hope I learn much more and cure my laziness in the process.. Do keep me in prayer yeah.. =p

Current status: Coughing + running nose but on the road to recovery.. Tons of notes to study, backlogging since last year + log books to complete..

So yeah, till next time.. =D