Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hari Keusahawan

At long last SPI Secondary had a Canteen Day.. Whee!! Definitely better than the one we had like 4 years ago.. Sure u all wondering, why the hell we need a Canteen Day??!! Well, apparently they needed funds to renovate the teacher's room.. -.-" Hello!! We need more funds to build another 5 classrooms so our poor F6 students dun go floating about!!

Oh well, SPI has really changed.. New hall (OK, now old ady), new toilets, new computer lab.. Gosh, they seem to be doing everything after my batch left.. It's dejavu I tell u.. The same case happened when we left SPI Primary.. Seems they have something against our batch.. >.<

The Canteen Day was nice.. Lots of food, games and events going on.. Well, the event was actually some YB who came to our school for visiting.. Not to mention there was some kind of education fair in the courtyard.. Sponsors?? Ain't sure.. Mostly who came are students but the car park was full.. Met many old friends, juniors especially.. Unfortunately only 4 people from my batch came.. And I was the only Sixth Former there.. How sad.. And Anidha is currently teaching in our school.. Haha!! At last, she finally graduated as a teacher and came back to her Alma Mater.. XD

Still, was a pleasant visit back to the school.. Seeing teachers and all.. Won't be my last visit thou, since I still fetch my bro back from school.. 2 more weeks people, 2 more weeks and Jason Tan won't exist in Seremban already.. Instead he'll be reincarnated in Kedah.. LOL!! Sounds so gay..

Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's official!!

OK, I'm going to AIMST, and that's final!! =D

IMU called me up today to inform me that I didn't get the scholarship.. Of course most people would be disappointed but I wasn't.. I think the it's because 95% of my mind was already made up on AIMST.. And even if I got the scholarship I would really have to see the terms and conditions.. So at least, thanks IMU for finally clearing my doubts..

Two weeks more before I begin a new chapter in my life.. What would I expect from it? Will I be able to handle it, let alone finish the journey? All these questions can only be answered when I'm there and studying.. It'll be a very busy a few weeks for me, so I might not update much, but I will when I get the time..

So off I go then, to prepare for the journey awaits me.. And hopefully 5 years down the road, my dream will be finally realised.. =)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

And the worst movie of the year goes too....

Second post in a matter of hours?? What am I thinking?? Well, I actually wanted to post this first but the disappointment on the fishing trip got the better of me.. Haha..

So what's the worst movie that I've watched so far?? Here it is.. TADAA!!!!

Utterly disappointing.. Well, I kinda expected it since the book wasn't all that great.. But somehow the book turned out to be better than the movie.. The movie was very very dry, there was not thrill into it and mostly it's about romance with one or two decent laugh scenes.. 5th movie was better (and I was already hating the 5th movie)..

No magic, no fighting, no action, no nothing.. And when u have the Harry Potter craze fans saying bad things about this movie, u'll know it's going to be sucky.. Some say it was a teaser for the upcoming 7th and 8th film.. Oh, those two films better be 10x better than this piece of shit.. After all it's going to be a two part film, 2.75 hours each solely on the 7th book.. And the 7th book rocks..

Why I watched it? For fun I guess.. However this is one movie that's not making my DVD racks this year.. Well, guess they won't be a movie that as disappointing as this for the year.. Next up on the list.. G.I. Joe.. Now that'll be interesting..

Final fishing trip??

Yes, the title says it all.. Again went fishing at the usual spot.. Hoping to catch the big Pating fish that we caught last Monday..

Alas, it was not meant to be.. Not only we spent 3 hours sitting there waiting patiently, I even lost a fishing rod!!! T.T Technically, the Pating fish stole it.. Here how it went down...

*me sitting by the rod, looking at it*

*fren walks over* "eh, u got bread ah?? (it's bait)

"got" *rod suddenly moves, falls to the ground*

"shit!! the rod!!" *both of us staring at rod as it drops into the lake*

*bye bye rod*

Damn man.. and it was my fren's lucky rod too.. Caught so many big fishes with it.. However, nearly lost it so many times too.. Like 3-4 times?? Feel damn bad la... Shit like this do happen thou.. So what's next? Buy new rod lor, share the cost lor.. Luckily the rod and reel now on discount, 40% and 30% each.. So only have to come out around RM 60 for the new one.. Oh well, at least I get 50% ownership on the new rod!! HAHA!!

Lesson of the day: The next time I see a Pating fish, I'm going to spear hook it!!

Friday, July 17, 2009


I'm hooked onto mangas!!! ARG!! Reading a lot daily.. OK, maybe 20-30 episodes is not much compare to my other friends but still.. Haha..

What manga I'm following?? Well, started with Naruto.. I only started watching the anime before my Trial STPM.. Pretty dull rite? Since it came out like 4 years ago.. Still, after watching all 220 episodes of anime, I still couldn't get enough of it.. So I started on the manga, Shippuden and guess what.. I finished the entire series (where it has stopped currently) in 10 days.. LOL!! That means I was doing 30-40 a day.. Haha..

So OK, was very sad.. Cause now, have to wait every week for a new one to appear.. Every Friday to be precise.. Then I was thinking, maybe I should start another one.. And I heard my friends said that Bleach was very good.. Not as good as Naruto but good enough to read.. So I started it and now I got hooked again.. >.<

Oh well, guess I'll just continue with Bleach.. Haha.. Later get started on One Piece, thou I dun feel like starting it, my friend said it's more cartoonish.. Will see how.. Time to catch up on Bleach.. Plot thickens now.. Later!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Catch of the Day

Went to another round of fishing today.. Come to think of it, I might just get hooked onto this activity, if it was free.. =p

Today was possibly the best fishing trip yet.. Why? Cause we (Rahul and me) caught 2 big fishes from our usual hunting ground.. And when I mean big, I mean big, weighing more than 1kg.. One was a Pating fish which was caught by Rahul and another is a Cat fish (Ikan Keli) caught by me.. And yeah, not to forget the two small little Tilapias we caught, too small for anything thou.. =p

Was really fun and exciting catching those fishes.. Not to mention the struggle we went through.. Made our 3 hours seem well worth it.. Alas, could have caught more.. Another Pating and Keli managed to get away while we were reeling them in.. Oh well, u can't have all of them..

And this time, I managed to get some photos.. =D So enjoy!!

Our hunting ground

The rod.. (not the one which caught the fishes thou) =(

Fishing takes a lot of patience..

Eh, it moved!!

First catch, Ikan Keli!! (noticed the small Tilapia in there?)

And the big one, Ikan Pating!!

That's all folks!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The unthinkable happened!!!

That's it.. Malaysia's education has really hit rock bottom!!

The PPSMI is scrapped, Science and Maths are going back to Malay and other vernacular language.. How will this affect us? Well, maybe not me since I left school already but I really pity all the younger generations.. This is really turning us backwards, after so many arguments and debates about this.. Seriously shocking move!!

And where do we go from here? Try to conquer the world with BM?? Yes, BM is the national language and is used in many official functions and events.. However, the international language now is English.. That's the reason why our 4th PM proposed the PPSMI.. And in a few months with the new management, the whole thing is scrapped.. Wasted is 6 years of hard work, funds, training, etc.. And totally we'll be heading back to the stone age..

And here are some quotes (I deem it really unreasonable) by our DPM:
- Gap between rural & urban students has widened since PPSMI started.
- PPSMI would take 15-20 years to see effect; must consider repercussion on students.
- Make sure early formative years ie primary have the best teachers, then will see effect in 2-3 years vs 15-20 years.
- We realise PPSMI not working earlier, but have to be fair, so allow 1 cycle to finish.
- Decision made objectively for future of kids, not politics.

Seriously it doesn't make sense, any of the quotes.. I really don't know where we're heading man.. Sooner or later people will realise it's another mistake and it'll be reverted again.. KNNCCB BIG TIME!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Interview..

Damn tiring man today.. Well, considering I did only one thing today, it's a surprised I'm feeling drained already..

This morning I attended my IMU Scholarship interview.. Set my alarm to ring at 7.30am, it never did, dunno why.. Ended up waking at 8.10am and was like SHIT!!! By the time I reach the train station already 8.50am, took the 9am train.. Inside the train was like "am so going to be late" kind of mood.. Luckily I managed to reach IMU around 10.15am.. That includes 5 minutes of "seperti rusa masuk ke kampung".. Seriously, I reach Sri Petaling station I was like totally blur, how am I to get to IMU.. Luckily I saw the bridge that crosses over to the back building..

Went it, sendiri pandai-pandai go find the Reception Area (found it somehow.. =D) and go wait there la.. Ms. Jacinta came out to take my certificates for verification and I just waited and waited and waited to be called in.. Turned out there were 6 people being interviewed today and I'm the 3rd person.. Some some other candidates and me Gerard Geethan of SJI.. So long never see him ady, like since 17th NLLC.. So was like catching up on good times and stuff..

Then my turn to enter for interview, there were 4 interviewers there.. All deans of different departments.. Started out quite nice, they are very nice and happy-go-lucky people, joke around and all.. Make u quite relax, don't really feel the tension.. Could be a test thou.. I personally divided them into 3 parts, 1st is about general stuff like where u stay, which school u go to and all.. Then 2nd part is verification of all the stuff I've written down, they just want to know more about what I do and all.. The 3rd part is where the challege starts, scenerarios where u as a 'doctor' would face and how would u overcome them..

It was quite hard and also make me feel nervous but then I just answered all their questions, fumbled once or twice (hope they didn't noticed) and well, it just happens la.. Last question really caught me off guard thou.. They ask me to give a 5 minute 'syarahan' (yeah, in BM) about AIDS.. LOL!!! Totally was cracking my head on how to form the words and all.. I think I did ok.. And the interviewers look happy, don't know if that means anything..

Anyhow, the interview is done for.. Now I just wait for the results which will be out somewhere end of the month.. If I do get this scholarship it's truely a blessing from God.. He has helped me a lot and I thank Him for everything that He has given to me.. Like my Pastor said, when one door is closed, other doors might be open until u find the right door to enter.. And now the waiting begins...

Friday, July 3, 2009

Ramdom blabbling...

Come to think of it, I'm getting lazier and lazier to update my blog lately.. Guess I just lost interest in it, or just because what's nice to update?

Same old, same old.. Preparing for uni, counting the days of boredom left, eat, sleep, do the normal human stuff.. Plus my working days are practically over.. Of course, lately I've been hooked on manga.. Proof --> I finished the entire Naruto Shipsuden series under 1 week!!! Now I guess I'll have to start on something new, maybe I should reach Bleach.. Haha.. Finish that in 2 weeks.. LOL!!

Wonder how all my friends are doing in uni.. Are they able to adapt? Will they enjoy it there? Well, guess they should be fine in their respective courses and unis.. Although I did get some early feedbacks.. The dorm sucks, there's lacking of facilities, orientation cacat, this and that.. Well, I guess nothing is perfect in this world, and after all we're looking at local uni.. Maintenance might not be top class.. And so is the service.. I read a comment by a reader on Tuesday.. Seems that they was a technical glitch at one of the universities, a top one some more, delaying the registration process by up to 6 hours.. LOL!!! And thoughts that we learned our mistake after the USM fiasco..

Speaking on the USM fiasco, that could be one of the many reasons why some students *ahem ahem* couldn't get a place in public university.. Thanks to that glitch, some 4500 students had to be given a place because the gov promised to do so.. This 4500, acording to reports, are just people who made the minimum requirements.. So well, since they had to give, the 4500 deserving students who were supposedly to get a place were left out cold.. One of the teachers commented, "It's the gov problem if USM screw up, they can't make the students pay for their mistake. If they make a promise, they should find a way to keep that promise without jeopardising other students." Nicely said, guess that will be one of those comments that would never make it up top..

And MU signed Michael Owen.. What's up with that?? OK, look at it as this way, MU signed him for free and at a reduced wage structure (heard it was a pay as u play basis).. And if Owen can rediscover his form that made him such a feared footballer 5 years ago, then yes, it's seriously a good signing for MU.. What's next for MU?? Maybe they should sign some very good players in very needed departments, like Joao Moutinho, Sergio Aguero and Douglas Costa.. Then maybe we won't miss CR that much.. Haha.. And anyone noticed, that in this bad economy, Real Madrid is spending money like water.. Imagine if all those millions were used on a better cause for humanity.. Think about it.. =p