Sunday, July 24, 2011

Onward to 3rd year!!!

This 2nd post is more mellow compare to the first post.. Haha... However I figured I need to update all my readers out there about my current life..


Yes, I know I'm super late.. I got to know the results last Friday morning.. When I was going to Mid Valley.. The last time I was in Mid Valley was in March when I got my CNS CA results.. Haha.. Seems MV is a good place to hear results, should go there all the way up till my final year.. XD

I thank God in guiding me through this 2nd year.. It has been a tough journey for me, with studies, uni life, family problems and personal issues are coming into play.. However our God is a faithful God; and He never leaves His servants alone to battle the task that is thrown to them.. So yeah, praise the Lord for whatever He has done for me and for what He is going to do for me.. AMEN!!

Also my heart goes out to those who are facing their supplementary examinations and those who have to repeat the year.. By no means it was an easy news to swallow.. Suddenly I've lost 8 people from my batch.. Suddenly the fate of another 40 are left dangling by a thread.. I've said it before that I do not want to see anyone drop out from my batch, all the way to 5th year.. Alas, it was not meant to be.. Some were shocking, some were surprising.. However everything happens for a reason and all I can say is be still, it's another challenge to what u can truly become.. To those sitting for their supplementary exam, do your best.. It's a second attempt to enter 3rd year, so don't waste it.. And to those who are repeating, be strong.. Your goal is still to complete this course, no matter how long it takes if u have the burning passion for it you can do it!!

So as of now my world revolves eating, sleeping, shitting, online and going out.. LOL!! Pretty lame man.. Haha.. Sadly it is only for 3 weeks before I go back to my mundane life again.. Not very mundane but still it will be like wake up for hospital, go back campus for class, eat dinner, study, sleep and do it all over again the next day.. LOL!! However it's going to be fun I hope, 3rd year man.. Time really flies.. So to all those on holiday, enjoy it to the MAX!!! Haha.. After that we'll be complaining when's holidays again.. XD

Bersih 2.0

I know this was a long overdue post.. Haha.. Sorry cuz I've been busy with holidays and partly I was too darn lazy to update my blog.. XD Now for my thoughts on Bersih 2.0

We all know why Bersih was formed.. It was for a cleaner and fairer elections in Malaysia.. Now I do not know how true is this but apparently some votes are being tampered with by the winning party; for example postal votes.. And thou the EC is a non-bias organization; we do not know the people in it.. I do hope they are non-bias as well or not the entire trust on the EC will just fall apart..

Started in 2005 as the Joint Action Committee of Electoral Reform, it changed to The Coalition of Clean and Fair Elections in November 2006.. From then on, they have had 2 peaceful protest; one in 2007 and the latest one just 2 weeks back.. Now, note the word PEACEFUL.. Sadly the government doesn't think it is a peaceful one and launch the Federal Reserves Unit and the police force onto them; like dogs hunting their prey.. What was supposed to be a peaceful protest or demonstration turned into a chaotic nightmare as tear gas and chemical water were sprayed at those participating the rallies.. Worst of all, the gov try to cover up by saying they used minimal force to disperse the crowd.. Yeah, overpowering a man with 5-6 police officers is 'minimal' force..

The big question is if everything is clean and fair why the gov had to intervene? Till to the extend that the army mentioned "We can declare a state of emergency if the situation arises".. If everything is smooth going, why want to breakup a peaceful protest? Other countries allowed Bersih to go on.. Australia, UK, South Korea, Japan, Singapore.. You name it, we got it.. Why only in Malaysia it's such a big fuss?

Back in 2007, Al-Jazeera called up our Information Minister to explain the violence that was done to disperse the crowd.. Not only he can't speak English for nuts, the way he argued back and pointed fingers was a shame to both the people and the country.. Makes you think what kind of people we have running our country.. In 2011, a similar thing happened.. Probably not as sensationalize as 4 years back but still enough eye witness account of things that were really happening.. Our mainstream media is blacking out many things, not surprising since we know who owns them.. However, my friends who went gave a few interesting accounts:
1) There was definitely more than 6,000 people that was reported who were at Pudu and around those areas.. One even claim there were at least 20,000 people.
2) The 'peacekeepers' acted like gangsters and hooligans, chasing people and catching them.. Over 1,000 people were arrested.. They also arrested people from Perkasa and UMNO Youth but the way it is done is way way different.. (U know what I mean)
3) The IGP claims they did not fire tear gas near the hospitals.. However, video evidence proves that Tung Shin Hospital is heavily covered with tear gas.
4) At least one man is believed to have died due to complication of both the chemical water and tear gas.

See the difference between eye witness account and what is being reported? Who can be trusted in today's world of deception? And another note; if Bersih was a biased organization; why then all the races in Malaysia came out on 9th July to show what they really want? If it is a biased organization; why did everyone try to help everyone on that very day? You wanted to 1 Malaysia? On 9th July we had 1 Malaysia; live and exclusive..

So is Bersih 2.0 bad? To me no, cause they are simply voicing out what has been wrong for the last 54 years.. OK, at least the last 20 years since they were good times in the beginning.. It's sad to see while other countries can have reformations and changes, this country is stuck in the stone age, making decisions that's sending it further and further into the past.. Yes, one party may have the experience all this while to run the country but shouldn't others be given a chance too?

The debate will forever rage on and until the next General Elections come, we will still continue to debate.. Will be the opposition be any good? If the current party retains power will the future of Malaysia be better or worst? Will democracy still prevail or martial law take over if the RAHMAN prophesy is true? The truth is out there somewhere, we just have to search for it..

"Malaysia is a beautiful country that is being destroyed by not so beautiful people"

Monday, July 11, 2011

Theory papers have fallen..

Finally all my theory papers are over!! YIPEE!!! Now left the practical paper.. Ala.. Sap sap sui la that one.. NOT!! 18 Anatomy stations, 17 MDL stations and 12 Clinical stations.. 47 stations in 2 hours.. Covering 6 systems.. It's going to be one long practical session.. O.o

So how did all my batchmates do for their papers?? I hope everyone did their best.. Cuz I certainly didn't.. To be honest, I enjoyed too much during finals.. Like seriously alot.. How?? Well, u dun go watching Transformers 3 when u have the mother of all papers on Monday (CNS) or play computer games for hours when u should be studying.. Or how about this; going to a BBQ when ur final theory paper is TODAY!!! LOL!!

Seriously I was asking for trouble.. However I thank God for guiding me through all the 6 papers so far.. He is really great, He who has help me a thousand times has done it again.. Praise be to God.. Among all the papers the two I fear most is my CNS and Renal paper; Renal being the worse of the two.. Seriously all I want is a pass, nothing more.. I just don't want to see my name in the Viva or Supplementary list; just move on into 3rd year and start anew.. That's not too much too ask right? =)

There's so much things I would like to update, especially on my personal views of Bersih 2.0.. Boy now that's a different story all together.. Alas, my body can only take so much beating and after 27.5hours of no sleep; I think it's high time I hit the sacks.. At 6.30pm.. O.o So stay tune my fellow readers for an insight into