Friday, November 19, 2010

after a month..

Wow, I can't believe it's been more than a month since my last post.. I guess this blog is really dying.. Actually, I have so many things to type out, but I'm just so oh lazy.. What to do, getting internet here is also a drag, dah lah my room 1.5 years no internet, the admin pulak buat tak tau until I really made noise last week.. Hopefully things will be resolved by this month.. XD

On studies, nothing much.. Finish Respiratory System exam, now starting Gastrointestinal System.. One after another, only been 3 months and I have done 2 exams and my 3rd is coming in a month time.. Sometimes I wonder why did I enter into this course? Then I say to myself, "Shut up Jason, this is what you wanted your whole life, you practically cried over it" *yeah, I did* So here I am, learning medical stuff, which is pretty awesome at times.. As in it really intrigues you how the body functions and how great is our God, for He created us to the finest of details, the greatest creator..

I'm more active in CF now.. More events are coming up and I'm 'in-charge' for 2 of em.. The Christmas Night and the CF Retreat Camp.. Somehow coming to AIMST has really improve my spiritual maturity.. Of course I'm still way off but compare when I was back in secondary school, I would say I'm more active now than ever.. And it was all down to that one faithful rainy day, when my friend Mei-Dree 'drag' me to the church, SPCC, even thou it was raining cats and dogs.. If she hasn't done that, I would probably back slided in AIMST like so many others.. So thanks Mei!!

So many other things pen up.. My relationship has its ups and downs.. I know I'm not the type of boy that you want and I probably can never be that kind of person.. I always have flaws and I always screw things up.. I just wanna thank you for being patient with me, putting up with my nonsense.. I just want you to know that I love you very much and I really hope things will just get better for us in the future.. Especially after a few events.. =)

So I guess that's all for now, 3am ady.. Time to hit the sacks.. Good night world!! God bless!! =)