Sunday, September 27, 2009


At last my 3 days of KABADI KABADI KABADI has finally come to an end..

It was a very fun and exciting experience.. I mean to get to know other students from other countries, be friends with them, learn their culture, etc.. And the team I LOed was a bunch of happy go lucky people.. Hopefully my mandarin improves after this.. 1 of them can speak English, thank God, or not really have hard time lor..

Done a lot of things.. Most memorable was going to Penang with them on Saturday afternoon.. Had to make sure everything was running smoothly from start to finish.. I thank and am grateful to Bong Kuan Wen, my fellow LO for Chinese Taipei, for doing a great job.. =) Btw FYI, the whole Penang trip was sponsored by a Dato' if I'm not mistaken.. Including the dinner at a very expensive Seafood Restaurant, Bali Hai.. XD Not to mention that the President of Chinese Taipei Kabadi Association gave us both cash and some souvenirs as a token of appreciation.. Now that was really out of the blues..

Kabadi is a very interesting game.. India won both the Boy's and Girl's tournament, beating Iran in both of them too.. Just some crowd trouble in the final, which is always the norm here.. Malaysia Boys got 3rd placing.. Congrats to them.. Hopefully next year we can get into the final..

It was really tiring and yesterday night was quite piss.. Just because some political fellows came down all of us, the LO, were forgotten.. I mean we had to eat leftovers for our dinner for God sake.. Honestly, Malaysians still need a major change in their ethics..

Got pictures to share but all in my friend's cameras.. Another reason for me to go and get one ASAP!! Arg!! Back to studies.. I never touched my book since Raya.. Later people..

P.S. For those who wanna know what is Kabadi, go Google it, lazy wanna explain.. Even I learned new rules and stuff from the technical officers.. XD

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Busy weekend

It's going to be a busy busy weekend!! Why??

Cause I became the Liaison Officer for the 2nd Asian Junior Kabaddi Championship 2009.. Held in AIMST, it's from 24th - 27th Sept; but my duty officially starts tomorrow..

I'll be in charge of the Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) Boys team.. Gosh.. And I can't speak Mandarin.. XD Oh well, hopefully it can work out.. Haven't met the team yet but they should be here about now..

So no studies, no FB, no yam cha.. Just work, work and work.. Hopefully the experience that I'm going to get is worthwhile.. Then at least no regrets.. I'm sure it'll be loads of fun.. And tiredness.. =p

P.S. For those who dunno what is Kabaddi, go Google it.. I lazy wanna explain.. =)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Time really flies..

Like stated above, time is just slipping away from my grasp..

I mean, it felt like only yesterday that I came back from AIMST and now, I'm back in AIMST.. Luckily today no class.. However, I felt I didn't accomplished much during my time in Seremban.. Guess was going out more than being at home.. LOL!!

Anyhow, my CA is like 2 weeks from now.. Gosh, it's a scary thought.. How long since I sat for a test.. XD Oh well, life moves on I guess.. Just do my best and hopefully I can get some good results..

Btw, last Sunday's MU vs MC game was probably the best derby I ever saw.. And also the best game of the season so far but of course, the season still has a long way to go.. Glory glory Man United!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saya sudah kembali..


That's right people, yours truly has come back to the Land of Siew Pau.. Reached back here around 8pm last night and then went straight for a movie, G-Force.. Not an awesome movie but still had a nice laugh.. =p

My holiday is a short one thou, it's actually up to Wednesday but by Tuesday night I'm going back.. A few reasons for this thou:
1) Class on Wednesday was canceled after I purchased my ticket.. Grr...
2) Thursday is going to be a long long long day..
3) I've volunteered for the 2nd Asian Youth Kabadi Championship, so that's going to take up a lot of my time..
So going back early seems to be a good thing, at least I can tidur during Wednesday.. Haha..

And coming back, thou for holidays = no holidays for me.. 2 assignments, 12 Histology drawings and a bunch of revision to do.. Not to mentioned my exam is like 3 weeks away.. Gosh, time sure flies.. During holidays was like urg... So slow.. Now, ALAMAK, NO TIME!!

So hopefully I can maximize my holidays.. Yam cha gang, call me out when u guys are free!! XD

Monday, September 14, 2009

Entrepreneurship Assignment

Past 3 days I never study at all.. LOL!! That's a first.. But I guess that's just me.. Haha..

Well, reason was simple.. I was doing my entrepreneurship project.. And it took up a lot of my time.. Seriously.. Started on Saturday.. Initially I didn't wanted to follow the group to go and interview this doctor who owns a very successful clinic, but I guess I got bored of AIMST, so I went.. LOL!!

So left AIMST about 3pm on Sat with 6 others in 2 cars.. The venue? AEON Jusco Seberang Prai.. Haha.. And that Jusco is like 3x bigger than our S2 Jusco.. -___- A lot of nice shops were there, I was particularly interested in the food shops.. Haha.. Nando's, Baskin Robbin, etc..

So we met this doctor, Dr. Lim and he gave us a very good interview session.. Very friendly, very approachable.. We had a good time with him, he even gave us his business card and stuff.. Hehe.. And not forgetting photos.. XD

After that just lepak and enjoy kat Jusco la.. Supposedly to come back at 8pm, end up reaching AIMST 11.30pm cuz we lepak here and there.. One of the best outings in northern region la.. LOL!!

Then came the hard part la, doing the assignment.. Did it on Sunday from like 9pm till 2am and just now from 9pm till like 1am.. At last it was done.. Glad it was done, wanted to get that thing out of my system.. Now just a bunch of Histology drawings, 2 Malaysian Studies essays, a Biochemistry lab report and a Malaysian Studies presentation to go.. Doesn't sound like very little.. -.-"

And now I leave u all with some pictures.. =)

The entrepreneur, Dr. Lim

Listening attentively.. =p

Group picture!!

And the group who went for the interview, 3 are missing thou..

Thursday, September 10, 2009

When AIMST students are desperate for Chicken Chop..

Western food was the food of the day in AIMST.. And I tell u, people are really desperate for.... CHICKEN CHOP!! (that includes me.. =p)

The line was long, like really really long.. Imagine a large square and u have two of it sides fully lined up with people until they lined up outside the cafeteria.. Gosh, I guess special food do attract people..

It was worth the wait thou, Chicken Chop today was just delicious.. A break from the normal food.. Although Monday's mutton is still the best.. Haha..

Btw. the above picture is just a small part of the line, showing that the line was until outside the cafe.. =p

Monday, September 7, 2009

Pork at last!!

Guess should update a bit on the weekend stuff.. LOL!!

Nothing much happened on Saturday.. Except study, study, study.. Crazy la.. I was never this hardworking.. XD So dunno wanna say how sad my life is or bangga that I'm can study so much.. I think I'll go for the former.. =p

On Sunday, was really my lazy day la.. Off terus.. Sleep until noon, went out for lunch.. Went for a jog then start lazing around.. And there's a nice story about lunch..

See, my housemates decided to go out for lunch, presumably sick of AIMST food ady.. Haha.. So I tagged along.. Wanted to go find some pork.. Long time didn't eat those ady.. LOL!! So away we go, left around 1pm, go searching for 'siew ba' or roasted pork.. Sadly, town had traffic jam (Kedah works on Sundays) and thus delayed until 2pm only find place to eat.. Even bigger disappointment is that the place all finished selling food ady..

So here we are, dead hungry, I was thinking to just hit McDonald's or Riddick's Fried Chicken (RFC) ) *note: I think this is an imitation of KFC* Rounded around town, finally found a small corner shop.. And to our luck, they sell pork rice.. So mission accomplished.. Haha.. Next time we got try RFC.. XD

And today got mutton.. Fuuh.. Syok la, soft and supple.. Haha.. Later got class again.. Haiz.. Malaysian Studies.. Seriously, it's just a repeat of secondary school History.. Except it's in English.. Oh well, what to do, if we don't pass this, we can't graduate even thou if you're a dean list student.. So just study and pass la.. What the heck.. Later people..

Friday, September 4, 2009

Summary for a week

Gosh, 1 week of no updates.. And it'll get worse and worse.. Seriously no time people, the work is just piling up..

Let's see, this week I received 2 assignments, including the 4 assignments from the previous week.. Gosh.. And here I was thinking MBBS has no assignments.. How wrong was I.. =p

A lot of stuff to learn.. Interesting but complicating stuff.. All filling up the empty spaces in my brain.. Sooner or later I'm going to need a secondary brain just to take up all the information..

AIMST is just superb.. No regrets coming here.. Joined Christian Fellowship (CF), a very cool gathering.. A lot of seniors there.. And also making new friends every day.. Just awesome.. =)

So back to studies again for me, some people are scarring the SHIT out of me, saying the fail rate is high, MBBS is crazy tough, etc.. Thank God I have parents who do not pressurize me in doing anything, just letting me be with flow and do the best I can.. Love them.. =D