Sunday, March 27, 2011

Earth Hour 2011

Earth Hour has always bear a special resemblance to the world ever since it started in Sydney, Australia back in 2007. I was glad that I was able to do it with my family for the first time cause:
1) 2008 missed it caused was out eating steamboat
2) 2009 missed it caused was dead sick on the bed
3) 2010 missed it cause I was in campus.. LOL!!

So finally got my parents to turn off all non essential lighting at home + any other electrical appliances that we don't need.. Means I went without computer for an hour.. Haha.. Achievement wei considering I'm back home.. During that one hour was really a period of reflection for me as I picture how can the whole Earth be saved if each of us just do a small part.. And I figured why just make Earth Hour a yearly event? Why not an everyday event? Hehe.. Kinda make sense rite?? Imagine if all non essential lights are turned off everyday, won't that really save up the electricity bill, the amount of heat we're emitting and thus saving the Earth? =p

Also in conjunction with Earth Day, I'm working with my old school on a project that can at least bring some joy for Mother Earth.. She has been long suffering, so we should do something to ease her pain.. Back to the drawing board Jason.. =S

Lastly, I figured out TNBs way of contributing to Earth Hour.. By making my taman have a blackout for 4 hours.. Right on midnight.. LOL!! Turns out a substation blew at my place.. Can't sleep wei, damn hot.. Best part is I slept without realising the current finally came back.. Woke up shivering cause the air cond was on.. LOL!! I guess my bro forgot to turn it off when the current went off.. =p

Will be a busy few days as starting to meet up with my frens.. And a camp coming up.. Hopefully a few more updates before I go back AIMST.. Hehe.. =D

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The End of Our Days?

For the past week or so, the topic that has been most talked about is "Is the end of days really coming??" Now after the Japan Earthquake + Tsunami + Nuclear Disaster, it had got people scrambling around, going hysterical and crying to God, "Is our time really up??"

Further evidence?? Earthquake in Christchurch, NZ; floods in Australia; riots going up all over Middle East with Yemen the latest to join in and now I just read this, an 6.8 magnitude earthquake out in eastern Myanmar.. So what can we make from all these? The world is going to end? 2012 is really coming.. Hey, if 2012 is really coming I won't mind quitting my course now and go out to the world for sight seeing before I'm dead.. =p

To me, the world world will never end.. Come on, it's been here for 5 billion years, it will be for another 5 billion more.. What will probably end is the human species.. Our planet has a habit of getting rid things that have been here for too long.. Example?? Dinosaurs.. Hey, humans have not been here that long!! Hello!! We have been speeding up our process of getting extinct.. Pollution, war, development, destruction.. Dinosaurs didn't do any of those but here we are doing all those that's destroying the earth.. Not knowing we're destroying ourselves..

Another way to see it is us humans love stopping mutation.. U see, when one species is facing extinction, what does it?? Mutate.. Evolve.. Roaches and lizards have done that over millions of years.. Yet for us, when we see a mutation, a different, we say its genetically related, we cure it, we stop it.. It's different, we can't accept different.. How do we know that the changes that we are preventing could be the very thing that save us in the future?? Now I know many of u would think "Hey, your studying the very thing that is against what your saying here" Yeah, probably I'm a hypocrite but it's my two cents.. =)

Regardless, personal opinion, I seriously don't think mankind will end in 2012.. It'll end one day but not next year.. However a major change might occur that will wake us up.. Probably 2012 will be the final warning for us.. So many signs have been given to us.. If we fail to wake up, then we are really heading towards to our doom.. God saves us all, God give us strength to face the challenges that we are going through every day.. AMEN!! =)

Sunday, March 20, 2011



Well, for me it is.. Haha.. Really taking this time to rest up and prepare myself for the next 2 systems before I straight kaboom to finals.. T.T Nevertheless, that can worry itself later.. (except for the fact that my CNS results will be out in about 16 hours.. Oh, that's not helping at all..)

So how did I kicked start my holidays?? To IPOH of course.. Now, Penang is not the only place with great food.. Ipoh and Melaka are other places too.. And as said in the last sentence, it was an eating spree + a bit of sight seeing.. Well, I was the driver so I was seeing all the time.. LOL!!

Waking up 4.30am was probably not the most ideal way to start your holidays.. But it pays off if u get to enjoy the rest of the day.. Act I'm still feeling the effects of it.. Haha.. Went to a few main places to eat.. Had dim sum, white coffee, yong tau foo, tau fu fa and chicken tauge.. Plus had a very early starter in Sungai Bakap.. Dunno how to pronounce it but I sure do know what izit (and how to get there now) Haha..

Overall the trip was great.. It's been awhile since I went out like that with my buddies.. And it was a good blend of ppl also.. With the Silent Killer, the Long John, the Lame Joker, Miss 511 and others.. Haha.. Now everyone seems to be having names.. Luckily I don't have one yet, I hope.. XD

So how about the rest of the holidays?? Er.. Eat, sleep, watch TV, online.. And yeah, my SSM.. Crap.. Need to start soon or not I'll be totally regretting later.. And also a double birthday celebration for my dad and my bro.. A camp to attend just before my holiday ends.. And last but not least catching up with all my frens who are around in S'ban.. LOL

More updates to come... =)

Saturday, March 19, 2011