Thursday, January 29, 2009

Medical Personnel ==> To Save or Worsen a Patient?

Is our medical services in Malaysia that bad? Or do we just have not so dedicated doctors within our mist? I was shocked to hear that a family friend passed away last Saturday, just a day before the CNY eve. However, what make it even worse was how the medical staff treated her when she was fighting for dear life..

Aunt X suffered a stroke while preparing dinner.. I think she overworked herself on that Sat, running from place to place, as you know, last minute shopping for CNY.. And although she suffered a stroke, she was still able to speak and call for help.. That actually gave a ray of hope that she could actually survive the stroke.. With the help of her neighbours, she was rushed to Hospital Tuanku Jaafar and straight taken into the emergency ward.. However base on what I've heard, things didn't go as plan.. It was night at that time.. And it seems there were no doctors free to attend to her at that time.. So the nurses just do their routine stuff, take her high blood pressure and etc.. Obviously this panic both her son and husband.. At last a doctor came and the son thought things will go better from there.. Unfortunately it did not..

The doctor on duty didn't seem to take her condition seriously and were taking his time to tend to her..Her BP was already of the charts and yet the doctor was busy testing this reflexes and that, exhausting her even more.. Her son ask the doctor to give her something to reduce her BP.. However to his horror the doctor did nothing, just continuing to perform those checks, saying they needed to see if it's really a stroke.. Damn right? Only about an hour later did they give her some medication to reduce her BP but by that time her condition was worsening..

Her son, seeing the condition the mother was in ask the doctor can she be placed in the ICU ward.. Quite a practical thing to do right? To which he replied all the wards are full.. Puzzled by this the family members took a walk around the ICU ward and saw an empty bed or room there.. They questioned the doctor and nurses there about this and this is what they got in reply, that their mother was already old and the bed is reserved for like emergency operation patients or younger patients.. So are they trying to send the message that old people should just be left to suffer and die? Where's the humanity in that? Then the doctor told them he cannot simply transfer patients to the ICU ward, it must come from some higher authority in the hospital.. The son said you're a specialist and you can't order a patient to be transfered? He said it's out of their hands.. They have no power in this case.. So unbelievable.. A life and death situation is right before them and they cannot make a decision.. Truly shocking..

Later Aunt X slipped into a coma and condition was already very critical.. They hook her up with machines like ventilators and all.. The doctor explained to her son that his mum is now on artificial breathing, artificial this, artificial that.. In other words his telling his mum was a goner.. And did i mentioned that when the nurse was putting on the hospital gown for Aunt X, the nurse treated her without proper care.. It was like, I dunno.. I just can't describe it.. Thinking of it makes me angry.. In the end, she passed away, but to the son, he wonders will Aunt X still be alive, celebrating CNY, if the medical staff at the hospital be more effective..

I remember reading an article saying by 2015 Malaysia will be overflowing with doctors.. Overflowing with doctors maybe correct, although to me as long there are patients and new diseases around, the need for doctors will always be there.. And second thing, we might have too many doctors in Malaysia but not enough dedicated and good doctors.. It saddens me to see this happen and hopefully the situation will change for the better.. I'm not saying our medical staff is entirely bad.. They are good medical personnel out there, especially those who treated my brother when he had epilepsy.. However why can't everyone receive the same kind of good treatment? A question that is left to be answered..

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Xin Nian Lai Liao!!

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! May the year of the Ox bring good luck, wealth and prosperity to you and your family.. And thank you for reading my blog.. =D

And I have officially finished working.. Well, it's only for 3 weeks, but for RM 1000+, it's quite a good 3 weeks.. After all, as it gets closer to CNY the beers will automatically disappear, you don't even have to push it.. Plus the prices were really flying.. In Jusco for instance, Carlsberg and Tiger were going at RM 88.88 and RM 96.88 respectively.. And I heard you can get it even cheaper in places like Cheras.. Of course, there's always a price to pay, like out of stock.. =p Too bad people, stock is limited.. Haha..

At last, I also got part payment for my work.. Quickly use it to buy some New Year clothings.. First time I actually went shopping by myself.. Cause most of the time I don't even bother to shop.. So ya, something came over me yesterday to buy some clothes.. Hopefully it doesn't continue.. I don't mind a new computer thou..

I'm leaving for Ipoh later.. Yes, it's my mum's village but I actually make it my own.. Sounds wierd since I was born and bred here in Seremban but it's a nice place, with good food and great people.. Plus I get to see all my uncles, aunts, cousins and relatives.. Now how often does that happens? Well, gotta go off packing now.. Leaving in t-minus 35 minutes.. Later people..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Nothing much to update.. Cuz everyday is just work, work and work.. Day in day out it's the same thing.. And nothing nice to blog about ady.. I can blog somethings but then we have sensitive people out there, so best keep it to myself.. However, I'll post it when I feel like it, and you people can blast it/condemn it/praise it all you want.. I dun care.. U are entitled to ur own opinions, tat's a right nobody can take away from you.. So have fun in whatever your doing..

Here In My Home..

This gotta be one of the best video/song ever made by Malaysians.. So cool!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Tell Me Why!!!

What this kid sings has meaning, to show us the real world out there.. And hopefully we can ch
ange it for the better of the future.. Hope you enjoy the vid..

CNY is near!!

1 more week or so to Chinese New Year.. Man.. How do I love this time of the year.. Ang Pows, food, cookies, relatives, friends, etc.. It's just like sooooo awesome.. I think other than some big wedding or something, this is the only time of the year where all of your relatives can come together and catch up on a year worth of topics.. Ah.. The merriness of CNY.. GONG XI FA CHAI!!! ANG POW LAI LAI!!!

CNY is also the day when I finish my job.. Well, not really on CNY, more like CNY eve around afternoon.. This job has really thought me a lot.. As in handling people, improve my PR and of course my mandarin... It's a pity I can't speak fluent mandarin, everything is just bits and pieces.. I'm trying thou, and hopefully I'll be able to speak to my mandarin speaking friends with no problem one day.. Odd enough, I think I'll miss the job.. However it's one thing that I do not plan to stay in for long.. A few weeks will do fine, as a permanent job, well, not really for me I guess..

Tomorrow is MU's game.. Go MU.. Beat bolton, go top and hope that liverpool will crash and burn.. Sorry to all liverpool fan's out there, but that's football i guess.. No hard feelings.. =D

Sunday, January 11, 2009

From Work to Gaza..

So 1 week of job has been recently completed.. Nothing much can be said la.. ? Just day in day out it's the same old same old.. Hey, which job isn't like that? However, met some old friends while I was working and make new ones.. I think that's the positive side of working, you get to at least to know more people.. And of course build up your own personal skills, like PR, communication, etc.. There's another thing about working, you get to see many different kind of people there.. And makes you think are they such people in this world? Well, I've seen my fair share, those with attitude, those who spend like there's no tomorrow and yet those who are gentle and polite.. So for those of you who haven't work in your life yet, you better prepare yourself cause it seriously needs you to get out of your comfort zone..

Next if you look at the papers recently, there have been nothing but the Gaza war, or the main part is the Gaza war.. So everybody in the world is condemning Israel, for war crimes and stuff like that.. I do agree Israel might have taken it too far this time, however, to say that Israel are the only ones at fault is not entirely true.. Hamas has been firing rockets into Israel even though there was a 6 month ceasefire in place.. Why is that so I dunno why, however let me ask you a question, is people started throwing stones at your house, wouldn't you retaliate? So Israel might just wanna end things once and for all.. As in destroying those rockets.. How is that genocide well that's left to be seen.. One thing is for certain, if it's war, there are bound to be a lot of casualties, and unfortunately in this case, it's the Palestine people..

Another nice headline that captured my attention is to boycott USA products which in other words is to boycott US in whole.. Seems that every stupid war that happens, US gets the blame.. And how they were drag into this one, well I don't see it.. Maybe it's because US is in the Security Council and ain't doing anything about it, so people may perceive it as supporting Israel.. Let us be reminded that the Security Council is made up of 15 countries with US, UK, France, Russia and China having the veto power in that council.. So why only blame US and not the other 14 countries? And the call to boycott US will actually be our own undoing.. Very simple, majority of our trade is with the largest economy power in the world, and if we decided to cut off that link, well, that did be pretty bad for the economy don't you think.. And so far it's only Malaysia whose taking things to the extreme.. It's good that we are trying to protect the innocent but are we doing it the wrong way? Hmm... I wonder..

Finally, anybody whose interested in going to the Pulau Redang trip on 7th till 9th March please contact me.. You all should know how to do that.. Cheers..

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Promoter?? Not for the weak..

What's my conclusion on work so far? Boring!!! Well, maybe my job is just that boring.. Standing there for 8 hours, looking at people passing by, and trying to impress people who do actually stop by to look at the goods your selling.. Whoever said "Beer promoter? That's gotta be the easiest job on Earth!" certainly haven't try what I've been through..

Let me tell you what u require to be a promoter.. First of all, tolerance.. You need to be able to withstand working long hours.. And also have the strength to move goods all around the area. That means those of you who never lifted a heavy item in your life should not attempt this job.. Next you must have very very good PR.. A person who knows many languages may have the advantage but if you can't put that in practice it's practically useless.. You are there trying to convince people that your product is better compare to your competitors.. And lastly, you need to be aware of your surroundings.. This means that you can't be a blur case, standing only at one place, not knowing what's happening around you..

This is after all my opinions as different people has different opinions on a topic or situation.. However, life as a promoter is not that fun after all.. Nevertheless, I'm learning new things everyday and kind of enjoying it.. Where else can u get free cash by just standing around?? LOL!! One thing is for sure, it'll be a very long and busy day when CNY is around the corner.. Wish me luck!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Opposite Sex (Part 2)

OK people, here's part two of my little post.. Which has gather storm by the way.. =D I went out with a few gal frens last week.. And let me tell you the next thing what girls are freaking good at.. Gossiping.. OK, not that big news.. But then again, they gossip mostly on other people.. LOL!! And specifically, about other people's relationship.. Hmm.. Well, I dunno what's up with that but it was interesting to learn all the ups and downs from them.. You dun even have to ask, they'll just tell you EVERYTHING.. OK, not that direct but when they start chatting among themselves, its not very hard to listen.. Haha..

However, girls are very good friends.. As in dead set good friends.. I see that in my everyday life.. In school, college friends, etc.. And somehow, they'll go to the extremes just to make their friend very happy on a special day.. Bet u noe what i mean from here.. So kudos to the girls, I dun think us guys will actually go tat far...

And I've come to 6 conclusions why girls are born.. Some of u might know this ady..
A) They are born to conceive and give birth.. (Duh, this is the most important!!)
B) They are born to eat.. (especially chocolate, and then later scream when they know their
C) They are born to take pictures of themselves.. (not all thou, but mostly ya.. Poyo ppl.. Who
takes pictures of themselves 30 times in the same place and outfit??!!)
D) They are born to gossip.. (case mentioned above)
E) They are born to be pampered and be loved.. (maybe not sooo true for some)
F) They are born to shop till they drop.. (every girls ideal past time)

Well, those are my summaries on girls.. Let's see how this little issue will be retaliated by the XX chromosomes.. (I'm assuming every girl that I know is the from the XX chromosomes) I know the guys certainly will enjoy!! =p

P.S. Might do a part 3 thou, if I find anything interesting..

Day 1

First day in the job.. LOL!! And how can I describe my feeling about it? Well, excited and boring at the same time.. As you all know, I got a job as a beer promoter in Jusco S2.. Got stationed near the liquor store, not a very strategic place for selling beer, but it was temporary so who cares.. And spend the next 9 hours (minus 1 for break) standing there swatting flies.. =p Cause nobody is buying beer.. Well, not at this kind of period.. I mean, u know us Malaysians, always last minute.. So make some new friends, managed to learn a thing and two, and got really tired legs.. Haha.. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day, with more sales.. Atau I can just makan gaji buta.. Wakaka!!