Friday, February 26, 2010

The good news..

Well, I did say I'll post what make me happy rite about a week ago?? As in the happiest day of my life?? Haha.. Well, I'll post it now..


OK, over exaggerating over there.. How it all went?? Or began?? Lets simply said I was helping her to hook up with my friend and it turned out completely opposite.. Weird huh.. Guess the whole Batch 15 knows ady; I think.. Hopefully this will last a really long time..

In other news, my CA3 is coming up in a week.. Damn.. I got myself involved in more and more things, hopefully those were correct decisions and er... Tat's all I think.. Just can't wait for the coming holidays.. So need a break where no studies is involved.. Haha.. Not going to be thou..

Oh well, time to hit my books again.. Arg.. The horror!! =(

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Final Days of CNY Holidays..

In another 4 hours I'll be boarding the bus heading back to the place known as Bedong, Kedah.. Yup.. There's where my uni is situated.. Oh yeah, sounds ulu.. Not tat ulu if u consider SP is like 15 mins away.. Haha..

Had a great outing with the F6 gang on Friday.. Full blast, from morning till nite.. Haha.. And tat crazy lou sang tat we did, I think our gang was the craziest at the restaurant.. LOL!! It was nice seeing them all again.. Haha..

Then yesterday nite had a small yam cha session with JW and kar yin before going to CC's house.. Good to see her again after like... Since July 09?? =p Seriously I think she slimmed down but she's trying to proof it otherwise.. =="

And today was just a full day of assignments.. Crap.. 4 hours on that Biochem report.. Really killed me.. And it's so hot, I was reluctant to on the air-cond but in the end had to, if not I'll be baked.. =S

And finally, today was one of the happiest days in my life.. Haha.. Wonder why rite?? Tune in to find out more.. Will reveal soon if time permits.. XD

Dinner time!! CABUT!!! =)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

CNY Day 1 - Day 5

CNY has hit the 5th day.. Or more like ending it's 5th day.. And I did soooo little.. As in revising for my exams.. Oh dang.. On the bright side, I did enjoy myself.. Haha.. So a small summary

CNY Eve Dinner at aunt's
CNY Open House at aunt's
Head down to Gopeng, Perak
Celebration of CNY/Mum's sis-in-law b'day
Laid around
Went Ipoh
Back to Seremban

Vy vy brief rite?? I'm tooooo lazy to write stuff now.. Haha.. One thing I did noted that the ang pow has shrink this year, as in really shrink in numbers and amount.. T.T Guess bad economy also affect our collections

What's on next:
Bai nian tomorrow - whole day
CNY Dinner at fren's place
CNY Lunch at my place
Back to AIMST

OH well, not to mention a lot of assignments to be done.. Hopefully there'll be gone by Monday.. 2 weeks to exams.. Arg!!!! GOD GIVE ME STRENGTH!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Back.... With bonus!!!

YES!! AKU SUDAH KEMBALI!!! WHEE!!!! That's right people, your's truly has come back to the Land of Siew Pau.. =)

And let's start it off with an unforgettable experience that I had at the bus stand today.. Excited going back home I reached the bus stand early.. As usual, I go to the ticket booth and presented my ticket.. Alas, to my horror it seems the ticket I bought was wrong.. I was like WTF!!!! Well, it's my own carelessness for not checking the ticket properly but also the ticket person was a mangkuk for not hearing me properly.. Instead of buying a ticket back to S'ban, seems I got a ticket to come back to SP instead.. Best part, the date and time was correct.. WTF man!!!

So there I was, stuck in the bus station; thinking what should I do next.. No more tickets are left to go back Seremban.. I thought maybe KL?? If not worse to worse I'll go back to Ipoh.. Then the Abang told me not to change first, he'll try to help me.. True to his word, he checked the bus, there was vacant seats and I just popped into one.. So thank you Abang!! And thank to God, for it was a mirracle there were empty seats on the bus, it's one of the most popular buses around anyway..

So there's another experience to my series of unfortunate events.. Cool, I can make a movie about my experiences already.. LOL!! In the end everything turned out fine.. So thank God again.. =)

I have my plans for CNY all drawn up.. Was wishing not to include studies but cant do that if u have 20 lessons + 3 assignments to catch up on.. Crap.. Should have been more hardworking in AIMST... =.=" Oh well, enjoy first!! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

From life to nation..

Wow.. This blog is really dying.. Ah.. The hectic life of a university student.. Still surprise myself that I treat myself to some enjoyment once in a while.. Not anymore thou.. Well, until CNY la.. I'll take it as my last chance to actually enjoy myself to the MAX!!!

Well, just for the sake of informing, I was 'promoted' as the class representative of my batch earlier this week.. So yup, that means tons of more stuff to do.. Just to add salt to my wounds.. However, with HIS strength, glory and guidance, I'm sure I'll be able to pull it through.. Plus it'll be a good experience for me, since I highly doubt I'll do anything during 2nd year (YES, I AM AIMING TO ENTER SECOND YEAR!!)

Enough about the crap about me, let's see other problem hitting our poor nation.. The arsonist seem to have stop targeting places of worship which is a darn good thing.. May God have mercy on their souls.. Next up, I just read an article that the green stretch near Batu Feringhi, Penang is going up in smokes.. So much for the Penang's government of keeping their word to stop hillside development.. Bemoaning a mega project that will wipe out the greenery once and for all.. Time to put your promises into action Guan Eng..

And our current government haven't been all that goody either.. Loads of crap are just happening around.. One big crap that has caught everyone's attention the racist remarks made by Najib's political aide.. Oh yeah, great job on 1 Malaysia while your own people is not showing their happiness about the concept.. Still it can be salvage thou by getting rid this kind of people.. That is if they want to get rid of them..

So with the next general elections looming, who would u pick?? Current gov is really hitting rock bottom, some said they are performing worse than before 3/08.. However opposition don't look too convincing either.. 2 more years to decide, I'm sure that's plenty of time to pick a clear winner..

Time for me to get back to my ever stacking notes which include:
7 microbes
3 pharmacos
2 pathos
1 biochem
1 anat

My CNY is sooooo ruined.. =(