Sunday, August 30, 2009

Brief update..

It feels good to be back, even thou it's for only 3 days.. Wakaka..

Did some stuff back here.. Here's a small summary:-

Reached Seremban at 5.45am.. Now I had to transfer bus at the Nilai rest stop for the bus I was sitting on was bound for Johor.. Luckily I was awake, if not I'll find myself in Johor.. LOL!! Went a very early morning breakfast with my dad.. First pork in 2 weeks!! XD After that balik tidur lah.. Since I only slept for like 4 hours on the bus.. XD

Woke up just in time for lunch, went to Domino's for pizza.. Hehe.. Quite nice.. Love it.. After that more sleep and later dinner at Kah Soon, a Chinese Restaurant and my 2nd all time favourite place.. =p Later at night had yam cha with friends.. Finally met up with Hon Joe, just before he flew back to India.. His two weeks holiday seemed very short.. LOL!! Then watched the MU vs Arsenal game.. MU won!! Syok!!

Today went to church then lunch was fish ball mee.. Hehe.. Came back and did some studies, sleep again and now here I am blogging.. Later going out with my friend for a drink.. Tomorrow I'm leaving at 11pm, hitting back SP around 6am.. Straight off to lectures from there.. Geng rite? =p

So guess that's all for now.. Happy Merdeka and Happy Holidays to all my friends!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

7 hours left..

Posting less and less frequent now.. Haha.. One reason, my room got no internet.. =p And two, got no time.. Got time for FIFA 09 thou.. Haha..

Anyhow, things are heating up now.. Learning more and more stuff and doubts are beginning to creep in.. Yet it's very interesting.. I'm sure the clinical experience will be totally new to me and all my batch mates but for now, we need to concentrate of passing the first year and subsequent years.. =p It's a loooooong journey I'll say..

And I'm leaving for Seremban in about 7 hours time.. Bus at 9.30pm but need to go there early.. Will reach Seremban probably around 5.30am, maybe earlier.. U know how bus people are at night.. =S So see u all real soon!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Countdown.. T-minus 6 days..

OK, so I guess this chorus is a very way to say what I'm going to do next..

Well, I'm going home, back to the place where I belong;
And where your love has always been enough for me;
I'm not running from, no, I think you got me all wrong;
I don't regret this life I choose for me;
But these places and these faces are getting old;
So I'm going home, well I'm going home

Yes people, I'M GOING HOME!! Not that I'm quitting MBBS after 2 weeks or what, but because it's the Merdeka weekend.. So hopefully to see a bunch of you waiting there obediently for me.. OK, was just joking on that part but I'll be back by the wee hours of Saturday morning.. Am taking the 9.30pm bus from SP to Seremban, so 8 hours = 5.30am the next day..

And I managed to find a church here in SP.. Not really my denomination but guess can't really complain.. After all, worshiping God is the most important thing, everything else comes second.. So yeah, am relieved to managed to find one..

Third week is beginning soon.. And gosh, how time flies.. By next week it'll be a month I'm already in AIMST.. Then Raya will come followed by my first CA and after that 1 week break for Deepavalli.. Arg.. Now time move so fast.. Holiday it moves sooooo slow.. -.-" That's life I guess, time flies while ur studying and flies faster when ur having fun.. (not for me thou.. haha..)

So see u all guys and gals next week!! (if there is anyone left in Seremban that is..)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

10 days on..

One and a half weeks at AIMST and still going strong here.. LOL!!

Lectures began but not at full force.. Yet something tells me I'm going to be in a lot of shit for this course.. Starting already got assignment and stuff to memorise.. Haiz.. Makes me wonder what did I get myself into.. Yet, something will forever keep me going and that is... I'M ACHIEVING MY DREAM!!!

Nothing much on updates so far.. Just that have to study hard and smart.. My books arrived today.. That's a big relief.. And they don't cost cheap.. That's the sad part.. However, looking at a positive side, it's going to be a lifetime investment.. Hey, if we can spend few hundred bucks on a girl that probably won't be with you in a few years time, why not spend it on books which can be your companion for the rest of your life?? LOL!! Hopefully those words won't come back and haunt me..

And I managed to DL FIFA 09 into my notebook.. OK, now that could be bad news.. *self control needed, self control!!!* Gotta run now, assignments on Malaysian Studies are due soon.. Later people...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Orientation = rocks!!

Finally my orientation ended.. I think that means bad news for me.. Since that means my class will be starting next Monday!! OH NO!! 8 months lay off, suddenly begin class again.. Macam tak ngam saja.. However life has to move on I guess.. Wait, life must move on.. LOL!!

Yesterday was the longest day yet.. Full timetable from 9am till 10pm.. Of course lots of in between breaks.. And met many many new seniors, not to mention made a bunch of new friends.. It's not easy knowing all 192 people in my batch k..

I did say the best part of yesterday was the games orientation with seniors.. Remember what we did in F6? Something similiar.. 8 groups, 8 stations, scattered around the uni (running was hell) and with crazy seniors.. LOL!! Had loads of fun.. Dead tired too.. Plus was soaked to the max cause of rain+kena poured water cukup-cukup.. Anyhow, it was still a nice experience la.. Plus all the cheers until my voice also gone ady..

Today was visitation to the Clinical Skills Lab (CSL) and Multi Disciplinary Lab (MDL).. CSL is like sooooo cool.. U get to practise and test yourself with all the mannequins there, making sure u dun do the same mistake on a real patient.. That we have to wait to year 2.. And I really hope I can pull it through.. So much to learn, and they say 1st year is the worst.. So we wait and c k.. *prays hard*

After this post, I dunno when my next post will be.. Classes starting, a lot of shit is going to happen and a whole new experience.. So to my avid readers, be patient k?? Till the next post, bye ppl!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A little update..

Day 3 in AIMST.. Am I that bored to keep track of time?? LOL!!

Today is when our orientation finally kicked off.. With a few speeches and later meeting up with seniors especially from batch 9 & 13.. Then division into orientation groups and meetings and etc.. Gosh, even before starting my course already started busy ady.. For now la.. Haha..

So how I find AIMST so far?? After exploring every loop and corner, it doesn't seem that huge in the end.. But it still big la.. And many facilities are available.. My roommates and housemates are very nice people.. Can get along so far.. I'm adapting fine for now.. Wait la till classes begin..

Speaking of classes, I received my timetable today.. Gosh.. It's soooo full.. From 8am till 5pm.. And then later got extra compulsory LAN and elective subjects.. That'll be from 5pm till 7pm.. O.o Gosh, going to suffer like shit.. But I asked for this course, it's a course I wanted to do since 8 years old.. So shouldn't complain now rite?? LOL!!

Tomorrow is going to be a full day.. From 9am to 10pm.. Orientation day mah.. With the works.. So yeah, maybe for the first time I can't online.. I've been onlining for like 2 hours a day.. LOL!! So until for more updates, bye!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

New Life..

At last, I've finally reached AIMST.. Or more like enrolled for it.. First impression?? BIG!! Well, maybe not as big as some local uni but it's big alrite.. A lot of people enrolled today.. I did say 300+?? My MBBS batch has about 192 students, with 140+ being their foundation students.. And everyone look so smart.. O.o

And my room?? Thou it's four to a room, it's pretty big.. Enough space to store everything.. So it's kinda cool.. And kinda worth the monthly rental.. Food is alrite, at least it's edible.. Everything else looks nice.. It has a Grand Hall, Olympic size swimming pool, track and field with full soccer pitch, futsal court, gym, basketball court, the list is endless.. Not to mention the equipment is top notch..

Just kinda excited about it.. Starting studies and all.. This whole week is just going to be orientation.. Gotta wake up early tomorrow.. Arg.. No more sleeping in for me ady.. Haiz.. But this is what I wanted to do from young, and now I gotta chance, so I ain't going to waste it.. Oh well, at least the internet speed connection here is pretty fast.. Beats my house streamyx.. LOL!!

More updates to come soon, if I have the time.. =p

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A few days left..

Wow.. My blog is really kinda dead.. Without updates.. Well, partially blame to my slow internet service.. Couldn't enter most sites.. =( Now fixed ady.. Wakaka.. XD

Well, I'll be leaving this coming Friday.. Evening to be exact, cause have to wait for my bro to finish.. Orientation begins the following Monday.. Going down to Ipoh to visit my uncles and aunts, then heading down to Kulim to stay at my cousin's place.. From there only I head down to AIMST, that'll be Monday morning..

So how are preparations so far? Kinda slow I guess.. I got most of my stuff.. Now just wanna pack them into the bag.. So lazy la.. =p Will get it done I guess.. I heard got people semangat pack stuff about a week before their uni started.. I think I'll do it the day before I leave.. HAHA!!

What am I to expect? I dunno.. It's a new chapter, a really BIG NEW chapter in my life.. Uni is something I won't take lightly.. After all, with all the advised my family, friends and relatives have given to me, I certainly won't want to disappoint any of them.. I'll definitely miss my family, my friends and all the fond memories that I had back in secondary school.. Life has to move on I guess.. And from then on, I'll be looking at it from a different perspective, the undergrad perspective..

That's all for now I guess.. Hopefully I can link up with an internet connection once I reach that.. That lone LAN port is MINE!!! MUAHAHA!!! XD