Sunday, October 30, 2011

Planetshakers Live in Malaysia 2011 - Nothing is Impossible!!!

Through YOU,
 I can do ANYTHING,
I can do ALL THINGS,
For it's YOU who gives me STRENGTH,
Through YOU,
 Blind eyes are OPENED,
Strongholds are BROKEN,

Yes, that's the cover for Planetshakers' new studio album, Nothing is Impossible.. And guess what?? They came down to Malaysia yesterday!!! *screams* Planetshakers was performing live at Petaling Jaya Evangelical Free Church Heritage Center yesterday (29th Oct) for 2 sessions, 4pm and 7.30pm..

And how was it? Totally awesome!!!! I went for the 7.30pm concert but was there since 6.30pm, queued up since 6.50pm and got into the hall at about 7.20pm.. LOL!! The only downside was that we can see typical Malaysian (or human) behavior when entering the auditorium.. People pushing around, cutting line, can't line up in a straight line despite pleas from the organizers.. And lying.. LOL!! Christians or not we still sin.. Apart from that small bad incident, everything else went smoothly.. =)

The concert started at 8pm, with a small introduction by the local pastor I think.. Boy was he enthusiastic.. It really got the crowd going which started off with a countdown.. Then I saw Mike Webber took the drums and I knew the full team was here.. Haha.. But what really shocked me was the lead singer.. HENRY SEELEY!!! OMG!!!!! Of all people, I didn't expect him to be here.. It was a real blessing to see him lead the entire worship..  Other team members were there too, I couldn't identify all of them but I think Brian (BJ) Pridham, Mike (Rudy) Nikkerud and Nicole Monteduro were there too.. Haha.. Lots of songs, mostly from their new album was played like Bring It On, Power, Nothing is Impossible, You Are God, Hosanna and more!! I think like 10 songs.. Haha..

Then we had a short message shared by Pastor Matt Fielder.. He is one funny guy, he really know how to incorporate jokes into his messages.. And his love about Malaysia.. Haha.. However his message was so powerful, so touching that it really made me to look into my life seriously for once.. John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life" Everything about the bible, all it's 66 books are summed up in that few words in that one verse.. People always say God is angry but here it is shown God so loved, so loved the world.. That He is willing to give up the one thing He loved, His only Son.. And His promise?? No matter how far we have deviate, how much we went against Him, so as long we believe, we shall not perish.. So powerful that on that night I saw many people being saved and hundreds more renew their commitment to Christ, myself included.. I hope to get the full recording of the message, then I'll post it up here.. =D

After that we ended we 3 songs from the older albums.. The one most recognized is Free.. Imagine wei, Henry Seeley singing Free at his best.. Then after that was All for Love and one more song which I'm not sure what it is.. LOL!! Henry Seeley even took the drums at the last 5 minutes while Mike Webber took over as song leader.. It's superb wei.. 

In conclusion, it was the best thing that has happened to me.. Better than the conference in 05, better than Hillsong's last year.. Simply because the experience is soooo surreal.. I even got the signed copy of Nothing is Impossible, a PS T-shirt and a pic with Pastor Matt himself!! =D To those who missed it, don't be sad.. I'm sure they will come again, this time I really hope the conference come like in 05, it will be really amazing..  


Monday, October 24, 2011

My Church's New Building!!! =D PTL!!!

God is great.. Despite how many times we have turned away from Him, He is always there for us.. And He will make good of His promises, we just have to be patient.. And on Saturday was the day where I saw God's work in the area of my church, Bountiful Grace Methodist Church (BGMC)..

Saturday night was the first time I entered my church's new building.. I've been hearing from my parents how awesome it is, how splendor and marvelous it looks, how God has been so good to our church.. However, I never really got the chance to see it as I am stuck in Kedah and only come back when there's a long break.. So as I went to visit my church that night, I was really hoping for the best.. What I saw was breathtaking..

Before I go into further detail, allow me to give a bit of history to my church (oh no, boring part..) My church started off as a small outreach point by the main Chinese Methodist Church back in 1977 (wow,  that's long).. Slowly but surely the number of members begin to grow.. As time went by, there was a proposal that my church become a independent church, under the Council of Churches of Malaysia.. After many years of planning and discussion, finally in April 2002 my church was formed, taking the name Bountiful Grace Methodist Church.. My family were one of the original members of this church as it slowly ascend upwards.. =)

Now, the current church building is a corner lot double story terrace house and we share it with a Methodist kindergarten.. So as the number of members grew, we begin to find it hard to accommodate them.. Major renovations were carried out but it was still wasn't enough.. In 2003, the Pastor at that time mooted the idea for us to have a bigger building for worship.. At first we try to acquire a piece of land to build our own church but that proof to be futile.. After that we try to acquire a building and convert it into a church.. The first building that was scouted was a triple story shop house in Seremban 2 in 2006 but many complications came along and the idea was shelved in 2008.. However by God's grace, a second building, the current two and a half story was bought in 2008.. The building was in the construction phase and we had very little issues in acquiring it (except the issue that the building was being sold to a church which was later cleared)

Once the building was acquired, major renovation work went underway in April 2011 and were completed on Malaysia day.. And the end result was this.. =)

A shot from outside

Main entrance

Main Santuary

The Cross, made from tinted glass (which my camera failed to capture) and has a very interesting story behind it.. =)

Basement level 

 First Floor

Now you know why it was breathtaking.. Never I would imagine I would see my church rise up so fast to have it's own building, it's own place of worship.. God really works wonder in our lives, you just have to believe it.. As I walked from top to bottom, I just couldn't stop and admire the work of the Lord.. I was so touched that I shed a tear or two.. God is really amazing.. An idea mooted nearly 8 years ago has finally come true.. And the best thing is more and more people are getting to know Him every week.. The Sunday School is flooded with children of all ages and the worship session is slowly growing larger..

The stage has been set, God has delivered for us.. Now it is our turn to go out and make disciples of his people.. As Jesus said in Matthew 9:37-38, "The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field;" we need spread  the word of God to the people around the area and lead them to the Way.. 


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Clueless to what to blog..

Hey readers, what do u want me to blog about?? LET ME KNOW!!! XD

I guess my caption says it all.. Seriously I'm having some kind of blogger's block.. LOL!! This blog has been running for the past 4 years, more or less.. And I'm surprised that it stayed like this that long.. When I began to blog I was like OK, this will probably last a few months before I give up totally on it.. Well, that doesn't seem to be the case cause my blog just kept picking up.. At my peak I was doing 10-12 post a month.. LOL!! That's like a post every 3 days.. I know, my life sucks doesn't it?? LOL!!

On another hand, looking back at all the old post showed me how much I have grown up in these last 3 years.. From being a Upper 6 student when I began to a 3rd year Medical student now.. Wow, time really flies doesn't it?? Hehe.. I just wish I still have the will to carry on blogging.. Sometimes I just feel like letting it die a slow, painful death but I couldn't.. This itchy fingers of mine need to type at least once a month.. Haha!!

Probably I should go back blogging about random stuff, like how I used to in the beginning. U know, the economy, the politics in Malaysia, the never ending fight of religions in this country.. Oh btw, a peaceful gathering organised by HIMPUN was held in Shah Alam Stadium against proselytizing by Christians.. Interesting to note that such gatherings are allowed while things like Bersih 2.0 (which is trying to speak the truth against the gov) is wrong.. Double standards or is it because of the stance of this country?? I leave it all to you to judge.. =p 

Until something interesting sparks my mind to go become a chipmunk under the influence of alcohol, my blog will stay quite dormant for a while.. Also, you all can comment to what you want me to blog about and I'll try my very best to fulfill them.. =D Till then, toodles!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

To my friends who have left..

Last Saturday, I saw a few of my good friends, seniors, graduated from AIMST University.. It was a joyous moment, to see each and everyone of them finally getting their scrolls, ending their 5 years of long struggle.. And to start a whole new journey that some have yet to embrace.. And thou it was a joyous occasion; parents smiling, lecturers beaming, friends happy; yet part of me feels sad.. Sad not because something bad has happened, in fact everything went well.. Sad because I know I won't be seeing them again in this university; never again to see them in the Medical Building or the Library, no longer attending and worshiping together in CF and Church, no longer going out for late night suppers and random Penang trips.. 

It pains me to see them leave, to see them gone from this place and God knows when I will see them again.. Yet as much as I want them to stay, stay as long as they can, I'm just being selfish.. Our Father in Heaven knows what's best for them, He was kind enough to put them here, to make me meet them and to know them, to feel such warmth and comfort that I've not felt in years from friends, to impact my life so greatly that it has forever changed.. And now their time has come for this place, and the Father is going to put them in another place, where other people too will have a chance to experience what I have experience, a once in a lifetime opportunity.. =') (yes, it's tears of joy)

Now seeing their cars leaving campus one by one, as we bid our goodbyes, the ending was tough.. I am not an emotional person, I rarely cry unless the situation really really moves me.. However this time, I let the tears flow freely from my eyes.. I was holding back, I tried so hard to control my emotions but here I am, still watering as I type every letter out on this blog of mine.. I know I won't be seeing them again, at least not for now.. However I believe that our Father in Heaven is kind and merciful, for He will definitely do something for us to meet up once again.. All we have to do is be patient and wait for the right time to come..

As I go back to my university life with another 3 more years to go, I know that the last 2 years + with them have been good, the experiences, the memories, the joy and the advises I have received are unforgettable.. Thus I wish them all the best in their future careers, in whatever they do.. May the Lord bless all of you in everything that you do.. And may you enjoy your the new chapter in your lives, as doctors and dentist to the Malaysian community..

To Dr. Koo Thomson, Dr. Gloria Liaw, Dr. Phebe Ting and Dr. Jickson Ng, I wish u all the best!! Be the best doctors you all can be!! I'm going to miss you all, so bad that I will just tear thinking about it.. However, as Hebrews 13:7 says "Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith," I will continue your good work that you have done in this campus and I'm sure all of us here will too.. And I'm even doubly sure that you all will do what you all do best, impacting people's life beyond their wildest imagination.. God bless you all.. AMEN!! =)

"A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity" Proverbs 17:17
"I thank my God every time I remember you" Philippians 1:3

Friday, October 7, 2011

Planetshakers Live In Malaysia!!!

Hey peeps, in case you all didn't know, Planetshakers will be coming to Malaysia on the 29th October at PJ Heritage Center!! 

Yes, it's been a long time coming and 6 years since I attended the last Planetshaker's conference at Sunway Pyramid.. Wow, now I feel soooo old.. @.@

Anyhow, tickets are limited, as you can see from the poster above.. So do get it fast!! I really hope Henry Seeley comes down this time, he has such a powerful voice, God has really bless him to reach out to the world through his voice.. =D 

For more information u can contact Kingdom City, details on the poster on the above.. =)

Hope to see u all there.. *runs off to get tickets*

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Return of The Legend

Onto the next post (don't wanna get u guys confused)

I finally managed to meet the Legendary Pilak this week!! Yipee!! Gosh I miss that Koo Thomson, that guy has been a blessing in my life.. Went to Penang with a bunch of the church members yesterday and Penang traffic can be a real killer.. Imagine, stuck in a jam for 35mins, thinking something big is happening only to find out that everyone "Stop and Stare" at one car with a flat tire.. =.= IT PISSES YOU OFF!!! That's Malaysian's for you thou, I think we probably cause more accidents by looking at another accident.. @.@

We had lunch (Hi-Tea) at Flamingo Hotel in Tanjung Bungah.. For the price we paid, I couldn't complain much about the food.. Not that satisfying thou for hotel standards.. Seriously.. Alas, if u pay RM35 at a Tanjung Bungah hotel you probably getting what you deserved.. Nvm, next time we spend a bit more k?? (like 3 times more *feels the pocket going through a nuclear meltdown*) However, the important thing was the fellowship, food came secondary.. It was good to see everyone enjoyed themselves.. And the pictures, OMG!! Pilak to the max wei..  All those photos.. I think my repo is ady ruined.. T.T

Headed to Gurney Plaza for Johnny English Reborn.. Awesome movie, even thou it's my 2nd time I still can't stop laughing.. And the after credits scene was simply hilarious.. Seriously dancing while cooking?? I soooo gotta try that.. =p Probably burn up half the kitchen in the process.. =.=!!!

Back to Nasmir for some late late dinner or supper, whichever point you see it.. Technically in my terms it's lunch since I never had breakfast.. XD And then we went our separate ways.. It's was thoroughly a memorable day.. Which fits the photo album title by my friend, The Return of The Legend.. XD Legendary Pilak that is.. Haha.. Lazy to upload photos here.. LOL!!

Many more outings to come I think.. But first, my bedside CA!! T.T *dashes off to the books*

In the face of danger..

How have u people been lately?? Me?? I'm pretty much dead.. Well, NOT!! I was earlier in the week.. Got a nice present from the hospital; what we call "Hospital-Acquired Infection".. Just a bad case of cough + fever + a tinge of flu.. Which makes me ponder for a while, as doctors we are supposed to save lives and make it all better for others while we expose ourselves to all the diseases out there.. Think about it, cases like Dengue & TB are common in this country, what guarantee is to say u won't be infected by simple contact??

FUN FACT: Did you know that the hospital curtains around the beds are probably one of the happiest place for bacteria to grow?? A random sampling done showed that 7 out of 10 curtains grew MRSA; 3 out of 10 grew VISA (Vancomycin-insensitive S. aureus) and 2 out of 10 grew Pseudomonas..

Scary isn't it?? Come to think about it, I've never seen them changing the hospital curtains in my entire 6 weeks at the hospital, now entering my 7th.. Probably they do it when we're not around.. Not sure, still it's scary shit.. Plus the patient's bed is a like a buffet of bacteria.. Make your choice people.. o.o

Another thing you have to get used in hospitals is probably seeing patients die right in front of your eyes.. Imagine u clerk the patient early in the morning, say 8.15am; looking all fine and probably optimistic about his chances of survival; next hour u see family members of that same person crying and a blanket over the body.. It gets to you somehow, to see another human life pass by just like that.. It's something we all have to bear, something we all have to be strong with.. That's why it's important to know the fine line between COMPASSION and EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT.. Which is pretty hard, and we can argue all day long about it..

I'm about to blog something else but I'll start in a fresh page.. Moving on......