Thursday, November 26, 2009

One day holiday..

Whee.. Itz holidays!! Hooray.. Temporarily only la.. For like tomorrow only.. LOL!!

Time really flies.. I just looked back at my post on this blog.. And it's already more than 1 year since I started the blog.. And now, with me doing this course, the weeks are just moving away.. Like super super fast.. Sooner or later it'll be Christmas, then CNY, a few CAs, etc..

And I haven't study a single crap for 2 whole days.. That's like a record!! LOL!! Yesterday after lab went swimming then went for the Christmas party in AIMST.. I'll try to get the pictures/videos that our professional photographers took during the party.. One word, awesome.. Seriously, my batch has a lot of talented people.. LOL!!

Then today went makan LeBoss.. First time wei.. Not bad la.. Quite worth it, portion is big, so money well spent.. Not to mention last night midnight supper in Sungai Petani (from here onwards it'll be known as SP in my blog.. XD)

2nd CA coming up quite soon.. Haiz.. Another exam again.. Feel like one just over the other day.. =( Oh well, gotta hit the books again.. Yeah rite, not going to happen, not today at least.. LOL!!

Btw, to all my friends who'll be in Seremban during Christmas, 26th December at 7pm, gathering at my house.. Come one, come all!! XD

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Passed!! =D

Thanks be to God!!

For I managed to pass all the 6 papers in my 1st Continuous Assessment!!

Now, I'll take this to work harder and go further in my education life.. It's a great motivation and also a wake up call for me..

Also to all my batchmates who scored extremely well, congrats.. And to those who didn't do so well, don't worry so much.. There's still 3 more CAs to go before our finals.. Let us all work hard together to achieve our dream!!


God bless everyone!! AMEN!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Sometimes, people can be inconsiderate.. I know, this is the world, nothing is fair.. However, as a batch, as course mates, we should always understand everything that is done for the batch.. Yes, I'm talking about my medical batch 15 in AIMST..

There are people in the batch who just solely think for themselves.. Who do not even bother to consult others before they go straight to the people higher up.. Getting other people into trouble.. I pity one of our lecturers, who has struggled so hard to overcome our batch's 'overcrowding' problem.. The lecturer has virtually gave up hope on our batch and it is a handful of us that are trying not to make that happen.. Yes, it's not your fault that the batch is so big, but nobody even asked you to come to AIMST.. You make the decision yourself, so stop whining and live with it..

Sometimes people just don't listen.. I look at our class rep, everyday working his butt off for the class.. Canceling classes, reshuffling them.. I look at our class treasurers, group leaders and material managers; whom everyday try to do the best for the batch.. Not only people don't appreciate your helpfulness towards the batch (expected) but they can criticize, complain and whine all the way.. And the best thing? They won't even bother to take up the post.. So here's my thought, IF YOU CAN'T TAKE UP THE RESPONSIBILITY, STOP YOUR YAPPING!!

To all my batchmates who are or will be reading this, I hope you don't take this the wrong way.. Nothing is perfect in this world and being 'childlish' won't get you very far in this world.. So I hope that everyone will understand each other better from now onwards, at least be thankful that they are some people who are willing to help the batch..

~Arigato Guasimas~

Friday, November 6, 2009


This is a few words that my housemate came up while we were studying one day..

M.B.B.S = Mouth Big, Brain Small
P.H.D = Permanent Head Damage
B.D.S = Brain Damn Small
ANATOMY = A New Anarchy That Overwhelms Medical student Youthfulness

and finally, this came from another guy:
F.R.C.S = Fuck Round the Country Side

Seriously, the shit that we come up.. LOL!!