Monday, March 29, 2010

Penang was..


It was superb.. 3 days of fun fun fun.. No worries, nothing.. It was me, her and our friends.. LOL!!

Prom was superb.. Only problem it was a bit cramped.. Food was great.. Performances were awesome.. Atmosphere was good.. So in conclusion, it was money well spent..

Other than that, Penang was just uber.. Food for cheap price, lepak-ing here and there, staying in an apartment (i got the floor thou.. @.@) and Adrian's house (that's one big house..) Plus spending time with her.. Was really precious.. And all happy memories.. Not to mention a few shit us guys did (as usual)

Now I look back to reality.. Piling homework, assignments and more exams coming up.. Plus loads of other things to do.. Luckily a few events are already over, especially the Hosteller's Night (which turned out to be vy vy good in the end)..

Submitted application for a scholarship.. Not putting up much hope but hey, God works in mysterious ways.. Speaking of that, there's a CF Retreat coming up.. And a mini youth concert in church.. Not to mention Good Friday, Easter Sunday, etc..

Time to hit the books.. I'm hungry.. T.T

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Holidays are great... XD

Holidays has been enjoying.. Seriously enjoying.. OK, other than sleeping in, eating like a pig and er.. Doing nothing.. Practically that's about it.. But it sure hell beats the crap out of study life.. XD
*grumbles at the pile of assignments*

So Chelsea got knocked out.. Ouch, that's going to hurt.. Hmm, after Real Madrid the main contenders left are MU (obviously), Arsenal, Barcelona and maybe Bayern + Lyon (well, cause they beat Real Madrid).. So who's your money on?? Of course, all shall be known with the draw by Friday.. Imagine, if two of the big teams clash with each other, who knows what catastrophe mayhem will ensure?? XD Glory Glory MAN UNITED!!!

Things with her is going good.. It's going to be our one month together already.. As I said earlier (don't know got mentioned or not); my parents already accepted the fact that now I have a gf.. Next thing is to convince them to accept her.. Still working on it.. On her end, well, let's hope things are really going to for the better.. *not going to reveal it here*

My last term is starting soon.. Wow, time really flies.. Plus I got loads of events to do when I get back.. Hosteller's Nights (26/3), Prom Night (27/3), Church Mini Youth Concert (3/4), CF Retreat (9/4-11/4).. It's going to be packed packed packed!! I think after the Retreat, I'll call it a day.. After that, must seriously get going to studies.. I mean, 2 more months to final after that Retreat, crap.. And here I was thinking what happened to my STPM holidays??? T.T

Politics - crappier as ever that I don't bother to read it.. However, today's headlines about Pakatan's fake September 16th really caught my eye.. Who's telling the truth only God knows.. However, Pakatan is really losing their footing.. The internal bickering is not really brightening their chances.. Oh well, best go with the incumbents.. Although you and I know that's not really a good choice either.. In Thailand, things look terrible.. So to all my friends going Thailand for holidays, take good care of yourselves.. Don't wanna see you get caught in those riots..

That's all the updates for now.. XD

Saturday, March 13, 2010

1st post for March

Looks like this is my first post of the month.. LOL!! 2 weeks since my last post?? That's quite a sight.. Haha..

Anyhow, many things occurred in the past 2 weeks.. I guess practically the whole world knows about my gf ady.. And yes, that includes my parents.. They're OK with it, as long I stay focus on both God and studies.. And my priorities.. Guess that's a good deal.. Things with her is pretty good, we're slowly going steady.. Now there's just one issue bugging me which is for my keep sakes.. =)

I recently concluded my CA3.. 1 word, BIG RELIEVE!! Although I still have this edgy feeling I'm going to fail one of the subjects, particularly Element6/7 (sorry PKR).. Furthermore, my last exam, Ethics, got postponed.. Arg.. 2nd time it has happened?? But things like these are totally unforeseen.. So just be patient lor..

Holidays for a week. YIPEE!! Plus lots of activities coming up.. Hosteller's Night, Prom Night, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, CF retreat.. And during this holidays 3 assignments, a bunch of reading and er.. Movie marathon anyone??? XD Not forgetting some temporary working for my dad.. LOL!!

MU rocks!! (as usual) Hopefully they beat Fulham tonight.. That 4-0 thrashing of AC Milan was really something.. And more stuff going on in Malaysian politics, kinda not bothered ady cuz itz the same old same old.. Power struggle, resignations, scandals.. A lot la.. Make the papers not worth reading ady.. Seriously, now I just read the Sports and Funnies..

Nothing much to blog about ady.. But this blog has been going on for a long time.. LOL!! Oh well, till next time..