Friday, April 16, 2010

Fun FUn FUN!!!

My first post for APRIL!!! OMG, the post are really dwindling down.. From an average 10 a month to 5 and now 1??? So next month will be 0??!! Well, that's up to me, the blogger.. LOL!!

Since prom only 2-3 things happened.. Had something called Primary Care Interphase.. Basically we're are to go visit a Hospital or Klinik Kesihatan and do some survey there like pharmaceutical, administration, finance, etc.. I was lucky to get Hospital Yan for my PCI for 2 reasons:
1) It's a hospital (duh... means more fun things to do)
2) Food there was A-W-S-O-M-E!!! I mean, we literally bought all the chicken rice that was left for sale.. XD
Overall, the PCI was a very good experience.. Gives u an eye-opener to the reality of medical and health services today in Malaysia.. So I'll say, BULLSHIT to all of u who said Malaysia will be saturated with doctors soon.. For it'll never will be..

The next big thing that happen (to me la) was the CF Retreat at Stella Maris, Penang.. (just in case u all dunno where in the world it is, it's pretty near Island Plaza) One word, ROCKING!!! The retreat was just totally fun and also very very informative.. Great sharing by the pastor and everything went out smoothly.. Imagine playing Mafia till 3am in the morning, getting 'sued' in Court Marshall and playing all kinds of crazy games.. XD Loving and missing it..

Lastly, there was the orientation for the new April Foundation students here in AIMST.. Very nice, been a long time since I conducted an orientation and of course, get to know some juniors also.. But of course the ones who had the most fun was US, the organizers.. =p

That's all the update for now.. To all my friends who are sitting for their major exams, good luck and God bless u all.. And to everyone else, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! (ok, a bit late but I had no classes for 2 days this week = HOLIDAY!!)