Sunday, May 31, 2009

When joy becomes sorrow..

OK, picture this.. You got an offer from a university, you are all excited and confused at the same time.. You discuss with your parents, siblings, friends, etc.. At last you decide to accept it and very happy that you got a place in the university. However, the following day, u found your name mysteriously disappeared from the system.. You were puzzled, figuring it's a technical error.. And you were not the only one, many people faced the similar problem.. Convinced, you call up the university next day to clarify your status, only to be told that it was a technical error and your name was in there by accident.. You were turned down and the person kept on apologizing.. How would you feel??


Calon-calon diminta membuat semakan terkini keputusan kemasukan ke USM mulai 30 Mei 2009 jam 4.00 petang. Calon yang TIADA dalam senarai atau TIADA dalam maklumat berjaya adalah GAGAL mendapat tempat di USM dan akan dipertimbangkan di IPTA lain.

Bagi calon yang berjaya, sila hantar LAMPIRAN A dan Lampiran A1 selewat-lewatnya 8 JUN 2009.

Kesilapan teknikal ini dan segala kesulitan amat dikesali.

Let me tell you what.. THIS IS A TOTALLY FUCK UP CASE!!! I may not be affected by such shit but countless of people are.. People are crying, screaming, cursing when they got to know that such shit happpened, and it was done by an APEX university, supposedly to be the pride of Malaysian education.. Well, more like shame..

This people think it was fun to give people false hope, make them happy for about 24 hours only to destroy it later.. And that's how we lost faith in our education system, that's how we lost faith with the current administration, that's why March 8 happened.. You don't go around screwing people up.. Technical error, yeah rite, lame excuse.. If you weren't ready, why bothered publishing it in the first place.. Get everything sorted out, before this kind of shit happens.. And well, it did..

Now all my friends who got USM are left dejected, angry, etc... And have to wait for UPU.. And to them, this shit can happen with UPU.. I don't know man... I seriously don't.. I can't believe stuff like that actually happens.. Sure, its the real world, anything happens.. Seriously, u gotta be kidding me.. I really agree with one quote from the LYN forums, USM = Universiti Suka Menipu.. Fits the bill so correctly.. To those who were left dejected, it's not the end of the world yet.. Let's hope UPU will actually make some of us happy.. God bless us all..

Friday, May 29, 2009

Results are out..

Well, USM results kinda came out yesterday.. And this is what I got

Harap maaf. Dukacita dimaklumkan nama anda tiada dalam senarai berjaya USM.
Harap maklum.


Oh well, I actually gave up on USM the moment they never called me for interview and would have rejected any other course that they offer to me..

However what is surprising is that a lot of people who are 4 flat, that I know, never get the course they wanted.. Like medicine, pharmacy, etc.. Some were offered their 3rd-4th choice, others flatly rejected.. And these people actually attended the interview for such courses..

To make matter more bizarre, I heard people with 3.33 and even 3.00 managed to enter dentistry course in USM.. I thought dentistry is as hard to get as pharmacy, medicine, law, etc.. Or is it that simple in Malaysia.. =S

Don't know people, am really queered about the selection criteria.. Oh well, guess I'll have to wait for UPU

>> Lepasan STPM/Setaraf : minggu ketiga Jun 2009

That'll be a little long huh.. What to do.. Just wait lor.. Good luck to everyone out there!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Circle Closet

OK, one of my friend is involved in this website, so I'm sharing this link to everyone out there, especially the girls..

Basically this website kinda sell girls clothing, blouses, skirt, etc.. So all my female readers out there might wanna have a look at it.. I'm doing these as a favour.. XD

Monday, May 25, 2009


I just found out something today. The fact that a lot of PTS students sat for STPM last year.. I thought 10 in SPI was a lot.. Then one NUS hopeful told me that her class had 5 PTS students.. If that's one class, what about one whole school??!! =S

Furthermore, there's a lot of them going to Singapore.. I have found 3 of them going to Singapore to pursue their undergraduate degree.. Wow, talk about a wave of PTS students.. Guess the Gov was kinda wrong to abolish PTS after the 1991 batch.. Or maybe kinda right.. Haha.. I don't know.. All I know that PTS students rules!! (quoted from my friend)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Pix from Penang

A few snap shots.. Enjoy!!

Bidor's famous duck mee..

Cool effect eh?

At the ferry jetty, 11.30pm

Khoo & Chin

Choong Meng

Even this late, there's still many cars on the ferry

Penang view at night

Choong Meng wondering why we're taking a photo of the phone booth..

See the prawn??

That's a lot of books..

Penang's famous Road Side Chendol

Cheap imitation of Old Town?

Our room (messy as usual.. =p)

Komtar tower

Cheong Fat Tze's gateway

The inside of the house (can't take any interior pix)

Professional at work..

Take Chin or take the bookmark?

"Hello, who's this?"

Chin, the Penang map boy..

I can fly!!!


Looking far ahead..



Looking into the distance..

Suicidal thoughts?

Look at the size of the oyster..

Glorious food..

Poser.. =p

Just woke up, blur..

Making popia skin..

Java mee..

What am I looking at??

Ooo... It was the bridge.. =)

Have a ton more of photos but too many to upload.. Hope this suffice.. =p

Thursday, May 21, 2009

To Penang.. Again..

Well, as most of u would have known, I left for Penang on Monday and came back about 5 something yesterday evening.. So how was the trip? Pretty fun and nice.. Not much people since we went on a weekday.. So driving was pretty smooth.. Plus the idea of being 'lost' in Penang can be at times fun and confusing.. LOL!!

So left Seremban about 3pm with Wen Shan, Jong Hoong and Choong Meng, Wen Shan being the driver (have to thank him a lot, seriously, driving over 900km is no easy task!!).. Reach KL about 4pm and all of us except Khoo enjoyed (or more like searching for something) in Jalan Imbi.. After that left KL for Penang at around 7.30pm.. Travelling at night is sooo much more cooler (as in temperature) and nicer, since maybe u can speed a little without getting caught.. Stop by at Bidor to have our dinner, Wan Tan Mee.. Boy, gotta be the most expensive Wan Tan Mee I've ever ate, but it's soooo worth it.. Delicious.. Continued our journey and hit the ferry around 11.30pm.. It's nice sitting on the ferry at night, u get to see the night lights on both the island and the mainland.. So in the end reached our 'hotel', YMCAPG around 12.30am.. Headed for supper, Bak Kut Teh at 1am.. Haha.. And then lights out, kinda.. Couldn't sleep till 4am.. LOL!!

Next day, went to market in Penang road for breakfast and walk around the area.. Food was delicious and reasonably priced.. Places we hit was a second hand book store and KOMTAR.. After a short nap we head for the Cheong Fat Tze Mansion.. It's a mansion alright.. Super huge, imagine a house with 220 windows.. =S And a guy with 8 wives.. Quite a nice tour and a good tour guide.. So money well spent.. Batu Ferringhi was next, just lepak at the beach, taking photos.. After that dinner at Gurney Drive, at some hawker centre, delicious food.. And lepak for a while around Gurney and in Gurney Plaza.. Was dead tired after that and everyone hit the sacks early (midnight is early)..

And on the final day.. Again breakfast, more like brunch at the same place on Penang Road.. Then headed to a some places to buy some biscuits and stuff and a drive back to Seremban.. Was about 12.30pm when we hit the ferry.. A late lunch at Burger King and reached Seremban around 5.30pm.. After that, back to the normal, routine, boring life..

Penang was so much fun.. Maybe a little short, should have make it 4 days but well, it was a fun trip.. Will try to get some pics up once I get them from my friends.. Have a nice day.. =)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Random post..

Well, nothing much has happened the past few days.. Yesterday went out to celebrate Tang Soon's birthday.. Happy Belated Birthday bro!! Come to think of it, everybody is getting older, all losing their teen status.. Haha.. Guess I better enjoy my last year as a teen to the max!!! =p

Coming Monday I'll be away.. Again.. This time to Penang.. Can consider this as my last holiday before uni starts.. And gosh, speaking of uni, who knew going to Singapore to study can be soooo troublesome.. Must do this, must do that.. And the money is flowing like water going down the drain.. Haiz.. Expensive man.. It'll be only a last resort if I can't get what I want in Malaysia.. *prays very very hard to get something here*

Holidays will be holidays.. Boring as ever.. Funny rite? When ur in school, ur wishing "when's holidays?" and when ur holidaying, ur question will be "when school/uni is going to start??" Honestly speaking, if uni starts next week I'll gladly go.. Dead bored at home.. Although some friends told me they rather be bored at home then go back studying.. LOL!! Oh well, another month left.. And then will really be eating my own words.. Until then, I'm soooo looking forward to Penang.. YAHOOO!!!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

To me la of course.. Duh!!

Well, yesterday was my birthday.. And it's like any other day la.. Normal and boring.. Haha.. Since I celebrated it in Ipoh ady.. Sitting in front of the computer playing MH, RC, etc.. Except for the outing at night to Foodtiam.. Thank you all who came, you know who you are, thou it was vy vy impromptu.. Haha.. Really appreciate you guys..

And thank you all for your wishes.. Thank u vy vy much..

Time to lead back a normal life again.. KEBOSANAN GILA!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Cousin's wedding..

Went back to Gopeng for the weekend.. I think this is my third time I went back after CNY and FT meeting, have been going to Perak quite a lot lately, last year went 4 times.. I think cause cousin's are getting wedded every year plus the La Salle Centre is in SMI, Ipoh.

This time, the reason is that my cousin (3rd uncle's only son) is getting married.. Ya, I've have like 30 cousins, so my family gets called back once in a while for the wedding dinners and stuff.. Left early Saturday morning, travelling in the early hours is much cooler and lesser traffic.. And as usual, the wedding thing kicks off.. Lunch, Dinner, Supper and it routines all the way until Sunday.. Man, I know Chinese wedding dinners have a lot of food but even this is too much for me, on Saturday we ate practically every 3-4 hours.. ZOMG!!!

During the Sat night dinner for the bridegroom, I got a real surprised from my cousins and my lovely niece.. Guess was set up for it.. Wanted to go home early (was just two doors away) to watch football but my mum kept on insisting me to stay.. So I stayed and one of my cousin and my niece went away, I thought they left to go yam cha.. Suddenly they came back with a cake, I was shocked, and of course got caught la.. So ya, my b'day kinda got celebrated early in Gopeng.. =p Of course was happy la.. Cause got a lot of 'ang pow', something like that..

Sunday was the dinner and really stuffed myself to the max.. Fried rice, fish, prawns, pork, duck, chicken.. And of course was happy for my cousin la, after soooo long he finally got married.. Haha.. So came back today, around 1pm and I guess life is back to routine again.. I leave u with some pictures.. =)

My 4 cousins, my mum, my niece and nephew..

In the bridegroom's room

My family during the dinner

Relatives (mostly cousins)

My cousin (the bridegroom) with his parents

Aren't they a lovely couple?

Time for the 'champange'

All time favourite, the YAM SENG!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Rescue Me

A rescue mission unfolded today.. The victim: A poor kitten, probably 2 months old.. The rescuers: My mom and I.. The situation: The kitten got wedged between the the retaining wall and my garbage place (I don't know how to describe) and now it couldn't get free..

Was doing my thing when my mum told me she heard a cat's cry somewhere outside.. It's been going on for a few hours.. So we went out to check and saw the poor kitty stuck there.. It probably got in and got stuck, unable to release itself.. So we figured OK, let's try to pull it out.. Our hands were too big to reached for the place, so we try using sticks to push it out.. However every time we try to get it out, it goes up higher and higher until it really got stuck.. I told my mum why don't we use some water, spray on it, maybe it'll come out, somehow.. Did that, no luck.. The cat just got a shower, my mum said it seems to be opening it's mouth to drink from it.. Poor thing.. I was looking and thinking, "only way to get him out is like break the wall, a part of it.."

My mum was like "I think it's a goner", I thought so myself too.. Cause it stop moving, stop making noise, I thought it couldn't have died that fast.. So we went back home and came out 15 minutes later, to try and get the "body" out.. When I went back to the place the kitten was missing, then I look down and somehow it managed to come all the way down.. Still inside it but an easier chance for us to bring it out.. I quickly call my mum and we begin working again..

I was in front of it, coaxing it to come out while my mum push it's hind with a stick, slowly but surely the cat comes out, inch by inch.. It took about 10 minutes before I managed to grab hold it's front paws and slowly pulled it out, into my arms.. At last the kitten is saved!!! Was so happy, so scared and sad it was going to die in there.. My mum said I was like a gynecologist, waiting for a baby to come out.. LOL!! Cleaned it up, put it in a box and gave it to our Indonesian neighbour, cause he told us a week ago he lost a kitten that had exactly the same description.. Of course he was delighted when we brought it to him..

So at last the kitty was saved and returned to it's rightful owner.. Btw, I've decided to name it ginger, even I didn't get to keep it.. Why? It's fur was red and white, not really red but like golden red.. So yeah, looks really nice and cute.. With those blue eyes.. I'm sure an cat lover out there will melt seeing it.. Oh well, it's been a good day.. =)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

No worries..

After my two post about my little trouble with friends, comments have been pouring in.. Some are worried, others said that I sounded emo and one even said I sounded desperate.. =S

Just to clarify things people, I AM FINE!! It's just something that has been locked up in me and I've finally let it go.. And after that I feel relieve and lighter.. It's never good to keep things lock up inside u.. U might just explode without any warning once that barrier has reached it's limits.. Something blogging in out (in my case) is just one way of me expressing myself.. So yeah, thank u all for ur concerns, advices and supports.. I take it with a grateful heart.. =)

Interview results out!!

Well, I heard that USM interview results were out today and I was right, except they were sending SMS.. I thought it was suppose to be via the web but it seems SMS is a more preferred way of communicating in this modern age..

Congrats to both Shali and Paul for getting the interview for medicine, coming when I'm not so sure.. As for me, well, I didn't get.. Seems my results were not sufficient enough to warrant an interview.. So it's the wait for UPU or enter private or off to Singapore.. =(

Sunday, May 3, 2009

When concerning is a bad thing..

I thought one post who have actually made me feel better.. Alas, it was not to be.. As I managed to gather more info from friends and this is something that it's not only hurting but also infuriating.. I was talking to my friend about my last post after he asked me not to be so emo about it.. The thing is if it's emo then sorry, it's the way I feel for the past 1.5 years and it was finally good to let it all out.. However the stories doesn't just end there..

Someone told me that some people don't like me and thus I don't get called for many things and stuff like that.. I was like OK, if you don't like me, please come in front of me and say "I don't like u, thus this and that.." and I'll accept it.. What I don't like is going behind my back, labeling me as the bad guy and acting that nothing's wrong in front of me.. Nobody like backstabbers right? If I were to go around backstabbing people I think I'll be public enemy number 1, however I don't, I just tell u straight in the face..

Apparently concerning about other people is a really bad thing as people tend to have the misconception of things.. My friend put it as inferiority complex.. If it's that the case, fine, I won't bother asking how was your day or even offering my help if your in trouble.. Being Mr Helpful doesn't reap it's rewards but just make you labeled as a nosy and 'kepo' person.. After all I did for them when we were studying and stuff like that and this is how I get treated.. I've learned my lesson, stay out of people's business even if they ask you for help, cause when u try to do the follow up just to make sure the person is alright, u'll be labeled as the bad guy.. Different people, different perception on things.. Like my friend said, it's no surprised they treated me that way, although it was harsh..

However, I would like to thank you to all of you who have heard me out and also offering me advice.. This is will be a very good lesson in life.. I know more shit will happen next time in uni and also in places where I work in the future, but since this shit started out in secondary (or Pre-U) school, I guess I know what to expect in the future..

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Friends.. Hmm.. I wonder..

Lately something has been bothering me.. Something that I've asked myself over and over again.. The meaning of friends.. Well, I've seen it happened to many people, friends slowly moving away, getting in their own groups leaving some people aside, I feel pity for them and at times sorry.. For nobody in this world should be left in the cold harsh world alone out there, not even hardcore criminals, hey, at least they got their own inmates so can consider la.. However it never came across my mine that one day such a thing could befall on myself..

I've begin noticing this ever since the beginning of upper 6.. Slowly but surely u can feel people kinda moving away from u.. It's not that obvious, not that hard to notice.. I'm always a silent observer, observing the surroundings and making inferences about them.. Sometimes I feel it could be, I possibly do not fit in that same circle of friends.. Difference in thinking? Believes? Nobody knows the real reason behind it.. However sometimes certain activities I'm never been informed let upon call upon for.. OK, I'm still a 'protected species'.. My parents don't give me that much freedom even thou it's after my STPM.. Fine, I can live with that and I think that's the reason that I'm being pushed aside by the group.. I used to organised some things like yam cha and all but at times it's responded with coldness and when they have their own things, well, usually I get to know it last minute or other people.. This has not only happened once, but on several occasions already..

I've confided this to a friend of mine and he also faces somewhat a similar problem.. The reason why him and I can click together is because I think we're in the similar problem.. He has learned to deal with such problems, I on the other hand am new to it.. That is why I think he understands what I'm going through.. And he is not surprised that I've at times received such treatment.. I don't mind being alone, being alone sometimes give me the needed time to reflect what has happened in my life.. However too much of loneliness and it can become a silent killer..

Now I'm not referring this to all my friends out there, it's just a certain group that I've feel I've known them long enough and yet sometimes be disappointed by it.. I'm glad they are still my friends, I doubt they even know about this pondering questions I have in my mind.. All I have is look forward to enter uni and start afresh again.. Friends we will be, to more of that extend I doubt it very very much..