Monday, February 28, 2011

Hospital Posting

"Patient is a 65 year old female who came in with complains of swelling below the knee for one month and high fever for the past 2 days. History taking shows that she has...."

Yup, that's practically what I'm going through for most of the days last week and again this week.. I'm currently in my 2 week introductory hospital posting in SP and thou it's fun and interesting, it's very tiring and the doctors there really know how to make u look stupid.. @.@ I kinda am annoyed with myself cause I can't answer anything the clinicians ask.. Or it'll be some half baked answer and the doctor will be doing an eye roll.. So yeah, u so have to buck up JASON TAN SENG HONG!!!

And hospital people are really no pushovers.. I mean when u enter, u r like an ant compare to those out there.. And the administration don't really give a two hoots about u either.. Take last week for example.. We met with this surgeon who I think is a bit racist.. Well, he seems to find fault with everyone's dressing.. My friend's brown formal shoe also kena kutuk like it was the biggest sin on Earth.. And the best thing is we can't do shit.. Cause as I said, ur a nobody in the hospital.. If our lecturers can't do anything, what more can we? So yeah, have to learn to this new political environment.. Sighs.. When will this ever end? Oh yeah that are also those who don't care about ur feelings and all.. I mean how would u like it if ppl start calling u names over and over again in a establishment? Welcome to Malaysia people, where name calling is a joke for many but the one who is being teased.. =S

On a happier note, I can to see lots of patients and cases.. At least now I know what an inguinal hernia or a SLE patient looks like.. And I've definitely learned a lot.. Just wondering how is that going well with my tiny brain.. =p

Mega Cultural Night was somewhat a success.. We had sad lighting and sound system, but the performances were awesome.. Kudos to all those who have put in their time and effort to bring that event to a success.. =)

My CF Retreat is coming this Friday.. Followed by many other events like AIMST Pre-Clinical Quiz, AIMST Amazing Race + Fear Factor and AIMST Hosteller's Night.. Wow.. I'm going to be sooooo drained by the time April is over.. Mind u the last 3 events are in April, in the space of 2 weeks.. T.T

Nothing else much to update.. Just waiting for the holidays to come.. The final 2 weeks break that is before I struggle all the way to my finals.. Why oh why my final break is only 3 weeks??? *ponders about it*

Nights.. XD

Saturday, February 19, 2011

CA Over, what's next?

It's been nearly a month since my last post.. Wait, it's already a month.. What the..

Blame it on my busy schedule and poor internet connection in AIMST.. Seriously has those WiFi users any sense of humanity in them? When u keep on using ur ADSL WiFi Routers, it clashes with the uni's IP Address and thus destroying the internet line for almost everyone except the users.. So to those who are using it, THROW IT AWAY!! Or I'll help u do it!! XD

4th assessment of Year 2 just finished yesterday.. And for the first time in a very long time I really fear I can fail the paper.. Whatever I studied didn't come out, and those I could barely remember did.. So yeah, my fault for not putting much effort into it.. And yet I thank the Lord for showing to me that life is still full of bumpy roads, I'll take this setback to push on further.. Who knows maybe I'll score A for the next two systems.. *syok sendiri*

My hospital posting is starting tomorrow but won't be going cause I'M IN SEREMBAN NOW!!! Haha.. Only for 2 days then I'm back.. Really looking forward to it because it's something new to me, and it could be very interesting.. Probably will get to see some really rare cases after all, if there's any.. =)

Nothing much to update.. Just going to get busy again.. Planning for the Hosteller's Night, getting involved in both the Mega Cultural Night and CF Retreat and not to mention all those electives assignments, presentations and lastly, my Special Study Module (SSM).. A really deserved 6 weeks to catch up on all those, recharge my batteries and give a final push towards the finals..

Till the next update.. =)