Thursday, April 30, 2009

An offer...

I kinda confused right now.. Yeah, I know u readers out there will go "here we go again!" Yesterday I received a letter from NUS.. It was my offer letter, an offer letter to study Science in NUS.. Well, most people will go "OMG!! NUS offered me!!" Sure, I was all happy and stuff, however it's still not what I want.. Most of you out there know what I want to do most, which is medicine.. However it seems ever so hard to achieve this dream of mine.. Even scoring pretty well in STPM doesn't help the cause.. OK, I get it.. NUS, highly competitive, the odds of u getting the medicine program there is like 1 to 1000? Small chance, yet I gave it a shot and well, theories have been proven yet again..

Now with this offer in hand, I've got friends who encouraged me to go, after all we're talking of one of the top unis in Asia and possibly the world.. Everyone wants a place in it.. However, if it means forsaking my long term dream, my ambition since a child just to get into a place into NUS, that's a very very heavy price to pay.. My parent's are like do whatever u want kind but my mum is showing signs she wants me to be a doctor, the first time ever I felt pressurised in choosing what I want to become.. I think after pulling through all the shit that I went through, it gives my mum a reason to hope and believe..

So for now obviously I'm a bit lost.. Take up the offer? Or reject it and hope that Malaysian unis will offer me a place for medicine.. Of course there's one option that one of my friend offered me, take up the offer, wait for local, if u get it go for it, if not go to NUS, at least u have an offer sitting in your hand.. Might strongly consider taking up his idea.. Anyone out there can help me?? PLEASE!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Back from camp, back to work..

Well, just came back, or more like a day, from Southern Regional Convention aka SRC.. Like I said before, it's a learning experience.. I learn more and more new things every time I go for these conventions as the facilitators are different, the Organising Team is different and the delegates are different.. So yeah, it was a good learning experience, to better myself in the future and to understand more about La Salle..

What went down in the camp is a bit too long to say, so short and simple it was really fun.. To work with the OT team and the delegates, especially games.. Never in mind life I seen so many water balloons flying around, about 150 during games.. LOL!! Plus it's a camp where u enter thin, u come out fat.. And I know people reading here will comment something about this.. Trust me, I just know.. And well.. It's just enjoyable, the tiring kind of enjoying cause I slept 14 hours straight when I got home..

And of course, we all witnessed the amazing comeback from MU.. Haha.. 0-2 down when I reached the mamak, I was like shit, if MU lose this at home, we better balik kampung.. Then the penalty which is highly controversial but oh well, that's life and then the next 4 goals.. MU's 2nd half performance is the best I've seen so far this season.. Kinda the same when they beat Spurs after going down 0-3 down to win 5-3 back in 2001.. So yeah, it's MU to lose it for now..

Now I've gotta go back to work.. Haiz.. Not a moment of rest.. See ya ppl..

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Nothing much has been going on lately.. It's just work work work and play play play.. I'll be away thou, for the 7th Southern Regional's Convention this coming Friday.. Being secretariat it's not easy but still, it's a good experience for me.. Time to spread the message of La Salle once more.. =D

Anyway, yesterday's Liverpool and Arsenal game was tremendous.. Another one to remember.. 4-4 with two goals in the final five minutes.. And Ashavin, fuuh.. Respect that guy, no wonder everyone was aftering him, after I saw what he did, was wondering shouldn't MU bought him? =p Tonight the title race will be decided, if MU slip up it'll be down to the wire, a draw will also see that but if a win? Might be bye bye Liverpool.. Even Benitez says MU is in the driving seat.. Only 5 more games for the season to end.. Go MU!! Do the double again!! =D

Sunday, April 19, 2009

An insight on Ujian Munsyi

Yesterday I sat for the Ujian Munsyi or also known as Malaysian University Selection Inventory Test.. What do I think of it? It's possibly a waste of time although some parts of the test is good and could be helpful..

There were like 310 questions on the paper, divided into 5 sections, 1 hour to do all of it.. It was all objective with either yes no questions or question that ask you to rate like very agree, agree, disagree, very disagree (something like that la..) And it was in Malay.. 1st section was about your favourite things you like to do such as "Do you enjoy eating with friends" or "Do you watch investigation programs".. Then the 2nd secion was about a list of jobs and see whether would you like to be that person say teacher, dentist, accountant, etc.. Both of these sections had 60 questions each..

3rd section was more on yourself, your personality such as "I'm a very responsible person" or "I can handle pressure well".. Now here had a whooping 110 questions.. 4th section if I recall correctly was about some statements and how much the statement reflects on you, here is where the 4 options come out.. Say this statement "I usually volunteer myself as the team leader" then you choose la whether very agree, agree, disagree or very disagree.. Last section was about some statements that you have to agree upon, this is more general statements like "The rich should help the poor" or "It's OK to lie to save your butt".. So in the end, half of it is dumb while the other half makes half sense..

Oh well, at least I've gotten through it.. And most of my friends agree it's a waste of time.. I on the other hand say it can give you a better insight on who you are but it should be refined to suit that purpose.. Now the wait comes.. =S Oh yeah, btw, the test is confidential, means it's a close paper and anyone caught in possesion of it can be charged under the Akta Rahsia 1972.. Haiz..

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Amazing quarter finals!! And mouth watering matches!!

On Tuesday morning, yeah, really early in the morning, I woke up to watch the game between Chelsea & Liverpool.. Gosh, that's gotta be the one of the best Champion League match ever (we still got MU's & Liverpool's miracle comebacks in 1999 and 2005 respectively) , even thou I support neither.. 4-4.. Who would have guessed Liverpool came so close to make another comeback, after all they are famous for it.. A cheeky free kick and a penalty gave Liverpool a 2-0 lead at halftime and I was thinking Chelsea is going to be dumped out (I dunno, I just wanted them out).. Then a goalkeeper's error, a stunning free kick and a Lampard goal, Chelsea were looking at 3-2 with 20 mins to go which put them 6-3 on aggregate.. Oh well, Liverpool is doomed.. I was like I wanted to sleep ady, about to switch off the remote when they took off Torres, and wouldn't u believe it, 2 goals from Liverpool in the space of 3 minutes set the pulse racing again.. OMG!! Liverpool is either a team full of surprises or it's just Chelsea terrible defending, it happened against Bolton last Sat.. Was thinking maybe Liverpool might sneaked it after all, one goal is all they need.. However it was not to be, a Frank Lampard special and game over Liverpool.. Final score, 4-4 but it'll go down as one of the best Champion's League games in history..

And this morning, MU became the first team to beat Porto at thier home ground.. I tell u all must really watch Ronaldo's goal.. Simply amazing.. It was like 35 yards out when he shot that unstopable shot.. Even I was stunned, one moment the ball was there, next it was in the back of the net.. That is why he is the World Player of the Year, that is why Real Madrid wants to purchase him at ridicolous prices and well, that's about that.. So now the semi final's line up is all so interesting.. Another all English affair, Manchester United vs. Arsenal.. And this is where I say BALIKLAH ARSENAL!! The other is another mouth watering fixture, Chelsea vs. Barcelona.. Another repeat of last year's finals is on the cards, but I prefer MU to battle out with Barcelona which will be a repeat of last year's semi final.. If Arsenal by some luck got into the final, then a Arsenal - Barcelona final like in 2006 is on the cards.. Anyway, it's guaranteed to be a blast..

And let's not forget this weekends FA Cup semi final matches, between Arsenal - Chelsea and MU - Everton.. Got a sneaky feeling somebody is going to play each other twice in a final.. MU - Chelsea for both FA Cup and Champion's League final? That'll be mind blowing.. =D


Monday, April 13, 2009

Munsyi test.. Apa tu?

Recently I checked the USM website and I saw I managed to get the Munsyi test. I guess it's the first step for me to enter the university, if i ever get an offer from them. . The test is next Saturday for me, at S2 school, who else is the same with me? Now everyone is confused, what is Munsyi test?

Well, in my opinion Munsyi test is more like a psychological evaluation about the candidate.. They practically ask all sorts of question about yourself, your personality, religion, strengths, weakenesses, etc.. Kinda the same test that some of us went through when we applied for the JPA scholarship.. Even some school counsellors give sample test on this, I know SPI does..

According to someone in a forum I visited, the test is like a survey form, with some useless questions and some related questions.. It seems there is about 343 questions on that sheet of paper and possibly objective. However to answer 343 questions, thou objective, in an hour gotta be crazy.. Damn, I hope this won't affect my application.. Or not GG lor..

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I was talking to a friend of mine who is going to India to study Dentistry.. His departure however got delayed for the second time due to some student visa issues.. And of course, without a visa you cannot even pass the border of our country, let alone entering others..

So what cause the visa issue? No, not the incompetent people in the Embassy, sometimes they are really efficient in carrying out their work.. However, a student visa requires you to show proof of your financial backing, in this case, where's your cash coming from to support your studies.. Here, we come to the issue I want to talk about, the bank..

The bank my friend applied for loan until now hasn't even replied him.. All their reply was under processing, not yet have their meeting about the loan, all the usual crap la.. Hence we can see the effectiveness of banks here in our country.. Not all banks are terrible, just a few make the whole lot look bad.. My friend applied to loan I think about a month ago, does it take that long to approve it? Especially when you have done all the necessary paperwork, prove this and that, etc.. Sure, economy turmoil is a nice reason to point the finger at, yet that's not the point.. Point is not even taking the initiative to process the loan for a student who probably will be late getting to his course due to this..

Banks are very effective in collecting money.. Default one payment and red letters will all start coming in, lawyer letters, black listed, bankruptcy notice, etc.. However, I've noticed they are super slow in giving out money.. I guess the motto of the banks are take all, give none, they did keep them happy.. And the efficiency in processing applications take a bloody long time.. Or even over the counter services that takes only 5 minutes becomes a half an hour thing.. Sometimes when I go to the bank, I can see 1-2 counters with no customers, no line, however I guess the teller must be 'busy' to bother serving the next customer.. Thus leading unnecessary queuing.. And let's point out that this happens everywhere.. The take all, give none policy.. Utilities company, private businesses, gov offices, everywhere..

So how do we want to improve the services of the banking industry? Or other sectors? Revamp the system? I don't know.. Let leave this one to the big guys out there to go and figure.. Sometimes I wonder does the complain box that's located at some of these places really goes to the admin or just down the dumpster..

Friday, April 10, 2009

PMS stands for???

Received something from the email today.. This is rather interesting, never really thought about PMS other names.. Shall we include Paulian Music Society? LOL!!!

& MY FAVORITE ONE (not mine, from the email)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Cabinet, New Slogan, New Malaysia?

Well, the new cabinet list came out. As expected, Najib has shrunk the cabinet size to 25 ministries and 28 ministers. And adopted quite a nice slogan, "One Malaysia. People First. Performance Now". However, a few people were notably missing from the cabinet, especially UMNO Youth Chief Khairy Jamaluddin. After all, isn't usual to see an UMNO Youth Chief to get a share of the cabinet. Maybe he was not in cause of experience issues or something else whichever you all can speculate.

Another one missing is obviously our great comback leader Chua Soi Lek, who after resigning all his post due to that scandal made a comeback during the last MCA elections. Maybe that scandal still linger in the minds of many and a risk might not be taken to reinstate him back into the cabinet.

Nevertherless a few new faces has appeared in the cabinet line up, notable Koh Tsu Koon. I believe he might be able to pull good jobs in the prime minister's department. Muhkriz has been appointed as deputy minister in the International Trade and Industry ministry, maybe it's a stepping stone for him to follow his father's footsteps? Who knows?

Let's just say that the new cabinet looks nice. Now we just have to wait and see the performance. It's going to start all over again from square 1, especially with the reason by-elections that still shows our citizens do not forget very easily. Good luck to Najib and his ministers!

Not again..

Crap, I'm sick.. Again.. It's like my second time in 3 weeks.. Started with some minor nose irritations which evolved into flu, cough, phlegm and sore throat.. Wow, that's a big evolution.. Luckily it's not a fever with throbbing headaches, I don't want to suffer again like I did before Genting..

And what I said came true, Liverpool became Liverfools!! HAHA!! Lost 1-3 to Chelsea at Anfield.. BALIKLAH!! Then later you'll see the title challenge also disappear.. I rather walk alone!! =D

Monday, April 6, 2009

PD Trip photos

At last I got the photos from the PD trip.. More like I downloaded it.. Haha.. Well, here are some of them.. Later I kena sued for copyright pulak.. XD

Welcoming committee??

Lay Wern --> The Cowgirl (looks boy to me)

Some of the people who went..

The whole gang (someone missing thou)

No matter where we go, futsal will always be played..

Hmm.. I wonder what Chin is planning to do to the volleyball..

One man banana boat?

Oi Chin, tengok depan lah!!

TS --> the happiest man in the sea..

Paul looks lost here.. =p

Banana boats..

Well, like I said, had loads of fun in PD.. Except for a few ripped offs, costly ones too.. Still, memories will forever be there.. =D

Back in Business!!

At long last, I'm beginning to see the real Manchester United.. Yesterday's game was a thriller.. I lost hope when Villa scored the 2nd goal, starting at a 3rd straight defeat which has never happened for the past 8 years.. However two wonderful goals, one from Ronaldo and another by Macheda and MU are back in business!! Watch out Liverpool, looks like you all will be the fools again, nearly lost it at Fulham didn't u? GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED!!!

And looks like it was another false alarm on uni announcements.. I heard it was coming out on the 5th.. Well, today's the 6th and it looks pretty quiet.. Still puzzled thou as USM stated in their website that all interviews will be conducted on the 23rd.. Oh well, might come in the next few days.. All in God's hands now.. I've applied, now I just have to wait..

Just watched Fast & Furious 4 just now.. Awesome movie, by far the best I've watched this year.. Still got a few other nice ones to come out somewhere in May/June.. Transfomers 2, Terminator Salvation, etc.. Looks like I get to watch all of them before entering uni.. Speaking of uni, I'm so bored right now I can really enter it like tomorrow.. However I won't be able to enjoy my life anymore after that.. Oh well, let everyday pass, like another boring day.. Haiz...

Friday, April 3, 2009

USM result out?

Hmm.. I heard rumour that USM results will be announced tomorrow.. Any opinions? If it's really so, 1st time our unis so efficient.. LOL.. After all, all other unis will only announced in like in 3rd week of June.. Which kinda sucks providing that we do not even have the security of getting the course we want.. What happen if we don't get? How are we going to apply for private unis, especially overseas unis? I apply some as back up, just in case.. Turn out to be very expensive back ups.. Damn.. Waited so long for results, now have to wait equally long for uni application.. Get it moving already!!

Farewell for CC!!

Yesterday my friends and I went to KLIA to send off a friend, Chia Chi who is now in India.. Can say she's the first one to leave the country and go to study overseas.. It might be too sudden, too rush but well, it's education and like they say, education comes once in a lifetime..

However yesterday I also saw lots of confusion and stuff like that going on.. Lack of preparation or just misinformation? That I do not know, however I think it gives us all a better insight of what to be prepared for when we go overseas to study.. Cause a lot of things are not like, well, according to plan.. OK, enough of the crap, time for some pictures..

The guys who went.. (shall we consider JW as a guy too? =p)

CC is happy that we came..

With all those who came for the send off..

Same people, except with a little extras.. =p

So I guess now CC should be near Manipal by now.. LOL.. She's suppose to be there like hours ago.. Well good luck CC in your future and all the best.. See u real soon!! (heard she's back tis Aug)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

3 days of tiring enjoyment

So the last 3 days has been really busy but fun for me.. Went to Genting on Monday.. Could have been wrong timing cause the cable car, flying coaster and corkscrew were all under maintenance.. Like so rugi only.. But who cares, still at least space shot was operational.. And Genting was as usual, weekday or not it's loaded with people.. Mostly tourist from other countries, and of course the queues for the games, well, are long but not as long like school holidays and all..

Enjoyed there la.. Plus for quite cheap prices also.. I think I spent less than RM 100 for transport, ticket and accommodation.. LOL!! Won't get those kind of deals in Genting anymore, and even if there is, it'll sure be fully booked..

Came back on tuesday and yesterday went to PD with 13 others.. 12 actually, 1 came later.. Played paint ball.. It was exciting, fun and tiring.. Try running while in full gear of armour, a gun and thinking at the same time.. Thou it was a bit expensive, like not worth it and all, but well, for the experience it should be alright.. PD has nothing to eat, not like Seremban.. And everything there is like expensive, especially the banana boat.. Tell u that was a rip off, we sorta like got conned la.. Thought we heard RM 20 per boat, turned out to be RM 20 per person and was like.. Er.. Oh well, lesson learnt, in life, people will still take advantage of u, whether ur a local, tourist, student, whatever la.. Overall it was ok, not a bad trip but next time for paint ball, we play TT Sports park, it's like 2.5 times cheaper over there.. LOL!!

So after all those enjoying days, it's back to plain old work for me again.. Most of my friends, yeah, not working or stop working ady.. However i'm working for Family Pte. Ltd. so yeah, no choice kan? LOL!! And tomorrow somebody is flying off to India to do her medical degree.. So all the best, good luck and go go find a bollywood actor CC!! GAMBATEH!!