Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Raya, Merdeka n Mooncakes..

Getting lazier n lazier to blog these days.. Haha.. Guess I'm just too old for these things?? Nah.. XD Typical behavior.. When you start something new, it'll be all hot and fresh.. Then as the day, weeks and months go by the fire within u begins to die down till *poof* it extinguishes.. My blog is somewhere I think we need more firewood, like LOADS OF IT!!! =p

Currently I'm having my holidays.. I know, potong stim rite?? 2 weeks of study than holiday ady.. And it didn't started off well.. Note to self: Never eat food from a highway rest stop unless it's from convenient store or KFC.. == I was down with headaches, fever, cough and diarrhea; one after another.. The diarrhea was the worst, no less than 10 times.. I wanted to lose weight during the holidays but not this way.. o.o Anyhow I thank God for putting His hand of healing on me and curing my diarrhea as fast as it came (ie within 24hours).. After that I ate like I didn't eat for ages.. How to lose weight?? ==

BBQ gathering with my F6 buddies.. Was so good to see a few of them after soooo long.. Some never seen for a year.. Haha.. And the BBQ session turned into a grilling session pulak.. Guess no one likes the hot flames.. =p We celebrated 3 celebrations in 1 go; Raya, Merdeka and Mooncake Festival.. LOL!! Regardless how old we are, we still can be a crazy bunch of people.. I guess that's the only way we can keep our sanity no thanks to our hectic lives.. =S

Holidays are passing like a breeze.. Sometimes I wonder why can't normal days pass as fast as this.. The only time when time goes fast is when ur having fun or when ur cranking ur brain for exams.. O.o Then again, if holidays were too long I'll be bored too.. I'm such a complainer.. LOL!!

Wow, now suddenly got strong gust of winds in my place.. Better sign out first before my internet collapses.. XD Toodles!! =D

Saturday, August 20, 2011

MBBS 3rd Year

My first week of 3rd year just ended.. Time really flies.. And it's flying like crazy.. By coming Thurs I'll have another 10 days of holidays for Raya, before I know I'll be moving onto my next posting n then onward to exams, more postings n after that, finals.. =.=" Scary shit wei..

Currently I'm posted in the Surgical Department in Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim (aka SP Hospital) My overall first week experience is fun, interesting, tiring n sometimes scary.. Y scary?? Well, I finally learned the importance of your pre-clinical knowledge during clinical years.. Imagine the doctors asking u 10 questions n all u can do is stare dumbly at the ceiling, waiting for a divine answer as one doctor put it.. Feel so dumb man.. So I made myself to promise that I would work hard for clinical years.. Not to mention that my mentor is the Deputy Dean of Clinical and I'll probably get my butt kicked if I don't do well.. (so pressuring wei.. =.=!!)

Apart from studies, other parts of my life here in uni are going pretty well so far.. CF is taking a turn for the better and I'm glad I'm part of it.. I really want to bring it up, to where it was before and I'm sure all the other members also feel the same way.. Also to look after our juniors, ensuring they are moving in the path of God.. =) I am still single for now.. And no immediate plans to go back into a relationship so fast.. Guess part of me is suited to be single.. =p And church is good, I'm in the P&W team now and I'll be giving my all for the glory of God.. =D

So this will be my lone update for now.. Dunno when the next one will be but hopefully not too long.. =p Take care peeps.. =D

Thursday, August 11, 2011

End of my holidays.. T.T or =D

Well, my holidays are fast approaching to an end.. In another 24 hours I'll be leaving for AIMST.. Or actually halfway there.. Stopping by at Kulim for a night before going back.. Haha.. However this holidays has been a good one.. Not too long, not too short.. Thou somehow I'm beginning to get accustom of not having to sit n study every night.. >.<

Met some old friends which I have not seen for a long time, catch up with people that I missed the most, head to places where I have never been in ages.. Yup.. Tat's probably my holidays.. And finally finished reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown about 10 mins ago.. Haha.. Finally it is done after 1 year I bought that book.. Blame it both on my laziness n my tight schedule.. =p

3rd year.. What am I to expect? Interesting stuff I hope.. =) I'll be starting with Surgery posting and as I have heard, it is one of the most interesting postings out there.. Guess it will be cool to see various types of surgeries n stuff that can be cured by it.. Of course I have to prepare myself better, no more last minute studying, no more going out the night before exam, no more excessive computer hours n randomness.. Yeah right.. That defines me.. Haha.. However I do hope one thing, TO LOSE WEIGHT!! Damn it I gained like freaking 5kgs.. O.o Time to hit the tart shop, er I meant track.. XD

Also I hope to improve my spiritual life.. I still feel it's stuck at the same level since year 2.. =.=" Really need to improve on it.. Pray more often, read the Word more often.. Do something that's worthwhile at least.. And of course to help in every way either in church or in CF.. No more helping around campus, I think the 2 years I have sacrifice to so many events here is more than enough.. Heck, all I wanted to do was to come to study and stay low profile.. Guess that worked pretty well, didn't it?? *sarcasm*

Since there are still fellow readers out there reading my blog, silently or not, I guess I'll keep this blog running.. Sorry for breaking my promise of updating it constantly, guess laziness and an empty mind got the better of me.. I guess there'll be an interesting update tomorrow.. Haha.. Just a teaser, it's about my idea of the grass is greener over the other side.. *refer to my FB status* XD

Nitez people!! God bless u all!! =D

P.S. To all my friends who are sitting for their supplementary examination in about 5 hours time, be strong and just do it k.. U have done ur preparations well, now it's just the final battle in order to move forward.. God is with you in everything that you do.. =)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Who is still reading??? =S

I dunno what to post here.. LOL!! Like no more mood to blog anymore.. Plus I dunno if anyone still reads my blog.. Oh hey, there's something to post..


Terima kasih.. =p