Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Voices of Students - LISTEN UP!!!

Ladies and Gentleman,

The time has come for us, as students, to let our voices be heard across the nation!!

The time has come that we become one of the main voices for the change in our education system!!

The time has come for the Government to listen to us students to what we have to say regarding our future!!

That's right!! VOICES OF STUDENTS - LISTEN UP is here!! It's a campaign to promote A STUDENT-CENTRIC EDUCATION SYSTEM, where STUDENT'S VIEWS are give DUE CONSIDERATION in matters and decisions affecting them - to let our voices be heard!!

The organizers of this event hope to get 25,000 Malaysian Youths (THAT'S YOU!!) to sign an online petition that would be sent to the Ministry of Education on 15th May 2011 (Malaysian National Youth Day) so that certain recommendations can be implemented in our education system..

So how can you help?? Simply click on the link below and sign the online petition to show your support!!

If you want more information you can refer to this website


Thank you all.. =)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

1st week of CNS and I see an ass.. XD

So I have done 18 lectures, 2 clinical skill sessions, 1 ADH and 1 lab session.. That's pretty much my first week of the CNS.. Crazy maybe an understatement for last week.. Classes from 8am to 5pm.. Not to mention my in betweens like paying the fees.. That one cost me the first anat class of the year.. Cuz got stucked in the bank for an hour.. -.-" Oh well, now I'm getting the real taste of MBBS.. LOL!!

That aside, it has been pretty much a dull affair here in Farmer's River.. Haha.. Went out to HotMas on Thurs with my beloved.. Still gotta say the food there is totally awesome and worth it.. U don't get a large piece of chicken maryland for only RM9.50.. XD Another memorable date with her.. Haha.. Maybe the last one for this system as the workload is piling.. Oh, did I mention I had an anatomy assignment??!! That's a first way.. What the heck..

CF retreat got postponed.. A bummer.. I'm still going Ipoh on Fri for the 1st FT Weekend 2011.. It'll be my first after since I entered AIMST.. It'll be so great to meet up with those people again.. I remember what happened last time round.. Haha.. XD And HILLSONGS IS COMING TO IPOH AGAIN!!! XD

Totally awesome right? In a stadium some more.. Who cares if they make a brief appearance? The thing is that God is really working something in Malaysia.. Open Christmas event in a stadium and inviting one of the most renown Christian bands to perform live? Seriously, if God is working a miracle, let us then be His humble servants and help the cause.. Praise be to God!!

Well, that's all from me now.. Hopefully I can go for the concert cum celebrations.. Hehe.. Good night world.. =)

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Hello 2011!!

OK, I'm late like 2 days but who cares.. It's still young in the year.. And before we all know it, 2012 comes along.. Haha.. But let's leave that till Dec'11.. For now, let us enjoy the year ahead.. =)

I'm back in AIMST again.. LOL!! To some ppl, yes, my holiday is really really short.. In fact, my finals break will be only 3 weeks.. So yeah, kinda sucks but no choice when ur in the line.. Hehe.. Part of me is glad to be back cause I get to go back to studying the thing I love.. And also can to c her.. Hehe.. Part of me just wanna stay at home, sleep whole day, play Dota and yam cha.. LOL!!

So usually people always make new year resolutions don't there? And we probably break the same number of resolutions that we make.. LOL!! So what's mine u all may ask?? None I guess.. To me, why make a resolution for a year only? Why not make one every month? Or every week? Like not procrastinate, be a better BF, a better son, worship God more, etc? So yeah, no resolutions for me, I'll be trying to improve myself daily..Hehe..

New Year in S'ban was kinda boring, no fireworks, no celebrations, no nothing.. Cutting budget I think.. So yeah, all I get to see was personal fireworks.. The one that goes bang, boom for 30secs and that's that.. LOL!! So was a modest 2011 so far for me.. Not for long thou, with the new CNS system coming up in my medicine studies, I'll be busy as a bee.. Or worse.. Haha..

So there u have it.. Nothing much to update.. And probably not much in the future as I begin classes again.. Hopefully the next update is not so far in the future.. LOL!!