Friday, March 15, 2013

The dead blog that came back to live!!

Goodness, my last post was last October.. Seriously I have left this blog dead for too long.. Haha.. Guess it's time to start it up again.. However I really can't think of anything to post at the moment. So here is just a little update since last October.

Currently in my 4th year Term 2 of my MBBS Course, with another exam looming next week.. I've passed most of my papers from my 1st CA, failed one but I still thank God that I am able to sit for finals.. University is just bad as usual, so many lecturers leaving, I have no idea what the management is up to and Jaya food is well, being Jaya food.. And they can ask why so many students are leaving the hostel.. Get the hint already!!

Christmas was awesome, our AIMST CF Christmas Gig was a success again, all glory to God.. Chinese New Year was even more awesome despite the dwindling amounts of ang pau.. XD And I found a new hobby, posting pictures of food.. Haha.. Sound like your typical Malaysian but somehow it brings me joy to be able to share good food with the world.. And now I even have a group of friends who are 'torturing' each other with good food.. LOL!!

Seremban has grown a lot, lots of new shops, new hangout places, yet it still retains the slow pace live that most of us lack these days. Sungai Petani has a new mall, Amanjaya Mall and a few new shops opened.. So much has changed in the 4 years that I've been here.. Haha..

CF and Church (SPCC) has really grown, praise be to God.. The new committee has been formed, officially indicating my 'retirement' as P of the CF.. I really thank God for an awesome team, for the amount of changes our CF has gone through, new ideas that have been success and I pray that more will happen.. Church members have steadily been on the rise.. I'm now one of the student leaders there and even the assistant worship leader.. If you asked me when I first got here would I even be in the worship team I'll be like NEVER.. However God has a funny way of using us, and here I am guiding the juniors as I myself prepare to move on to Alor Setar..

Apart from that, I made new friends from the medical conference I attended back in September, hope to attend many more, missed out on the world in US because the cost became too high.. There's one coming up in April and another one in September, really hope I can attend these two to make up for the one I missed..

I guess that's a brief update on me for the past 6 months.. Until then.. =D

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