Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mizi Bistro

Today I'm going to start on something that I've never done before, writing a food outlet review!! Haha.. So forgive me if it's terrible k.. Also please fogive the terrible pictures, only a 2MB phone camera.. XD

The place: Mizi Bistro, New World Park, Penang

Now I've heard of this place like over and over again from friends, how nice the food is, how cheap is it and above all, the free flow of ice-cream. So yesterday my friends and I went to visit this restaurant, it was the first time for some of us. 

Mizi Bistro side view

Outside of Mizi

A bar inside the restaurant

Nice internal deco

The ice-cream section, FREE FLOW ICE-CREAM!!! =D

As you can see, the internal deco is rather simple but nice. However it's kinda cramped and small. And there were a lot of people, being a weekend and all. The staff were practically running crazy. It was a good thing we went there early, just before 7pm.

Set meals are priced  at RM 25 each and it comes with bread; a soup with choices of Mushroom, French Onion, Chicken, Carrot or Pumpkin; a main course of either poultry, seafood, pasta, sandwich, salad or vegetarian and a drink with a wide variety of choices. And yes, the free flow of ice-cream.
If one prefer other choices, there are the mean section (beef, lamb) and chef's specialties such as Surf & Turf and Classic Combo Three. One can also add RM 6 to the ala carte price of these choices to enjoy a complete set.

Various drinks and the bread

Mizi's Signature Mushroom Soup

Chicken Stroganoff 

Fish Au Gratin

 Classic Combo Three (Chicken, Fish and Lamb with a sauce for each)

The soup was awesome, one of the best Mushroom soups I've ever tasted. Portions of the main dishes were very generous and tasted very good. It came very fast too, probably cause we were quite early but there was no compromise in quality. I guarantee you would be full from the whole meal unless you are one that eats 2-3 portion in one go. =p

Highly recommend the Fish Au Gratin, it was a thick piece of fish, not the breaded stuff you get in most cheap places and it was very fresh. And unless you dislike cheese, you are going to love it. 
As for the Stroganoff, those were not chicken strips, they were so thick. However the sauce was a bit salty. Classic Combo Three is like a Mix Grill in it's own way and the 3 sauces complements well with the respective meat. And their mash potato, whoosh, simply awesome. Soft and buttery, it's one of the better ones I've tasted so far

Finally you have the free flow of ice cream. They are just common Nestle brands, scoop yourself and add desire toppings. However despite it being free flow I only managed to eat 5 scoops as I was really full from the main course.

Service in the area was good as well, friendly professional staff and the nice ambiance really sets the tone for a good dinner. However be prepared for really packed weekends and if you don't book early, you might not get a place.

Food: 8.5/10
Price: 8.5/10
Ambiance: 7.5/10

Here is their website:

Happy feasting!!

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